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  1. theclemo

    Middle age and slowing down

    37 did 3 days skimming last week to help a mate out and I can still feel it lol. f**k working its gay
  2. theclemo

    Ritmo slimline.

    Ok when u get the water pump connected to the Machine. Open the water tap on the side of the machine fill a bucket of water make sure all air is out of the machine. Then press the water button on the back of the machine. Make sure the water hose on the front of the machine is not Connected to...
  3. theclemo


    Iv been skimming. Its mad how the other half live
  4. theclemo

    s*p*r*lex rippling

    Its only good for the last trowel
  5. theclemo

    Lime or sand cement

    Sand and cement come in because its faster and cheaper. Just like boarding come in instead of floating but not as good
  6. theclemo

    Lime or sand cement
  7. theclemo

    Ritmo slimline.

    Do you know how to set it up.
  8. theclemo

    Lime or sand cement

    Can get good lime render that's piss easy to use nice to edge and finish pre baged
  9. theclemo

    Lime or sand cement

    I'd go lime in and out.
  10. theclemo

    Render gun

    Yes if put most s**t through it lol
  11. theclemo

    Ehi setting

    Iv not sprayed it but start 300 or 320 And take the water down till its right
  12. theclemo

    M Tec pressure tester for sale

    That's just the clock for the machine. This is a pressure tester.
  13. theclemo

    M Tec pressure tester for sale

    £200 I paid £90 for the pft one and thought that was day light robbery.
  14. theclemo

    Ritmo xl

    Iv seen ramboo tools selling a xl
  15. theclemo

    Ritmo xl

    U can buy one from any pft dealer in the UK and Ireland
  16. theclemo

    What Advice would you give teh public when looking for a plasterer

    Get the cheapest one because its piss easy to do. Or do it yourself
  17. theclemo

    M Tec pressure tester for sale

    U need money to buy it
  18. theclemo

    Ritmo electrocuting me

    Best thing to do
  19. theclemo

    Buying a Diesel

    Yes a pain in the hole. But on a site not so bad.
  20. theclemo

    Ritmo electrocuting me

    Or if u are plugged in to the mains the main power board might not be earthed in the house
  21. theclemo

    Ritmo electrocuting me

    Probably an earth problem. Running from mains or generator? Check power cable connections first.
  22. theclemo

    Buying a Diesel

    No problem buying 2ad hand. They are a work horse r@s last about 80 ton but u get more waste using them. c**t to wash out takes about 30min 5to10 min to set up. If u have a place to store one and doing big sites I'd buy one.
  23. theclemo

    Who supplys

    She beat up. Would not stop I was crying on the floor. Don't know f**k what @algeeman put in her drink but I want some am now her bitch
  24. theclemo

    A clemo tap connection

    Used my one once have it 3 years lol
  25. theclemo

    Tarmac ocr

    Bauprotec 850m
  26. theclemo

    How much sand and cement per sq

    I'd not let a labourer use it
  27. theclemo

    How much sand and cement per sq

    I still carry some lol even when spraying baged render u never know when its needed
  28. theclemo

    How much sand and cement per sq

    Lol if used a small bit a good few times tbh
  29. theclemo

    How much sand and cement per sq

    U should not use waterproof in render u are going to skim. Just plasticiser
  30. theclemo

    Render Quote Lincolnshire

    Smet. Webber. Parex. I'd use smet on my own house if I had to pick out of the 3 above.
  31. theclemo

    Render Quote Lincolnshire

    I'd stay away from krend it's pure s**t.
  32. theclemo

    How much sand and cement per sq

    40m2 a ton 7 25kg bags of cement. Don't use waterproof
  33. theclemo

    very quiet tonight

    If Carling only changed the face of the can lol
  34. theclemo

    very quiet tonight

    I wish lol
  35. theclemo

    Dabber needed

    Do I need my dab apprenticeship papers for to do this job
  36. theclemo

    Thermal boards

    It would be the best option
  37. theclemo

    Anyone looking for a renderer

    Its f**k*d up that the trade as broke up to renderer skimmer tacker ect. I do all but don't get up to work lol am great
  38. theclemo

    Anyone looking for a renderer

    Am looking for a plasterer lol
  39. theclemo

    Not possible

    If he is happy to work for it let him at it. There is no way he is paying tax tho lol
  40. theclemo


    I'd just like to let the people know I know how hard life can be over xmes. If u need a clemrope please don't hesitate in contacting me. We are here to help. Looking forward to 2020 and if u are not get a clemrope. Thanks all
  41. theclemo

    Just broke up

    Just broke up. I'd say your wife is f**k**g delighted
  42. theclemo

    Joshua or Ruiz Jr ??

    Fury is the real champ.
  43. theclemo

    One of those days.

    It's on its way
  44. theclemo

    New renders on market

    I'd petrol bomb the c**t
  45. theclemo


    12 rounds or aj gets knocked out
  46. theclemo

    One coating plasterboard..

    I'll drink to that