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    Let's Talk

    some pictures as requested, messaged over the other details, see if the plasterers forum have any opinions on it?
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    Let's Talk

    @BritishGypsum Working on a site at the moment where a load of "Hardwall" has turned up, and the contents are strongly resembling Soundcoat, have you had any similar complaints about this? does the man who runs the bagging machine ever turn up drunk?
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    Is this rendering acceptable?

    looks like they used hardwall on the outside of your house.
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    Went to Look At A Damp Job Today....

    Can anyone recommend a reputable damp proofer over in West Sussex area? cheers.
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    Cracks re-appear instantly

    your house might be falling down, call a structural engineer.
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    How should I finish this edge?

    you can't skim fireboard either if it's the white smooth stuff, glasrock.
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    Replastering outside

    maybe scabble it, give it a key, half way between hacking off.
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    How to get the gypsum whitebook

    got one of these a couple of weeks ago, applied for one by e-mail, arrived next day by courier, book is bigger than war and peace, and just as boring.
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    Nightmare site managers

    poke him in the eye with your finger he won't see it then.
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    New van time anybody got a new trafic/vivaro?

    japanese vans are generally the best.
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    New van time anybody got a new trafic/vivaro?

    they were going to start a formula one team, but spent £5 billion on repairs instead.
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    multi finish stright onto concrete walls?

    you might be better off sticking insulation boards, concrete walls sound cold, they suck all the heat out.
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    Grade 2 listed plastering

    apparently you can cover over old work but you can't take it down, i.e overboard the lath, incase they want to renovate it to it's former glory in the future.
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    looking for work

    with all the tools out these days you would have to drive around in a lorry if you were to have every tool.
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    short and simple question

    my record is 200 m in a day, I was tired though.
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    Is this New Plastic Trowel A Game Changer?

    this is going to revolutionize plastering, so it is.
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    Jesus Guys!!

    you should have a "Dom Littlewood" section, where undesirable companies and individuals can be exposed. imo.
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    McClaren or Rodgers?

    listening on the radio this morning apparently mc claren is on the board aswell as manager, his job is to buy in young players cheap, add value to them and sell them on for a profit, I doubt the board there care where they finish in the leauge as long as they don't get relegated. good for a club...
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    Serrated feather edges

    might be a north south thing like hawk and handboard.:baba:
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    This is what is wrong with the industry

    the only people who'd call it an industry are people who don't actually do any work.
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    Serrated feather edges

    whoever was calling it an H bar must have had it wrong way round, isn't it an I bar?
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    High ceilings.

    just seen a kid riding down the pavement on one of these half hour a go, place will be full of them by christmas.
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    Mixing Drill wanted

    not looking for some other tools are you...
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    World Skills UK

    this is the future no need for plastering olympics.
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    water quality

    hard water would go off faster in theory.
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    Chimney rendering Bournemouth

    I've seen smaller chimneys on factories.
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    Building on top of single brick

    knock the whole lot down.
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    Building on top of single brick

    even if you wern't building on top of this I think it's still a disaster, you could only build a 3 ft wall out of a single row of bricks.:muyenojado: hope the roof isn't heavy or just made of corrugated plastic.
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    Building on top of single brick

    have you any pics?
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    Over polished Multi Finish

    probably a sheet of plastic stuck to the wall.
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    Building on top of single brick

    sorry, I thought you wanted to build a two story extension using just a single course of facing bricks, that wouldn't be smart even for a plasterer.
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    Over polished Multi Finish

    are you taking the fat out of the plaster with watering down the wall and troweling hard with the sharp edge of the trowel? I haven't got the elbows for it. I find the carbon trowels are dead flat compared to the slightly bowed stainless finishing ones, more difficult to use the flat face on the...
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    Over polished Multi Finish

    or a nela tinfoil trowel.
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    Over polished Multi Finish

    dry faced rub obviously won't work with a carbon trowel only a stainless.
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    Over polished Multi Finish

    if you give it a dry trowel with the face when its going/gone off it gives a bit of a polished look. or you could throw loads of water at it and take all the fat out and polish it that way, painter won't be happy but who cares about painters.(y)
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    home for the next few days.

    has that roof collapsed or is it supposed to be like that.
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    Patch repair water damage

    get it checked for asbestos before you go cutting it out imo,
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    125 degree external corner

    if the board is fitted well cut down the middle of the joint with a sharp knife and slide your thin coat skim bead in, if boarding is dodgy or is a fire rated wall may not be suitable.
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    Trowels,which one?

    just get a cheap trowel from the market cost about 3 pounds, good to learn with, I'm still using mine.
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    sponge base coat??

    obviously only if the manufacturer recommends it. :numberone: