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  1. Nisus

    Parking from hell job

    Ffs mate, pissing down here too but...... I’m inside nice and dry. :coffe: I’d have too get the clemrope out if I was outside :llorando: What you doing hacking off or rendering?
  2. Nisus

    Parking from hell job

    Not sure I’ll manage the chippy meal today @imago but cheers for the sarnie :sisi: @Vincey look what you’ll be missing out on :sisi:(y) :p
  3. Nisus

    Big fcuker.

    He told me it was ready for plastering. Then when I got here.....just a few bits here and there to sort out first he said, I’ve been job catfished :cry:
  4. Nisus

    This time every year....

  5. Nisus

    Magnetic plaster

    Ermmm.....:sick: What's with the extra strong mints?
  6. Nisus


  7. Nisus

    Sutton Plasterers

    20 mins away, give my secretary @imago a call in the morning :coffe:
  8. Nisus

    Every now and then you get a bit of kit ........

    PMSL :ROFLMAO: I've just literally done this one an hour ago :D Be good for another year or two now :cool: I ain't wasting my precious beer tokens on fcukin buckets for work :risas::birra:
  9. Nisus

    This really annoys me

    :ROFLMAO: Sniffing easifill lol :inocente: I do it all the time o_O
  10. Nisus

    Some of the adverts are.....

    :ROFLMAO: Ffs @Marshy :LOL: At least he's got Thistle Ply Finish advertised on here :) Don't see much of that about these days.
  11. Nisus

    Council charging for waste now!

    But surely you wouldn't put that sort of system indoors?:frenetico: People wouldn't be able to work or breathe or eat in the house? :sick: Probably be better as an outside system, you know like at the bottom of the garden or summat. Out the way :hola:
  12. Nisus

    Council charging for waste now!

    Also does a normal waste carriers licence cover you or do you need a special licence for carrying human faeces/excrement/poo poo in a bag in the back of the van ? Plus what about urine/piss/wee wee in a bottle? Just wondered what they'd say if they stopped you.. Like I say,, asking for a friend...
  13. Nisus

    Council charging for waste now!

    What do you all do with your human waste? Asking for a friend?
  14. Nisus

    Board lifts.

    Yeah I remember, that was funny, their faces lol :ROFLMAO:
  15. Nisus

    Just a quick skim it wont take you long only take you a hour

    Bank transfers fine now and again :)
  16. Nisus

    Your best plastering project

    Yes but don't wanna post pics it's too rough :sisi:
  17. Nisus

    Plasterers Tattoos

    Here's one for you @JessThePlasterer :D
  18. Nisus

    What i got up to over xmas

    After deep examination and forensics the results are back from the lab and it says it's just the light coming through the glass on the top half of the door shining onto the reveal corner at the top half of the bead that makes it look winky wonky,, :inocente::tanguero:
  19. Nisus

    Patching for contactor

    Don't wory I fine :)(y)
  20. Nisus

    Sweet Tooth

    I do the same late every night @Danny :sisi:;):popcorn: Can't stop lol :D
  21. Nisus


    Yeah it was lol. first the plastering section went then people moved to the rendering section then that went, then the concrete and bricklaying sections went too lol. :D
  22. Nisus


    And a lot of em off ebuild including me came onto here when the plastering sections was stopped lol
  23. Nisus


    Oh yeah thought he was on ebuild but it was uk spreads wasn't it? lol been a long time that was around 2006/2007 wasn't it lol
  24. Nisus


    On ebuild? Yeah just about
  25. Nisus


    Don't think he's banned, think he can still log in but he ain't been on for ages apart from snooping lol
  26. Nisus


    Lol think most are mate
  27. Nisus


    No mate definitely not living the dream :ROFLMAO: Not yet anyway :D
  28. Nisus


    Yeah do it lol :D Your mate flynny got demoted lol
  29. Nisus


    He ain't been on here for ages either mate
  30. Nisus


    I know ffs o_O gone fast, too fast!
  31. Nisus


    lol true :ROFLMAO:
  32. Nisus


    Yeah sound, you still see bod?
  33. Nisus


    Ffs how's it goin spunky? did Steve/rendersytems ever meet up with you lol the last time you was on here he said he was coming to get ya remember lmao :ROFLMAO:someone only mentioned it the other day on here aswell lol :D
  34. Nisus

    Good example of sun on render

    Looks like they just painted it to me, looks like it was old render with paint already on. Plus look at the bottom half of the house. ;)
  35. Nisus

    Unhappy with recent coving job, what can I do?

    I know mate I think you should do a live video to show them how it's done lol :sisi:
  36. Nisus

    Unhappy with recent coving job, what can I do?

    @Casper told me when he leaves his jobs like this, if the customer complains he says oh it's not finished yet and goes back with a bag of easifill and roll of sandpaper. He is based in Glasgow got his number if you need it :sisi:(y)
  37. Nisus

    Nice Job

    Sexy sue :love:
  38. Nisus

    Nice Job

    That's not sooty and sweeps van that's hillsides :D:sisi:
  39. Nisus


    Welcome along Butty are you single? Asking for a friend :sisi:
  40. Nisus

    Plastering is......

    Depressin,, f**k it couldnt be arsed today! Andys right you know! :sisi: U a alcohol? Yeah I am :ROFLMAO:
  41. Nisus

    Anyone dye there primer

    You on crack bro?
  42. Nisus


    Strange writing on that board :confused:
  43. Nisus

    I miss Andy G

  44. Nisus

    Its been nice to no u

    Its probably Danny in his account lol
  45. Nisus

    I miss Andy G

    Lol it was a joke,, like Andy g used to say: u got problem ? :ROFLMAO: You and Danny think I was Andy g Pmsl :ROFLMAO::risas:
  46. Nisus

    I miss Andy G

    U a alcohol ?
  47. Nisus

    I miss Andy G

    U got proof?
  48. Nisus

    I miss Andy G

    Someone did