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  1. Nisus

    This time every year....

  2. Nisus

    Plastering is......

    Depressin,, f**k it couldnt be arsed today! Andys right you know! :sisi: U a alcohol? Yeah I am :ROFLMAO:
  3. Nisus

    GAY Plasterers section

    Hello fellow gaybo's is there any gaybo's in this Gay Plasterers section? It's not for me it's for my friend. Please pm me with details and i will pass them on also if you want to send any rude pics I can pass them on too ;):love:
  4. Nisus

    Bye bye most trades....
  5. Nisus

    Bye bye plastering, got a new job!

    No more plastering for me hanging up my trowels, just got a new job, gonna miss you all :cry:
  6. Nisus

    Bloody Builders!!

    Alright for some eh @imago :endesacuerdo: Thought he went quiet after a cheque was dropped off to him :LOL:
  7. Nisus

    No need for lime....bonding will do the job

    @imago hi mate I couldnt find that bag of lime mortar you was on about, I looked everywhere for it, so I had a look on YouTube and asked around if it's ok too use bonding on a listed building and a lad on Facebook said it's fine, so I've dubbed out them bad bits you was on about with bonding ok...
  8. Nisus

    Gypsum found on mars

    Gypsum found on mars :bananahappy: Nobody owns it so I'm going up there to get it all :fuckyou: don't worry you can all have a forum discount (y) but I won't be making stupid plasters that don't stick etc :rolleyes: My new company will be called Marshan Gypsum. The first new plaster will be...
  9. Nisus

    DeWalts latest tool for Vincey

    Here you go @Vincey one to add to your collection, give this a go mate :p
  10. Nisus

    Bank holiday Friday!

    Seen as I worked Monday I'm enjoying my Bank holiday Friday off :burlas: :coffe: :asadito: :descansando::birra::birras::banda::bananahappy: Anyone else off this bank holiday Friday? :D
  11. Nisus


    Cheers for the drink @imago :coffe: :numberone:
  12. Nisus

    Dougies latest vid

    Just spotted Dougie's latest vid, couple of new tools he's been trying oot :LOL:
  13. Nisus


    Hi Lads i was contacted recently & have been secretly testing some new tools for a big company from abroad, can't mention any names yet :rolleyes: Anyway heres the first pictures of the New Nellend Super Scooper Bucket Trowel & The Nellend Super Floppy Trowel. (y) NISUS'S REVIEW: The...
  14. Nisus

    TPF Jigsaw for sale

    Tpf Jigsaw for sale. Open to offers? :sisi:
  15. Nisus

    Van slogan

    At least he's honest :sisi: @kebab king
  16. Nisus

    Spreads v Sparkys

    Spreads v Sparkys. :hueco: They just shouldn't leave them long tails sticking out ffs :rolleyes:
  17. Nisus

    Nice tool!

    @theplasterman check this out (y)
  18. Nisus

    One armed spread

    Fair play to stumpy! (y) No excuses lads, there's always a way ! :sisi: Might chop my own arm off, save ever having to buying a hawk again & also there would be no arguments over if it's called a hawk or handboard :LOL:
  19. Nisus

    Nela handle

    Just wondered where Nela got the idea for their handle. I haven't got a Nela as I don't need one :rolleyes: but just wondered that's all :D
  20. Nisus


    Do you watch how other people eat bananas? :bananahappy: @imago said I'm weird because I told him to watch how the plumber eats his banana today while he was sitting in his van :D:bananahappy: He bit the tip off ffs :frenetico:
  21. Nisus

    Plaster cast

    Has anyone ever done a plaster cast of their penis? If so did you use board or multi? Thanks in advance.
  22. Nisus

    Would anyone use this?

    LOL :rolleyes:
  23. Nisus

    Have a good one

    Happy birthday @john parkinson Have a good one! :bananahappy::birra:
  24. Nisus

    What do you prefer?

