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  1. Cornelius

    Internal sand and cement float and set

    Just curious at to what the correct procedure is? Sand cement floating has been pretty much obsolete in my time as a plasterer apart from damp proofing jobs. I learned with toughcoat and now hardwall but have used sand/cement on occasions. I’ve looked through some old threads and there was...
  2. Cornelius

    Moaning part 2:

    Scratched up a large tall chimney earlier in sand cement. Obviously not a good time of the year for external sand cement. Builder wants me to go back tomorrow and top it off on a green scratch coat? With rapid cement!!! Before the rain comes in at lunch. What the actual f**k. Today has been a...
  3. Cornelius

    What’s the Nelda black edition?

    Sat at home sipping some cans bored shitless on a Friday night, found a new trowel!! Lol what this black edition business? Not read anything on here about it yet?
  4. Cornelius

    Two bags up on the shoulder...

    Ouch my back hurts now. Got a bit over enthusiastic today getting stuck in and couldn’t be bothered to make the extra trip from the front to load out the bags at the back so put two on my shoulder. Bit stiff and sore now. 50kg on the spine can’t be healthy. How heavy were the old bags? Before...
  5. Cornelius

    Nelamax sliding

    Anyone noticed the blades move around on the carrier handle? So you’ve always got to replace it where you want it. Even if you move your arm the blade moves. Starting to annoy me a bit now. Probably have to glue it in place or something.
  6. Cornelius

    Refina finatex 2

    Anyone got one? Any good?
  7. Cornelius

    Business account

    Who you banking with for business account? And why? I need to set up a new account but not feeling the charges and stuff. Santander are getting on my nerves so probably go elsewhere....
  8. Cornelius

    How to use a mediflex?

    Can’t figure out what to do with it? Tried everything I can but most of the time it stripes or leaves white scuff marks. Don’t tell me to adjust my timings either without explaining are you meant to leave it later or get on it sooner. Who’s using it for just final trowel or right the way through...
  9. Cornelius

    Decent rates, shite areas.

    Boarding 15mm fire line board today, reasonable rates but absolutely shite areas. Not one single full sheet went up, every board a cut and tiny ceilings and beams. Skimming is the same story decent rate but no area to go at. I’d prefer lower rates and some area to go at. Back on daywork tomorrow...
  10. Cornelius

    Old legend

    Been back on the tools this week and working on a local site. Met some other plasterers doing the internals of another plot and the one chap was 71 years old. Still getting stuck in. Got to respect the older tradesmen that have served the trade for so long and still on the tools, I love to see...
  11. Cornelius

    £200 double bedroom reskim, gutted.

    Went to quote a job for an architect/old friend last night. Fill a load of chases and sockets, holes etc, pva and reskim four walls. Before I left my old mate said he had another quote for £140 dayrate and £60 materials. I can’t beat that and have no desire to match it but I’m a bit disappointed...
  12. Cornelius

    boycott the builder!!

    Anyone out there deliberately choosing to completely avoid working for builders and or other Plasterers?
  13. Cornelius

    Is this asbestos?

    Evening chaps, hope all is well. I’ve been busy at home knocking stuff about for a new kitchen area and got a concern ..... So I’ve dropped an old false ceiling in the utility and I’m knocking out a partition to open up the kitchen/ utility and have one ceiling all at the same level and make a...
  14. Cornelius

    Caught red handed

    Working on a large commercial site job and was overhearing some gossip that somebody had just tried to steal the site managers wallet from the office. Rightly or wrongly I knew who it would be before I’d even heard the full details, yep the scouser labourer caught in the act. Police are involved...
  15. Cornelius

    Giant sponge

    16x10 inches!! Never seen anything so ridiculous. Rwf would love it.
  16. Cornelius

    How to finish basecoat

    How do you guys leave your basecoat ready for silicone topcoat 1.5mm? I’ve been using Krend basecoat and was just wondering how best to leave it ready to receive the topcoat? Is just a spat flat sufficient? Sponge? Normally I’m happy to just leave it spatted off ready for primer and topcoat...
  17. Cornelius

    Meshing basecoat?

