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    Tool insurance

    Anybody have a stand alone tooltheft cover and if so who with, need it to cover tools being in van overnight and my public liability ppl do not offer this they have to be removed or the van has to be locked in a secure compound. Finding this exceptionally difficult to get covered just wondering...
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    Wykamol membrane kit

    Got three of these kits left over from a job , 10 metres in a box with 100 fixings and a roll of tape, got about 100 extra pegs and 5 extra rolls of tape 150 quid for the lot buyer to collect, Drop me a message if interested
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    Need new sds max drill looking for suggestions

    Don’t want hilti, far too expensive as it’s only for hacking off, had Milwaukee just died and wasn’t overly impressed with it to be fair, struggled with anything that was tough. I have a couple of sds plus machines at moment but sick of bits breaking. Recommendations appreciated
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    Is it just me or are the boards at the moment terrible, just can’t get a clean break, it’s as if they have been wet, difficult to explain what I mean but saying it’s as if they have been wet is the closest I can get to making myself understood. It’s got to me last week, making a hard job harder...
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    Is it just me or are the boards at the moment terrible, just can’t get a clean break, it’s as if they have been wet, difficult to explain what I mean but saying it’s as if they have been wet is the closest I can get to making myself understood. It’s got to me last week, making a hard job harder...
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    So what’s the problem here then

    Customer wants to know why there plastered wall was loose, so cut out a board to find this
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    Nicotine/ cigarette stench

    Not sure if anyone can give advice as never come up against this before, went to a price job up yesterday, whilst there the lady asked me is there a way to get rid of the smell of smoke / cigarettes coming from the next door neighbours, not believing this was possible I went into living room to...
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    Nelaflex trowels

    Does anyone know if these come with edge protection for blades, looking on p1ss now but can’t see any info about blade protection, cheers
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    Fitting out vans

    just got myself a new Mercedes Vito, well by new , I mean new for me, I seem to remember someone on here added a false floor to theirs that they could get boards under, but I can't find the thread, anyone give us a hand finding it, just looking to see how they did it, and any advice as to where...
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    Pain problems and what the doctor gives you?

    I have read a few ppl's comments over the years about problems with getting tennis elbow , bad knees, shoulders etc, ( there's a song there somewhere) , I have recently been told there's nothing much more can be done with my shoulder, they are looking now at shoulder replacement, which I didn't...
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    Cortisone injection

    Anyone had one of these, went yesterday and Christ I'm in worse pain now than before I had it, can hardly get my arm to move, had it in shoulder just a bit worried as got a busy few weeks ahead, hoping that it's just a very temporary thing Anyone who has had one and can tell me how long this...
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    Chases and an idiot customer

    Had to have a rant, today been filling chases after sparks , three bed house full rewire, Finished at two , customers husband arrives home starts having a pop saying should have been done in two hours this at most, the usual bollox I've been in the building game for over 30 years blah blah...
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    Unifinish at B and Q

    Just been to b and q Wigan and noticed all the unifinish bags had over stickers on the expiry date new date 12/08/16 date underneath 1/06/16 , surely they are out of date or am I missing something and by putting a new sticker over the top it magically extends the use by date, wonder what British...
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    Are all plumbers stupid or is it just the one I'm working with

    Doing some refurb work for council, bathrooms, told the plumber when he has the basin and toilet out to shout me and I will get that wall done before he puts the new stuff in, now is that far too complicated for him to understand as the last 6 he has fitted all the new stuff and then I'm...
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    Have a great Xmas

    Wishing everyone a great Christmas and a prosperous new year, all the best lads
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    Hop up/ work platform

    I know this is on here somewhere but for the life of me I can't find it. There was a hop up that had extending legs that someone was saying was really good , just wondering if any of the more computer savvy people can find it and give us a link, much appreciated
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    Van stolen from Liverpool this morning

    Hi, had my van stolen from Kirkby this morning, police have found it but it's empty, not bothered about the little bits but my trowels and mega mixer gone, expensive to replace, thieving bastards, start again a in getting new gear, an expense I can do without
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    Mete rage prices

    If anyone's working around Staffordshire area could they pm me the price per metre roughly on new build, been offered work down there but think the guys trying it on, telling me that's the norm, not mentioning the price on here, but seems very low to me
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    Whats with the stupid questions recently?

    Is it just me or is this place getting stupid, how do I clean my tools, where do I buy this , how much is this etc etc etc and fibre hand or whatever your calling yourself today, stop , I mean just stop replying with innane answers to everything thats on the forum. Rant over have a lovely evening
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    Cem-spec multi finish plaster?

