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  1. J

    Neck ache

    Stretch it out every day . Read a Pilate book or similar.
  2. J

    EML galvs vs SS (rendered dormer cheeks)

    def batons . It’s going to crack any road . Render and timber not compatible in my opinion whatever precautions are taken to counter the inevitable movement . Good luck .
  3. J

    Opinion of plastering job, please

    £200 bargain . Buy the decorator breakfast and a bag of easi fill , that should do it .
  4. J

    How much work is this?

    I know mate really . I tend to side with the tradesman unless I know the complete in and out of it . I found in my experience tradesman will f**k another over in a flash for whatever reason .
  5. J

    How much work is this?

    Pay the man ! Mincing around on here , get to the bank
  6. J


    c**t tax should be considered in certain situations. Not always the case , just sometimes .
  7. J


    O , then f**k knows .
  8. J


    Glue not dry
  9. J

    Using Extra Time

    Board it out , give you a chance
  10. J

    Who's working who's struggling

    Eye of the tiger rock !
  11. J

    Finish on render??

  12. J

    Does this look right?

    f**k all wrong with it.
  13. J

    Well done sadiq and dick

    Wanks a bit strong!
  14. J

    Looking after your hands???

    That's bullocks
  15. J

    Render advice

    Your be in the road if you put any more on it!
  16. J

    Advice for property developer

    That's diabolical
  17. J

    Advice for property developer

    f**k all wrong with it
  18. J

    bad plastering job

    Fuk all wrong with it
  19. J

    Skim over bathroom paint

    At the risk of being a bore - overboard?
  20. J

    Is this normal

    Decorator will get it .
  21. J

    job in mansfield

    Had a wank with 1 once
  22. J

    Nela Medi flex

  23. J

    Nela Medi flex

    Perhaps not pissy draws
  24. J

    Nela Medi flex

    Dear o dear
  25. J

    Nela Medi flex

    Slip of finger . Soz
  26. J

    Just had a text

    You can't really entertain these c**ts I'm afraid. Can only end 1 way.
  27. J

    Nottingham-hucknall big job qoute required

    What coloured grout to shower room ? Befor I commit myself
  28. J

    Hard at work in Wales.

    No Crusty bread !
  29. J

    Hard at work in Wales.

    7-8/10 breakfast ? Teas pissy , sauce in sachets the obvious negatives . Looks good other than that .
  30. J

    distemper ?

    Overboard if poss/ ceiling.
  31. J

    Help, advice, what went wrong...

    Fuk all wrong with it .
  32. J

    Sunday Work Photos.... #competition

    Referring to the fact you were selling a perceived premium product for healthy return to customers that have too much money
  33. J

    Sunday Work Photos.... #competition

    Like a traveller selling a few meters of Tarmac?
  34. J

    skimming or smoothing out external wall

    250 seems dear to me, I reckon you could get that done for 150 all in. Towers are cheap nowadays . . .
  35. J

    re oiling my worktops

    Osmo polyx oil . Very good gear, have a read up . For best results take all the old build up back to wood loads of wire wool ect.. Sorted my shabby oak work tops back to life and takes a knock.
  36. J


    The French have fought more military campaigns than any other European nation and won twice as many as they have lost. 168 battles since 387bc . Won 109 , lost 49 , drawn 10 apparently. we tend to be more selective remembering battles. In 732 ad , France defeated the moors and saved the whole of...
  37. J

    Words of wisdom

    Be not solitary, be not idle.
  38. J

    Difficult customers

    Build base 1 not bad , push a soft broom through the middle of it as you roll out.
  39. J

    I'm here!

    Nothing to do with your massive ears .
  40. J

    I'm here!

    That's confirmed it :RpS_thumbsup:
  41. J

    I'm here!

    your the greatest man I've never met
  42. J

    Peeling paint

    Distemper on ceiling . newish house- paint not got into original plaster as no diluted first coat applied . Probs.
  43. J

    Mix Advice

    Big goggles
  44. J

    Floor screeder required for future work

    You have clearly stumped me !
  45. J

    Floor screeder required for future work

    I think he was replying to a request on the WORLD WIDE WEB , only mistake not clearing it with a non entity like you first. Dear o dear. Have you tried books ?
  46. J

    Name required for a new Tool Range

    Trowel blazer ! Design packaging to resemble a suit jacket. That should do it.