    How do you guys go about it? Might sound like a dumb question but I always find it slightly clumsy and awkward? Sometimes we’ll drop a vertical length and sometimes go horizontally across the lift. I like to cut it ready and fold it up ready for bedding in. That’s my tip lol
  18. Cornelius

    What’s your plans??

    So I’m 35 now and I think I’m experiencing some sort of premature mid life crisis thing, just finished another unsatisfactory day at work. Just completely bored of it all now, but I can’t be bothered to go on my own again and spend all my time thinking about work and jobs. I spend a lot of time...
  19. Cornelius

    Sander for Home

    Can anyone recommend a decent sander for Home decorating duties? Rubbing down all the woodwork and walls, could be tempted to get something that attaches to a vacuum depending on price, haven’t really got a budget in mind but would be interested to know if anyone has got any recommendations on...
  20. Cornelius

    Ragni tools

    Just received a box of goodies in today’s posta selection of ragni tools, now someone posted a few weeks ago about their new ragni trowel they’d been floating with and I remember they seemed quite impressed, who was that? I can’t remember... anyway first impressions they seem sturdy and built to...
  21. Cornelius

    Double edged Darby

    Looking to purchase a double edge Darby , my mate got a decent one quite narrow blade and very light. I like the way it's used for flattening and spreading not just edging off, where can I get one from online? all the Darbys I'm looking at so far look quite wide and got that lip on one side, I'm...
  22. Cornelius

    Skimming neat and tidy without spat/speedskim

    my Refina spat is in the skip, lost it’s shape. Speedskim is not my cup of tea and I’m just thinking to myself I’d be better actually making an effort to actually plaster nice and neat rather than buy another spat for flattening, an old guy I used to work with laid on his first coat so tidy it...
  23. Cornelius

    Double tang ox

    been much nostalgia recently about the old tyzack centenary and I spotted this sturdy looking contraption in the merchants. It’s a chunky beast.
  24. Cornelius

    multi problems (tearing/striping)

    It’s that time of year again cold and damp working on a house that has just got ply over the front and back door . I’m thinking too much moisture soaked into plasterboards, first coat hanging greasy when flattened in, second coat after ages of waiting around for first coat to pick up, start...
  25. Cornelius

    TImberwise uk

    anyone had any dealings with them? Know much about them at all?
  26. Cornelius

    Refina MR3 paddle

    so it’s taken ages to batter my drill into submission and now I’m getting a megamixer, they come with a paddle apparently MR3 160 is apparently recommended but i have a Choice to go larger MR3 200 (200mm diameter) any of you guys no what paddle you got on your megamixer?
  27. Cornelius

    Plasterboard lifter

    Morning droogies, one of the fixers got one on site today, makes easy work of lifting the blue sound boards onto ceiling. They vary in price anyone got any recommendations I could use one on my domestic jobs @Lodan @Olican @TonyM ?
  28. Cornelius

    The gym and plastering

    any guys pumping iron regularly struggle with sore muscles for work? I’ve laid off the weights a bit now in favour of more cardio but if I have a decent session on the rowing machine I’m still sore next day which is savage for skimming ceilings. I like to get in the gym and stay active but...
  29. Cornelius

    How do I match this?

    firstly what is it? Wet dash or something similar? What is the simplest way to get some sort of match? Doesn’t need to be exact.
  30. Cornelius

    Demon in the bedroom...

    for obvious reasons I’m really trying to get myself as fit as can be both mentally and physically. Was having a conversation with my dad yesterday after a visit to Bristol hospital and he asked me if I still had regular nightmares, (nightmares would be a mild description) it prompted me to...
  31. Cornelius


    anywhere in Devon selling it on the shelf? I don’t want a pallet just five bags for a job and I’ll make my own mind up if it’s decent.
  32. Cornelius

    Pissing down..

    it’s raining cats and dogs this morning.... sheltering away from it until it blows over. Nightmare time of the year for rendering:crying: I bet @Olican has got some sweet skimming job on for obscene meterage he gets all the cream :descansando:
  33. Cornelius

    Straight edge over scratch coat?

    standard two coat sand cement render today and the blockwork was woeful so me and mate decided to get the Darby over the scratch to make life easier when topping, mate suggested we could always rule off the scratch in the future which I agreed it wouldn’t be a bad idea, anyone else rule off the...
  34. Cornelius

    Not very exciting...