    Anyone ever used this stuff, on a job for Rochdale council and this is what they have delivered for reskim on ceiling 2 bags of it are about ten kilo if I'm lucky prob need about ten bags to do a very small ceiling no info on bags so no idea of setting etc any help would be great
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    Working with a guy today bond and skim a kitchen, ive never seen one person make so much mess, plaster over everything including himself, water everywhere, then to cap it all off, knocks over the cleaning bucket, place was like a swimming pool, didnt bother to pack any of my sheets up just threw...
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    Timber treatment

    Hi, trying to work out whats the best way to get some form of recognised qualification in timber treatment. been on a fair few jobs doing the plastering after remedial treatment work has been carried out to plaster up, but now seems that theres more and more jobs being advertised for plasterers...
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    Contract payment terms

    Been offered work for a few months, but not sure about payment terms, they want me to invoice them end of every week, i then get paid four weeks after that, so would basically be doing five weeks before being paid anything, never come across this before and not sure i trust them to pay, any one...
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    Running very slow

    Is it just me or are the pages taking forever to load, also when i try and get on the rendering section i just get sent back to the same screen? any ideas
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    Damp proof membrane question, hope im not going mad

    Gone to a job today and got a few questions just to put my mind at rest. should have taken some photos but anyway will try and explain client has had a dam proof course done. First thing i noticed when I went in was that the wall had been knocked off to 8 inches in height, yes i did say 8 inch...
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    hi not really done much rendering besides S+C, but this K-Rend stuff seems to be popular, was hoping that if someone not too far from me was doing some they would let me pop along and have a look see what all the fuss is about, gladly get the brews and some bacon butties in for the lads, not...
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    sick of chancers

    started on a site last week, guy turns up who I am supposed to be working with, get setup and then go for a quick brew and a fag before we start, he starts telling me been in the game for thirty years blah blah did a set last week on his own 268m2 in 6 hours, im thinking BOLLOX, anyway he gets...
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    Nvq3 questions

    Hi Lads, few questions, got the guy coming out tomorrow for the on site assessment for this, just wondering what hes going to want to see/ask, not sure what I need to take with me, and trying to get them to tell me is harder than getting blood out of a stone, wouldnt mind, only getting it as...
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    fkin electricians

    boarded a ceiling yesterday electrician coming out today to cut holes for the spot lights im supposed to be going in later to give it a skim, 9 spots supposed to be going in, when i get ther thers 15 holes in the ceiling so asked the customer if hes decided to have more lights, oh no says the...
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    wallpaper or whatever the hell it is?

    went to start a new job today where the cust had supposedly removed the paper, when i arrive theres a nice dark green band of what i thought was wallpaper, top wall middle of wall and bottom of wall, asked the customer who tells me it wouldnt come off, grab the old faithfull steamer out the van...
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    Damp proof course

    anyone kn ow what the regulations are for installing these, the guy we used to use has jacked in and not sure if we can inject the stuff ourselves, any help appreciated on this as i need to let the customer know asap. Found loads on the net but nothing that actually states you have to be...
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    floor covering - roll and stroll

    not sure where i shouldve posted this, any of you guys got a supplier for the plastic sheeting rolls (self adhesive) in or around the north west the guy i used to get mine from has gone under/ jacked it in usually but the 1200 mm x 100 metre rolls was paying £25 a roll any help would be great...
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    lath and plaster ceiling

    doing a job at the moment where the customer has lath ceilings that are for want of a better word fcuked loads of movement, cracks etc, i have told her that really needs ripping down and boarding over, but she insisting on just repairing, was thinking scratch out the cracks remove the loose gear...
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    waste etc

    just been back to a job today, as i had a few bits to finish off, finished and cleaning bucket out, started off down towards the old grid in the road to tip the water down out the bucket to get collared by a council bod, who has informed me that you cant tip that down the grid, after explaining...
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    water damaged ceilings

    hi this is about my house, we had a plumber call out yesterday to fit a new pump to our boiler, this superb guy has then managed to flood the whole house ceilings in hallway and kitchen soaked wood floor ruined etc ( great guy didnt bother to turn water off ), we have had his boss here today who...
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    wall chases

    Been picking up a few jobs recently for a local electrician, filling in the chases after rewires, not bad money and usually just a few hours work, helps fill in the days when you got nowt on, just wondering what mix you guys use if and when you do them, usually fill em in with a 50 mix bond and...
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    why do we start on the right?

    got asked today why do you start from the right, and the answer of you just do didnt seem to make the lad happy, and to be honest i just cant remember the correct reason for it, obviously there is a proper reason but for the life of me i cant remember, must be old age getting to me, so if...
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    hi I have read the FAQ about private messaging etc but still dont seem to be able to find out how you send a message, if someone could let me know in easy to understand language, would be great thanks
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    operation time

    just been back the docs again, hes a great bloke who enjoys telling me that i need to rest the old arm, now he tells me i need an operation to release an ulna nerve or something but when i asked him how long i would need to get back working again he was very non commital, just wondering if any...
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    curved wall to ceiling

    hi been to look at a job today and the wall to ceiling has a curve the radius is about the same as a coke can the bloke wants the whole thing reskimmed just looking for some ideas as the rad is so tight gonna be difficult to get a trowel around (should probably have taken a picture as...
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    Hi All

    hi new to the site just thought i would say hello