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  1. imago

    New in plastering?

    Was chatting to a mate about the building game and what has/hasn't changed over the years for a few trades. The answer for most is not much. Thought I'd ask on here because as far as I can think the only truly 'new' thing in plastering in the last 100 years has been the introduction of boards...
  2. imago

    Out of date skim.

    I was chatting to Lee about how much Multi we needed and moaning about the four bags at the unit which were now out of date when a notion/question occurred to me. Given that the main issue seems to be that out of date stuff goes off quickly/suddenly could you not just add a retarder. So it's...
  3. imago

    Present idea.

    What do you get the person who has everything? A custom moulded chocolate ring piece apparently.
  4. imago

    Patching and skimming for kitchen refurbs.

    I presume a few of you work for/with kitchen fitters (refits not extensions). I guess it'd be mostly filling chases, skimming and boarding ceilings. What's an average time for the plastering work on those sort of jobs? I'm working on two or three days in an empty room with all the first fix...
  5. imago

    Looking for work ....

    .... but I'm not sure he's looking for the sort of work I'd be offering. Maybe of interest to someone one on here though? Craigslist Birmingham
  6. imago


    "Yow'm rushing me!" :frenetico: "Lee, using two bags to skim 15 square metres of board in a day doesn't count as rushing." :rolleyes: "I ay even ad me cuppa soup yet!" :llorando:
  7. imago

    Stabilising solution?

    There is an exposed section of wattle and daub (I'll get a pic tomorrow) that shows good detail of its construction. It's in between two room so it doesn't need to breathe, and it's going to be lit and left exposed behind glass. A 'feature' I suppose. Anyway, the cottage will have central...
  8. imago

    Just noticed ....

    ... that my membership status is now apparently a messed up Pythagoras' theorem? WTF?
  9. imago

    Just over a grand?

    TPF members need to get their act together and their hands in their pockets and donate to Oli and Jess' charity fundraiser. The total sitting at just over a grand is poor when you consider the number of forum members IMHO. Even a small donation will make a difference, just put in a couple of...
  10. imago

    Great magazine article on chemical damp proofing ...........

    ..... and what an utter load of bollox it is. It won't make happy reading for the chancers, crooks and not very bright who work in the industry, but it may inform a few potential customers. (y) Construction Index Magazine.
  11. imago

    Ceiling to walls.

    What's the best way to straighten the joints? Stop beads? A little bonding and form a curve? I asked @Nisus but he just sits in the corner rocking and sobbing.
  12. imago

    Diverging and compound angles.

    It's like working in one of those funfair crazy houses. I'll be glad when I've finished the stud work, I'm starting to feel dizzy.
  13. imago

    Just stud the ceiling down .....

    .... to get it level and for the insulation. Umm, @Nisus I've got a bit of stud work for you. :inocente:
  14. imago

    White skim.

    I need some white finish plaster for the job in Berkswell. I think we need about 15 bags? Knauf MP has been mentioned but I don't need a full pallet. So I need to find a local stockist, one that will deliver less than a pallet, someone to share a pallet with etc. Alternatively, another...
  15. imago

    Licensing builders.

    I see we're a step closer to getting a licensing scheme for builders. From the 17th of October Trustmark have had their role expanded to become the government endorsed quality scheme for building work. Given their tie in with the FMB, and the amount of lobbying work which they do, along with...
  16. imago

    Makita 18v Charger and batteries.

    I bought the battery circular saw on offer at Smiths, but as it was bare needed a charger and batteries. The best deal I could find was two 4 aH batteries, charger and case from Power Tool World at £137. The chargers are usually seventy odd on their own. If you just want the charger it's £32...
  17. imago

    Nice, but not essential.

    Been umming and ahing about getting a small battery circular saw. It'd be handy not having to use the mains one on occaisions, but not really essential. Yesterday I spotted that they have the 18v Makita on offer at Smiths for £88:00 bare. So I did a bit more umming and ahing at the thought of...
  18. imago

    Magnetic plaster.

    For those of you that did/do/will use it, I saw these and thought it'd be a natural selling point for it. Magnetic jigsaws. Get a family photo or whatever turned into a jigsaw and use the wall to make it. (y)
  19. imago

    I wonder what.......

    ....... the heritage plasterer is up to today? Let's find him and see shall we children?
  20. imago

    "can you just...."

    " put the stuff in the old store into the skip when it comes?" "Probably. I'll have a look later." Fcuk me! It's like the 4rse end of Mordor. Bollocx to that. :eek: @Nisus has a nice little Friday job then.:sisi:
  21. imago

    Lime pointing

    I think it was @vfr12 who mentioned the benefits of pre-mixed bagged lime products. As in if you don't know exactly what you're doing with the mix, leave it to the experts. I'm familiar enough with lime mortars to know how little I know about the mixes. We needed a mix with a pink tint to the...
  22. imago

    Thanks ....

    .... @Danny mugs being put to good use at the new product heritage plastering test centre.
  23. imago

    Meanwhile, back at ...

    ... the heritage plastering challenge we're starting to see some progress.
  24. imago

    New product.

    We'll be trying out a 'new' product/manufacturer tomorrow. Well, when I say we, I mean @Nisus will, an NHL insulating plaster. Lee may well do a @Vincey and be spamming promoting it. Apparently Heritage plasterers are like thoroughbred horses, and don't do heavy work so that they are fresh for...
  25. imago

    Plastering history.