    ... but I quite enjoyed my day today putting up this ceiling, I keep saying to myself I’d like to do a course, anyone know of/recommend any courses in the South West ?
  35. Cornelius

    Weber lac basecoat

    evening gents, with the Weber lac base coat i coat the gear on an bed in mesh then second coat wet on wet to achieve 6mm , my only confusion is do I rule off with a serrated spat/edge or not bother? There are so many render brands and systems I'm not that knowledgeable with some of it
  36. Cornelius

    Best way to cut aqua panel?

    grinder is dusty, saw is slow, Stanley knife isn't quite up to it and constantly changing blades? Going with the knife at the moment...
  37. Cornelius

    Rained off

    rained off today and now the sun has come out but the scratch coat is piss wet so I still can't do owt, I'd happily skim year round thank you. Can't get on my little skimming job because the sparky is in there chasing out. Bloody annoying :confused:
  38. Cornelius

    Skimming external curve

    skimming over quite a sharp curve, was just wondering what the best ways to approach it normally I use flex trowel and a bit of plastic to run up it? If anyone else does them differently please let me know, hoping for a nifty little idea that I've not seen done before, thankyou please
  39. Cornelius

    Wooden float?

    whats it for and why is it used? any advantages over the newer polyethylene floats? I've got two nicely broken in floats my favourite is a polyethylene emir float had it fourteen years and it took an age to break in properly
  40. Cornelius

    Today's job

    i think I've been living in a cave for the past ten years as far as rendering is concerned, getting a bit more variety now I'm subbying again involved in a bagged lime job at the moment, lime scratch with mesh on to recycled timber thermal board top coat and tyrolean is the plan, got some fancy...
  41. Cornelius

    Downsize van?

    So I was chugging around in my van the other day (2005 Vito) and I was thinking I'd like a smaller van something easier to drive and better on fuel. Something like a connect size or like the old combo size. Does anyone successfully work out of a smaller size van? I was thinking roof rack for...
  42. Cornelius

    Need a new work light

    been plenty of threads about lights so sorry, I got an email from mad4tools the apollo light is on a discount and I'm tempted but I think some places are still selling the wobble light, are there any other contenders I should know about? @scottie5 @Lodan think you have done light threads before...
  43. Cornelius

    What the health...

    just watched an interesting documentary on Netflix "what the health " explores the benefits of a vegan diet and the damage eating too much meat can cause. It's disgusting learning about the conditions in the slaughterhouse and how contaminated the food is with puss and s**t. Injected with water...
  44. Cornelius

    Fixing bellcast beads

    whats your preferred method? Twist nails or those little electrical clips are pretty good?
  45. Cornelius

    Mt permaflex

    had a go on one of these today and for me they are the best flexi trowel I've encountered, comfortable and light and no tearing or stripes well impressed but a little pricey another trowel I don't really need but desperately want
  46. Cornelius

    SAS Europe/pro rend courses

    was thinking I'd like to learn a bit more on modern render systems and these guys are based in devon so just wondering if anyone has been on the courses at all?
  47. Cornelius

    Trowel shape

    i keep my trowels in a box and they are well looked after (except for the one I stood on and snapped) but after a while every single trowel, when I look down the blade it shows a little wobble and doesn't hold its original shape. I wouldn't mind if it was bending into a permashape style but it...
  48. Cornelius

    Smaller trowels

    just been using a little 12 inch trowel which I originally bought for cupboards around kitchens and tricky spaces, I must admit the little fella feels really nice in my hand, does anyone use a smaller trowel for everyday use? Pros? Cons? It's been good this morning for rendering plinths and...
  49. Cornelius

    Blue grit alternatives?

    i prefer to use blue grit on artex ceilings but it's not great to spread and the coverage isn't great either, what other products are good pva obviously great but not on artex . Something nice and easy to spread with a decent coverage?
  50. Cornelius

    Site v domestic

    site work or domestic, which do you prefer? I'm back to site on Monday and I'm looking forward to doing some decent work, only been back at work a few days and I'm pissed off of scraping little bits of wallpaper off or moving furniture or finding somewhere to wash out, and twatting about with...