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    Render to plasterboard

    def take plasterboard off and EML over stud covering the joint between brickwork and stud then sand and cement it all. You have done everything you can to stop any cracking :hueco:
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    Metreage rate

    Anyone tell me what they are getting for 2 coat lime work on external walls bn offered £5/m2 for scratch coat then £8/m2 too top out and rub up
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    K LIME

    We get it through NDI but speak to k tend rep in your area they should be able to help you
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    external render cement board

    @runwithscissors nothing really just looking for something else
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    external render cement board

    It's on small timber pediments we've bn screwing aqua panel on applying hpx and mesh the k rend ft That's the spec we have never had and problems with it but I'm looking for an alternative to aqua panel
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    external render cement board

    Can anyone suggest an alternative to using Knauf exterior Aquapanel as a base for Krend
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    Kiem universal render

    anyone used keim universal render ?
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    Swimming pool ceiling

    Think it's a architect spec I've advised them we should be using a richter powder coated grid
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    Swimming pool ceiling

    The spec is asking for aqua panel on MF finished with keim render
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    Swimming pool ceiling

    Has anyone used aqua panel skim ?
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    Boarding done by seperate company

    Any plaster worth there salt should be able to do the whole package people who just board in my eyes Arnt proper tradesmen 95% of plastered I know can board 0% of boarders I know can skim
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    Krend cracks

    Areas under and above windows have hairline cracks in k rend we based and meshed all the stress points and applied it to 15mm beads personally think if render has cracked the clockwork behind it must of gone as well what does anyone else think ??????
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    Knauf mp finish

    We did same and were demoing the new mp finish the first lot we had set within 1 1/2 hours and tore wen troweling up and you couldn't fill anything out with it the rep was with us and said they were going to alter the setting times and add a bulking agent not sure what's going on but this is...
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    Knauf mp finish

    Any one else having problems with knaufs new mp finish Having real problems with it either not setting or setting to fast and being full of grit
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    Gang wanted

    Skimming gang required for work in Nantwich immediate start excellent rates contact Ian 07973459746
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    Gangs required in north west

    Plastering gangs required throughout North west good rates any one interested email me details [email protected]
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    Using hardwall on plasterboards

    If he had used bonding on the plasterboard u more than likely wouldn't be having any problems if what Hess put on has started coming off it more than likely all will if it's coming off take it off hen best option is Pva then patch with bonding and skim but a patch is always a patch if once uve...
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    Mp finish

    No trowel it on always mix it slow with a drill don't over mix or mix on fast or it goes to piss usually put it on then lay it down while 1st coat is still wet this usually stops it from tearing when you trowel it up
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    Plastering on m2 price

    Baking powder re***ds plaster it contain allum which is used in gypsum products to help setting times when I was younger when using carlite browning we'd have batches that would set rapid so we'd chuck baking powder in to slow it down. And man up I'm nearly 50 and still do 3 30m2 gauges a day...
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    More for weekends

    The house builder we work for pay extra money if they want lads to work weekend when they are trying to get houses finished for year end usually £40 a day but in the past we have had £100 a day
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    Mp finish

    Use a lot of mp finish get it from Ccf and sig stock it too it doesn't cover as well as bg and best some times to fill tapered board edges ad you go but in my opinion is far easier to work with than bg its only drawback is its soft and is easily damaged
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    Tarmac-high impact finishing plaster

    Try to make sure when u lay it down you get it as flat as possible and first trowel it with out any water then 2nd trowel with very little water don't mess with it or it will blister
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    Hi everyone small contractor on outskirts of manchester look forward to chatting and inputting on some of the threads
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    K rend repairs

    Done some k rend recently rubbed up following day and was rock hard some bad marks in it any suggestions could area be cut out repaired and maybe painted out ?