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  1. Olican

    Over tiles

  2. Olican

    Introducing myself....

    Welcome along bud
  3. Olican

    New Member

  4. Olican

    New Member

    I keep a picture in my wallet ,I whip it out regularly.. The wallet that is
  5. Olican

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  6. Olican

    New Member

    I'm trying to get down to 17.7st :(
  7. Olican

    Blue grit, pre grit, cemetone plasprime.....

    I use a mix of SBR & PVA, ive never understood the benefit of pregrit especially when the grit makes you have to coat heavier
  8. Olican

    New Member

    Welcome along
  9. Olican

    How would you advise on this render

    More than likely, they do most of the spraying round here
  10. Olican

    How would you advise on this render

    That's what I was thinking Dan, the owner is concerned about moisture ingress. I think it's more of an aesthetic fault
  11. Olican

    How would you advise on this render

    A client has rung asking advice about the render on their new persimmon home, they are concerned that the ghosting and if this could cause problems down the line. How would you advise? @Dansouthcoast84 @Rigsby
  12. Olican

    New member, new method

  13. Olican

    Anyone selling a render spray machine?

    @theclemo has a collection of over 300 machines , he may have one for sale
  14. Olican

    Plastering Lecturer

  15. Olican

    New to the forum

    Welcome along @Limetom (y)
  16. Olican

    Yankee here. Need some advice

    Whereabouts in the States? There's a few American members on here
  17. Olican

    Ever heard of this plaster?

    It does bud, makes sense now after knocking some up (y)
  18. Olican

    Ever heard of this plaster?

    I thought that would be the case bud , I put a small wall on in my garage to see how it behaves. Just sits there, so can see why it would need suction.
  19. Olican

    Ever heard of this plaster?

    Any good for reskim or does it have to go over a base coat with a bit of suction. ?
  20. Olican

    Ever heard of this plaster?

    It's going straight in the skip :rayos:. Client rang me and said do I use high impact plaster, I thought he meant durafinish. 25 bags in date for free Might use it for dubbing out
  21. Olican

    Ever heard of this plaster?

    New one on me
  22. Olican

    Anyone use this PVA?

    Depending on background wether I 1or 2 coat. Even if I one coat I'll go over again but just with roller to make sure no misses
  23. Olican

    Anyone use this PVA?

    I find I get better coverage with it, hard to describe but it seems to have more body to it. When coating higher suction walls it seems to resist the suction. Also find skimming over it goes in lovely. Did a big ceiling today , very old bare boards that normally pull in too quick, especially...
  24. Olican

    Anyone use this PVA?

    I think Screwfix do cementone SBR for about £20 Online much cheaper..
  25. Olican

    Anyone use this PVA?

    Full bottle of pva .. Half a bottle of SBR.. As the SBR is thinner than pva doesn't take too much water, I just quarter fill the empty pva bottle good shake , that's enough. Seems to go long way (y)
  26. Olican

    Anyone use this PVA?

    Prestige building supplies, have to buy with a bulk order
  27. Olican

    Anyone use this PVA?

    I've been using a mix of Everbuild pva and SBR for a while now. Skims lovely . Think I pay about £6 for pva and £8 for SBR
  28. Olican

    Looking for work in Devon area

    Saw that bud, passed your number on to a client that is pricing up a lime job in Dartmouth
  29. Olican

    NELA Black Edition

    (y) I got a 16" Nela Black and the midget back in December. Absolutely love them
  30. Olican

    Render gun

    Didn't you put some lime through your machine @theclemo ?
  31. Olican

    Ehi setting

  32. Olican


    Whose near Sheffield? Is that near you @John j ? My geography goes to pot past Bristol
  33. Olican

    Looking for work in Devon area

    I just looked through my PM's but can't find it, had a similar name to yours. Pm me your number bud, know a job coming up
  34. Olican

    Looking for work in Devon area

    Did I pass you a job a while back through here? I passed some lime work to someone not sure if it was you
  35. Olican

    Plaster lad cut my soil pipe off :(

    Plaster lads like tradies working with tools that bring bread like butter.. .God I miss Ryan :(
  36. Olican


    Bulk buy all your non perishables direct, you will get great deals. It'll sting at first but you'll feel the benefit through the year
  37. Olican

    giving up booze

    My mother has Crohn's, I'll ask her tomorrow for any insight . As much dexoification as possible I would imagine, you sound like your taking the right steps. Hope you get on top of it bud. Hawk
  38. Olican

    Bal bond SBR instead of PVA

    Was only a Matter of time ..
  39. Olican

    What a handy site!

    Welcome along bud