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  1. J


    13x4 gold permashape its the dogs b*ll***s
  2. J

    Lady plasterer update!!

    Should defo go for the skillbuild my mate has just came second down at the NEC he said it was a great experience
  3. J

    Cheapo screwgun

    Sencos are good but always have to pull back the clip on the front because it dosnt realise propyl somtimes
  4. J

    Starting 3 Year college - advice

    HaHa yh mate mite help me and shite with writing ha you can learn me to spell while your on with it two ha
  5. J

    Starting 3 Year college - advice

    this is wat a did mate and if you have the rite attitude its works work hard and show ur determination and come on here for knowledge of the trade like some one else sed employers will come to the college looking for workers and apprentices that how a got started then gave me the confidence to...
  6. J

    How important is education

    its not every thing if you have the passion its a great start but **** re doing level 2 of do level 3 and get on with a plasterer or start doing jobs on your own you should have the neccessary skills now if you are good your dood simple but you need to larn how things work properly now
  7. J

    Are things getting busier for you?

    not two busy me self jobs here and there but have been sub contracting for a few pple as there stacked so a think things may be slowly stacking up
  8. J

    unhappy customer

    the lads a perfectionist had this happen to me once done a little bit of plastering round a door n it was fine and he starting blasting filler over left rite and centre went back to see how the job was going as the building was getting converted and a couldnt beleive what he had done he had...
  9. J

    tanking question

    its sorted now been in touch and hes going with the tanking systems u mentioned so its good as a can concentrate on the plastering
  10. J

    tanking question

    spot on mate cheers
  11. J

    tanking question

    ave went to see a job today a reasonably small on a small partion wall to skim and sum plasterboard pactching in the ceiling but then he showed me an area were it is going to be a shower the back wall is a two coat plaster exterior wall the side one is a plasterboard wall both been skimmed and...
  12. J

    Multi finish problems.

    excatly ashley you mix board the ******* same as multi
  13. J

    Beading - Hook on beads

    heard if you just hook them on without any fixings they tend to moe about while skimming
  14. J

    Multi finish problems.

    am not saying out mate rite answear this did you put a full bucket off water to a bag?
  15. J

    Must have tool kit for son just finished first year course

    mate the list just goes on and on hhaha just joking mate just what the lads sed marshalltown trowel but a wouldnt worry about the makes off the bucket trowel n others
  16. J

    Multi finish problems.

    mate you keep saying 9 litres make a really wet mix but a builders bucket is 14.5 litres a think n a use a builders bucket to a bag of multi which a think most pple do so how isthat a wet mix it much hae been stiff as **** what conistency u mixing it to
  17. J

    Dot and dab over very uneven stone walls

    just gypframe it simple will leave you with a perfect wall and is quick
  18. J

    Breaking in a new trowel

    oright mate well just have to work with it thats the best way imo
  19. J

    Dab in a can

    just came across this n yes its ******* shite cant build out with it and you have to stand there hold the board in place for **** nos how long until it stops expanding
  20. J

    blue grit

    yh gud stuff was talking to a spread who mixs it half and half with pva to make it go further can you do that
  21. J

    Breaking in a new trowel

    why not buy a pre worn trowel to use on skimming a no these also need broken in but are better then standard trowels to skim with straight off then use your other trowel for undercoats and sand and cement on internals as you dont render unless your one off these so called plasterers that just...
  22. J

    Customer rant!!

    as soon as she sed she wouldnt pay for the materials you should hav put them in ur van and not started til u got it your out off pocket now
  23. J

    Banter while working.

    a understand were your cuming from like but also just need to learn to deal with it mate
  24. J

    What finishing trowel should I get

    a have a tyzack ready to go but you mt will be fine if broken in
  25. J

    Float and skim vs board and skim

    Float and set the thing that gets me with boarding is the awkwards cut your always havin to mate when with floating you just plaster around them plus lets face it its a much harder skill and you feel a lot better when its finished haha
  26. J

