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  1. Rigsby

    Rendering advice needed

    If it is timber frame then a cement particle board and thin coat system. Usually the architect will create a spec so if you are diy then I suggest you get a render manufacture like Weber or Parex to send a technical rep out who will give you a spec. I had Shaun Moss who at the time was a rep for...
  2. Rigsby


    contact your Parex rep who will most likely say its the first he has heard of it. I had some dodgy G00 early last year and the usual fob off but then I put it on FB renderers pages and a few others had the same bad batch, they then got it replaced.
  3. Rigsby

    Parex g10 paint match

    Parex makes a paint in all their colours. Rendit can make you some up as well.
  4. Rigsby

    Scratch render

    Get someone who knows what he is doing to help you especially if you are hiring a machine as they are definitely not plug and play! if you do it yourself rule straight away as within a few minutes it starts to skin over but remember that the more you rule it or flatten it with whatever the...
  5. Rigsby

    Render times

    Base coat it with mesh to flat and wait till the base coat has dried evenly.
  6. Rigsby

    K rend this time of year

    If the money allows then winter mono can be easy short days. With experience of thicknesses, background suction, heat loss, humidity you can have a relaxed start, home just after lunch and a lazy start the next day so long as the money is there. Lime bloom can be a problem with humidity and...
  7. Rigsby

    It’s no bloody wonder

    Not far from South Yorkshire and if it is on the books and you only supply hand tools they will get someone easily at this time of year. More so if they can keep you employed on wet and cold days.
  8. Rigsby

    Work Footwear - Advice?

    I take work boots seriously. The sole has be steel lined as well as built in shock proofing. I always wear quality insoles help cushion shock. I broke a small bone in foot after slipping off the bottom rung of a ladder years ago and it is giving me grief in the colder months so a lesson taught...
  9. Rigsby

    Help Please

    6mm mono over mono is not going to work but 10mm will over a primer. It sounds like they are suggesting a 6mm thin coat system that will work if the existing is fairly flat finished in a silicone. All the render manufacturers do a thin coat system and they will all work, but get someone who...
  10. Rigsby

    Help Please

    Nothing wrong with Fassa.
  11. Rigsby

    K-Rend Rendering disappointed

    Bristol? Spent a weekend there 2 years ago, very expensive place. £4.50 for a small tub of ice cream in the theatre. If the costs of a tub of ice cream is anything to go by £4k isn’t going to cover it. I suggest you get a surveyors report on the quality and get a solicitor onto the builder. I...
  12. Rigsby

    K-Rend Rendering disappointed

    Helen, don’t worry about being took to court it isn‘t going to happen. It will be you taking him to court because it is going to cost more than the £4k you owe him to get it put right. The evidence you need is already on here. That job only being narrow bands is one of the easiest to get flat...
  13. Rigsby

    Hardwall through a Ritmo problems?

    @theclemo is that 350-380 running or set up? He has a new clampable on but he has not checked it. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has tightened the bolts up. His water was about 280, lightweight new shaft. Turned to water after 1-2 bags.
  14. Rigsby

    Hardwall through a Ritmo problems?

    An old friend a bit older than me, met on a site in 1976. Rings me once a week asking if I am ok as do a few others in the trade. He is one of those nut cases who likes a laugh and can send you home with a smile.
  15. Rigsby

    Hardwall through a Ritmo problems?

    Not sure but I think he also fitted a clampable r&s? I will ask tonight. But there is a chance he has set that up wrong.
  16. Rigsby

    Hardwall through a Ritmo problems?

    Asking for a friend.... He has a hardwall job and got the lightweight shaft off Les. Anyways, he has rung me to say it starts off ok but after a bag or two it then just is mostly water? Anyone put Hardwall through a Ritmo?
  17. Rigsby

    Self assessment

    used to be able to claim for meals out entertaining clients ut they got rid of that perk years ago.
  18. Rigsby

    Self assessment

    My accountant is £350 for sole trader if I keep good understandable records. But he knows what you can claim like a room in your house as office, even a cleaner. He covers his fee and a profit and loss sheet for financial matters if ever needed.
  19. Rigsby

    fassa through ritmo l

    Think I primed it at 220 it was last year.
  20. Rigsby

    ayup guys

    doesn’t it have a trap door in the hopper? Most on here are Ritmo owners but Keith Epps has a G4 he could advise. This might help.
  21. Rigsby

    Wet dash or pebble dash

    Looks like dry dash with lots of paint on.
  22. Rigsby

    M2 rates.