    Almost the entire history of plastering in one photo. Wattle and daub under lime with horse hair under lime, under bonding under skim.
  26. imago

    Van cost.

    Vans and the options for owning one comes up on here from time to time, so I thought it'd be worth putting up the tale of the tape for mine. Last of the old shape Vivaro, bought new in 2014 for £11k + VAT. VAT was an in and out job as I'm registered, and the van's all paid off now. It's now...
  27. imago

    Coming together a bit now.

    Making some decent progress in the sunshine.(y)
  28. imago

    Suspended/lower ceiling?

    I need/want to lower the ceiling height in my kitchen. There are three RSJs going across it in two directions, the original ceiling height in one section, a slightly lower part and another slightly higher divided up by the RSJs where an extension was built. So to bring it all to one height and...
  29. imago

    Tool prices.

    Is it just my imagination, or have hand tool prices gone up quite a bit recently? Power (battery or 110/240v) seem to have been stable for a while, but decent quality hand tools seem to have been steadily increasing for the last few years.
  30. imago

    Breathable/lime plaster products?

    My question is simply what's available and what's recommended by those who've used them? The application will be direct to brick infill panels between oak beams. The bricks went in about 1780 or 1790 when the wattle and daub were removed. So they're very porous, dry, and suck like a crack whore...
  31. imago

    Fishing lakes.

    Hey @Lodan pity you couldn't make it to that job. This place is a few hundred yards up the road. :burlas: I'm not sure what this is, but he's gonna need a sh1t load of batter for it! :eek:
  32. imago

    Two sides to every story.

    Just popped in for a nosey and had to laugh at the latest threads displayed in the sections one above the other. The ying and yang of plastering :) General plastering discussions - This is where most threads will get posted The Place To Meet And Say Hello New Members to introduce themselves to...
  33. imago

    Bucket question.

    Just curiosity, but how many use the tall plaster mixing buckets? Why do you or don't you?
  34. imago

    CITB Levy

    So everyone working in the industry classed as an employer (LTD Co, people with employees, people who use subbies etc) has to be registered with the CITB. If you don't register, they register you anyway and then you have to fill in a levy return even if you fall below the £80k wage/subbie...
  35. imago

    Exterior finishes.

    I suppose render would be the most likely, but as it's a general use/question it seemed more suitable for ere than the rendering section. Has anyone used photocatalytic cement? I'm looking at a job where I'm going to suggest it to the architect, but I've never used/applied it so wondered about...
  36. imago

    It could be worse .......

    ...... you could be a plumber.
  37. imago

    Liquid screed.

    Why on earth would anyone use S&C screed when liquid screed is available? £1,400 to supply and lay everything above the insulation slab, including the UFH pipes, manifold and thermostat. Only a small floor at 10 square metres, but three hours from turn up to clean up. (y)
  38. imago

    As it's international women's day ....

    .... and they were mentioned in another thread a while back, here's a link to Dickies range of women's work boots. I can't remember if it was @JessThePlasterer (for work) or @Vincey (for weekends) who was asking about them? (y)
  39. imago

    Oli's Charity raffle.

    Firstly, well done @Olican top job mate. (y) Secondly, what's happening with the chess set now? I know it's probably in one of the bazillion posts you've been spamming the forum with, but no one has that much time in their life. :) Just let me know where it's going and I'll get it sorted...
  40. imago

    The beast from the East ....

    ..... can get fcuked. I thought this might be of interest to you lot, decent price next day delivery Infra Red heater. Mine's arriving tomorrow. (y)
  41. imago

    Labourers and apprentices.

    Where do you find them or make contact with people for such roles? Obviously there's the local college, but I'm thinking about people who have progressed beyond needing to be told when to breathe out and get off their mobile. o_O The nature of the work I do means I need another pair of hands...
  42. imago

    Tools stolen in the Midlands?

    If so, the Police have recovered a sh1t load and they're having an open day to try and find the owners.
  43. imago

    Nice day for it.

    Fitting an arch apex lintel, then making and fitting a 5.2 metre flitch beam in mid air with 40 mph winds and p1ssing rain that is. :nocausagracia: I normally enjoy this sort of work, but January isn't really the month for it.
  44. imago

    Plastering .....

    ..... "everyday masterpieces"
  45. imago

    That's enough ......

    ...... for this year. Big delay on the windows and doors as they're being made from rare elements by pixies in neverland. Well I presume that's why they can't deliver until the 24th of January! Still, the customer ordered them direct, so nothing to do with me. :whistle: I explained that having...
  46. imago

    Hired a little pump for the concrete.

    It caused a bit of curtain twitching. :LOL:
  47. imago


    Well, of course if you've got the most important bit sorted then it's only right that everyone else should fall into line, clear their calendar and dig in. "The extension must be completed ready for decorators to start by mid March 2018." o_O :fuckyou:
  48. imago

    Stud walls.

    Just wondering how many of you build the timber (or metal) studs as well as doing the boarding and skimming? Domestic I suppose as I guess it's still first fix chippies for timber studs on site?
  49. imago

    Manual handling guidelines.

    Stop tittering at the back! Why is it that the word "guidelines" can so often be substituted with the word "boll0cks"?
  50. imago

    Bear Beef ....

    ...... hasn't been on for a while, but anyone in contact with him? Someone just posted on Twitter about some tools on sale at a car boot in Cannock that had "Bear Beef" written on them. As it's not a common nick name I wondered if he'd had any gear nicked?