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    Sand and cement render bathroom walls

    Ha fairy liquid. Takes me back to the 80's mixing for my old man, we'd use use it because it was cheaper than feb mix plastisiser. It worked just as good so couldn't knock it.
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    The weather

    how much does the weather effect you during a year regarding lost days and money? I started to concentrate mostly on rendering and Ewi during 2015 but if I could add up the days I've lost due to rain ect and the mornings I have had to pay lads to just stand around, then I might as well of just...
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    which sur stilts

    Thanks for the replies but I.m only really interested in the sur stilts.. Sur stilts from ebay 199 or sur mag stikts from the there a difference.?
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    which sur stilts

    I need a pair of stilts and some of you seem to rate the sur stilts but which ones? Theres the ones on ebay for £199 . They are double sided but there is another type of double sided one from usa called sur mag stilts. They look like they are yellow on the front.. So is there much...
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    hilti sd5000 screw gun

    Hi lads My makita brf550 is knackered and i was going to buy a hilti sd5000 but they aint cheap. Has anybody got one and if so are they worth the outlay. Do they jam like the makita autofeeds? Im ooen to any suggestions like senco etc but i just want a good reliable autofeed..the hilti corded...
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    Really cant see the point in these feather edges on a stick. They cant flatten properly. The whole idea of flattening a coat is to fill in as you pass over the area with your trowel. Seems like theres alot of gullable young lads out there thinking they can reinvent the wheel. If this really...
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    rain rendering

    Well lads , how are u expected to make a living rendering with our current weather??? Seriously its getting beyond a joke. Sometimes i think id be better off skimming all day and mixing on me own listening to the radio. It might drive me insane and burn me shoulder out but id least i could crack...
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    Box screeds

    I think its the same as free ruling. Float out a section of a wall rule off and fill in etc and then use that block of screed as a reference to work off for the next block. Same thing just a different name i think. Thanks, mystery sorted lol
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    how to block rule?

    Arr think ive got it. Its what i call free ruling. If im not using screeds on a long wall that just has to be flat then i float out about 2m across and down. Rule up and then across, fill in the slacks , rule off and then use that block of screed as a guide for the next one. Thanks
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    hello to all

    Thanks for welcomes. I'll try to muck in and help were i can Ross
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    Box screeds

    Hi, ive never heard the term 'block rule' hows it done? I tried to search but nothing came up?
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    how to block rule?

    Hello I read a thread about screeds and one lad said about block ruling instead of doing verticle screeds. So could someone give explain how you block rule cos i have never heard of this method before. Ive done verticle & horizontal screeds, dot and screed, box screeds, ruled off beads and...
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    hello to all

    Hello everyone Im ross from great sankey nr warrington and im getting back into plastering after 6 years on the taxis. Ive been plastering on and off for 15 years. I havnt used krend or done any ewi but i can float and set' dot and dab, sand and cement render and floor screed . Looking forward...