    Maybe look back at your original question? You do not tell us what rendering and specifications. Including scaffolding? Including hacking off? But piss take aside you will not get an answer as we do not talk about rates on here. Also labour costs vary depending on what part of the Country you...
  23. Rigsby


    I have used Wickes and it set ok. you might get slump cracks on a base coat more so if you play with it. I prefer to ibar back now so air getting into the texture makes it go surface dry faster. If you are going to be back next day first thing then put some last mixed left over in a plastic bag...
  24. Rigsby


    American Duck tape is what I use but on some jobs in the colder months even that sometimes needs persuading. I use a heat gun, warm up the stone or to expel moisture then apply the tape and go over it with a heat gun.
  25. Rigsby

    Ki7 fassa

    mine was on dense facing brick.
  26. Rigsby

    Matching existing pebble dash

    You need the original pebbles and the same batch of sand cement. Even then ot will be new against weathered. If it is a small panel then re do it all but if you do patch it again then you need advice on how to make a better joint. if you can send some sample of the original pebble to...
  27. Rigsby


    The brickwork might be right as the top brick looks like engineering. Being under the slab its going to absorb water if the slabs and joints are porous so will take a bashing in frosty weather. Done the same on my own property. But as to timing? Overnight is fine if it is going to be dry but...
  28. Rigsby

    Ki7 fassa

    Yes, very Limey.
  29. Rigsby

    Ki7 fassa

    I used it as a base and found it ok but in warm weather it took 3 days to harden.
  30. Rigsby

    Question about scratch coat and different techniques.

    I have seen them in Rhodes doing the above. They tend to use battens to rule off but the end job is usually good. I saw some diesel machine renders on a couple of jobs using sand, cement and wet lime, no angle beads just multiple layers and angles formed. It was thick between 20-25mm and was...
  31. Rigsby

    Public Liability Insurance

    I suppose there is always that accident not down to negligence that may qualify for a claim so yes it makes sense to be covered.
  32. Rigsby

    Wetherby colour choice?!?

    The lightest palest grey with mid grey sills (painted). There are companies than can spray your plastic window frames, I suggest Anthracite and paint your sills the same.
  33. Rigsby

    Wetherby colour choice?!?

    What colour windows do you have? can you upload a picture of your house?
  34. Rigsby

    Public Liability Insurance

    Why does the director have to have employers liability for themselves ? If the director has an accident then in theory can they sue themselves?
  35. Rigsby

    Why are quotes all over the shop?

    I had a painter once who proudly quoted he only charges £65 a day when the average at the time was £80. what he didn’t tell me was he started at 9-9.30 and went at 3. All to do with the customers usual school run and house wifes wanted him in when they was out. Not the case in our house. Same...
  36. Rigsby

    mental health at work

    These steppingstones?
  37. Rigsby

    mental health at work

    I am not too far away from Rivelin 5 minutes drive. Great for dog walking.
  38. Rigsby

    mental health at work

    No I don’t know him. Did you live here once?
  39. Rigsby

    mental health at work

    Anyone hear on Council Estate Banter on fb?
  40. Rigsby

    mental health at work

    Yes I did know a family called Crapper with two nice daughters on Beldon Road. Worked for the youngest living on East Bank Rd probably 20 years ago. Will be in their late 50’s now. Anston? On the A57? Thats South of Sheffield I think Zombie is North of Sheffield Theres two Anstons, North...
  41. Rigsby

    mental health at work

    Wadsley Bridge overlooking SWFC ground not that I follow football anymore. Married a lass at this end but I was born and spent my Childhood in a neighbourhood called Walkley. Very mid 19th century. Thats between the North west inner and near student bedsit land.
  42. Rigsby

    mental health at work

    Me? Not far away Norfolk Park, my father was Manor. He was one of 11 all well spoken, never been in trouble and all worked up to retirement. All my cousins have done well as well bar one. I am the only one to live at the opposite end of the City and probably the only Wednesday fan if I was to...
  43. Rigsby

    mental health at work

    I was brought up on a Council estate. I think it did me good, a wide range of people, mostly good and a few bad, well off and poor. Back then there was hardly any cars but I envied the ones with cars and took their holidays in hotels not caravans in Skeggy like us. The well off ones had...
  44. Rigsby

    Looking for good plasterer Costa del Sol

    Maybe suggest a rate per m2 or day. No silly rates mind.
  45. Rigsby

    Beads whith dashing

    You was good yourself but then you didn’t have much of a choice working for me. I had eyes like a hawk for the slightest mistake. You was all good lads back in the 90’s on one got on my nerves the militant tit!
  46. Rigsby

    mental health at work

    The Council Estate bit? With reference to an earlier post.
  47. Rigsby


    Might save a few bob then.
  48. Rigsby

    Beads whith dashing

    White beads on white dash looks ok but I used to let a build up of gobbo go over the bead and usually used a 3-8mm dash. Rarely saw the bead.
  49. Rigsby

    Beads whith dashing

    I would be grumpy with it raining every day.
  50. Rigsby

    Beads whith dashing

    I always formed corners but when it got down to me and a lab I struggled to find a lab who could master holding and sliding off the stick so I started to use beads to make life easier and it was better when employing a dasher as most couldn’t form a corner. Only had one customer who wanted...