    Thistle Uni-Finish Update

    Good cause not to beat around the bush its a terrible product
  27. J

    feather edges

    haha a got a cheap wickes one and thought a was being a stingy bugger but now a see were all as tight as each other good times
  28. J

    Out of date multi finish

    never use saves your back always throw it away serves the idiots rite for buying 20 bags then waiting 7 month to get a spread in bet hes attempted to do sum diy with it then realised he needs a pro hah
  29. J

    EZE spat ordered!

    yh a struggled with tiger stripes to start with mate its all about the angle and pressure you use a love using it though on render and skimming
  30. J

    Mixing parex by paddle

    oreet spot on never new why we put lanko in just sed thats wat the rep had specified so just followed the spec n you bed the mesh into the first coat gooner
  31. J

    EZE spat ordered!

    lets us now how gud they are a was looking at them butwent with the refina s*p*r*lex witch are brillant on skimming imo but heard these have a more rigid blade might be good for parex or weber
  32. J

    Mixing parex by paddle

    a suppose you maybe could scratch it but a dont no theres no point to be fair just do wat rigsy sed let your first coat firm up then second coat it your second pass should go on nicer and it goes on to 18 mm no bother mate was on a job just a few week ago were we did it you mite wanna put mesh...
  33. J

    Parex or k rend

    Parex is better mate after my recent experience with it
  34. J

    k-rend over a 4 to 1 sand/cement scratch coat

    would definatly give it a s/c coat first just done the back off a house hacked off all the render then used micro and rendered with parex the top half came out gud but was thin on a few spots caz off high spots from were we had hacked off so we decided to s/c the bottom half as the bottom half...
  35. J

    80cm eze spat

    been looking these caz there cheap compared to the refina spat but are they as gud or am a worth paying a little extra for the trust worthy refina
  36. J

    Parex or k rend

    used k rend and its alright and as it happens am on parex on sat if weather stays fine
  37. J

    ruling off

    Hard to get the hang off wen it cums to backing plaster a lay the gear on then throw a little water on stick the rule in the corner move it up and down to get a tight angle then procede to rule then fill in the hollows and rule agen after that wen it hardens a little a use a darby to flaten it...
  38. J


    no point with the paper mate just eml and crack on save yourself the time
  39. J

    Happy new year

    gutting mate a put a thread up before xmas bout theifs as the lad a was working for was building a house and had all his tools nicked its a nitemare
  40. J


    does any one no any insurance companys that base them self on young people working for them self as am looking to get a small van soon
  41. J

    Ready for packing in...but I know I wont.

    never seen out like that looks horrible just keep at it lad it can only get better after that jobs
  42. J

    Spatulas or speedskims

    never used a speedskim but a often use a refina spat on skimming and thery are the dogs b*ll***s easy fast and flattens in lovely quality tool and product worth a buy anyday
  43. J

    Price we pay for a persons skill

    This i agree with a passion for what you do and taking intrest in your job not just landed at someones house doing the job and thinking your done you should always look to increase your knowledge and improve your self as a tradesmen
  44. J

    New Plastering Video

    unbelievable crazy how gud that is
  45. J

    How long before tiling

    Av heard a few weeks but like everything theses days pple love to rush but 3 weeks will defo be fine m8
  46. J


    Oright mate don't no much about lime plaster as you can tell haha
  47. J


    Why do you mix the hardwall in m8?
  48. J

    What do you pay your apprentice's/Trainee's ?

    Exactly wat a got offered for a apprenticeship and it's a fair price
  49. J

    roll on the new year I wanna get back graftin !

    Its great when it starts **** now though just want to get back to work and make sum cash its all gone after all the drinkung and prsent buying but it wont stop me splashing 100 to 150 quid tonite hahah
  50. J

    Merry Christmas Everybody :-)

    merry xmas danny lad hav a gud one