    What do you prefer in the mix? I like lime fairy but I also like lemon fresh :cool: Gives a nice aroma when rubbing up, which the customers love (y)
  25. Nisus

    Carlite Bonding Coat

    Years ago when I had no storage i used to store stuff at my dads place, Found this today :D You reckon it'll be ok to use? :popcorn:
  26. Nisus

    Just bought a Super Flexi

    Hi Lads & Flynny I've just bought one of these, it's great, leaves a nice finish & polishes up well. (y) While i'm on the subject what's best to use with the super Flexi? Crest or Colgate? I always find Crest a bit gritty & Colgate a lot smoother to use. :nocausagracia: Thanks in advance for...
  27. Nisus

    It's not my fault

    Hi lads Was thinking of putting a disclaimer on my quotes/invoices/Website etc Something like this: •Most materials in a building expand & contract with different temperatures, humidity, times of year etc. •The earths tectonic plates are constantly moving & Can move up to 100mm annually...
  28. Nisus

    Magnetic tiling

    About the funniest thing I've seen recently :ROFLMAO: Magnetic tiling on magnetic plaster WTF! :risas:
  29. Nisus

    Science bitch

  30. Nisus

    Report Form

    Hi lads, anyone having any issues or need to report any problems just fill one of these out & email it to Danny. Thanks (y)
  31. Nisus

    New Work boots!

    Just been up town & got some new work boots :D Be good if you've got a labourer & need to kick him up the arse :reloco: or if you spend a lot of time in the back of your van like @Olican (y)
  32. Nisus


    @Danny I've noticed I've been tagged in a few threads but didn't get any alerts? Maybe a bug?
  33. Nisus


    Not seen many of Kirk's vids on here for a while. So while we're all waiting for Dougies next vid, here's one of Kirk's :RpS_cool: 1:56 :RpS_laugh: Loooou's face at 2:15 :RpS_lol: 12:30 :RpS_unsure:
  34. Nisus

    They've hit the big time!!

    Dougie & Tam have only gone & got a feckin movie deal :-0 :RpS_thumbsup:
  35. Nisus

    Another vid

    Well yet another very informative & helpful video from dougie :RpS_thumbup: Some good tips & tricks this week about tools, attachments & storing tools correctly :RpS_cool:
  36. Nisus

    New flattening tool

    Well I've just gotta get me one of these bad boys :RpS_thumbsup: :RpS_lol:
  37. Nisus

    Plaster Help!

  38. Nisus

    Quick question

    Morning all just a quick question before I head out to work. I woke up this morning & I've forgotten how to plaster. :-0 So any help appreciated? Best trowel, technique, which plaster, mixing etc etc?? Oh & how much should I charge? :RpS_unsure: Thanks in advance :RpS_thumbup:
  39. Nisus

    Bloody builders!

    Turned up to screed a floor for @imago the other day. The ready mixed screed had all been wheelbarrowed inside the house & an extra barrow outside with a mug of tea waiting for me as I walked up the drive! Then he payed a good days money for a couple of hours work! Ffs sick of been treated...
  40. Nisus

    Thanks to TPF®

    Thanks to The Plasterers Forum® @Danny I have had quite a bit of work off the forum this year ££££'s :RpS_drool: mainly from @imago the brummy builder in the summer :RpS_biggrin: Plus @kebab king said yesterday he has some work he wants me to do for him coming up, think it was following...
  41. Nisus

    Awkward render job!

    Hi lads just finished a top notch rendering job middle of last week, bit awkward though but customer is well happy & paid up in rupees, but now they want the bare bricks covered :-0 so how do you guys do the bits in between there's like 6-8 inches between walls so can't get in there to spread...
  42. Nisus

    Fibrous face

    Ryan this was on a job the other week what do you reckon to it? How old do you reckon it is? :-) @Fibrehand7
  43. Nisus

    Eating Plasterboard

  44. Nisus

    Nice bit of boarding

    Nice bit of boarding done by the customer :rolleyes)
  45. Nisus

    At last new british gypsum bags!!

    Hooray they are finally here the new stronger british gypsum bags :RpS_thumbsup: About time too lol :-) Thank you @BritishGypsum :-) Extra strong bags available in B&Q :RpS_thumbup: (Notice no spillage) Cheaper too :RpS_thumbsup:
  46. Nisus

    Free plastering service

    I am now offering a free plastering service for a limited time. All you have to do is supply the materials & the tea. leave me a message here or pm me for more details. Regards, Lee.
  47. Nisus

    Ezy hop Don't know if these would be any good for @beddy @kebab king @warriorupnorth @richardbrown etc :rolleyes)
  48. Nisus

    That new plaster

  49. Nisus

    Best damp proof system I've ever seen!

    This is a great new damp proof system :RpS_biggrin: •Bitumen •Mesh embed into tile adhesive put on with a pointing trowel :RpS_unsure: •Wickes one coat plaster Go Bearwood Brown you rock :RpS_thumbsup: Theres 5 vids
  50. Nisus

    Hello there!

    Hi hope your all well? I'm Nigel from Wales been plastering now for a long time. Mainly Fibrous work. Some good info on here.