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  1. scottie5

    Airless Plaster day - Plasterers 1 Stop Shop

    You stuck in traffic then Danny ?. I'm off home you can post me my mug mate.
  2. scottie5

    NEW Tape for sticking thincoat skim beads on

    I had to resort to sticking some skim beads up with this the other day. After the sonic boom shockwave from the staple gun actually made the stuck head of the patio door fall clean off the lintol. :muyenojado:
  3. scottie5

    Whats the silliest thing you have done when plastering.

    I can't even begin to understand the physics of this :X3::X3:
  4. scottie5

    Whats the silliest thing you have done when plastering.

    yes, no maybe I don't know now tbh. even Im confused, gonna be like Russian roulette again tomorrow o_O:confused:o_O. High chance of another Bear grylls breakfast then
  5. scottie5

    Best way to finish Knauf mp

    Only used this in the cold and damp before l found Speedskim st with the blue plastic blade then leave it alone for longer then you would board or multi spat it shallow angle on the spat and keeping the blade damp but not drenched then a flick over with a plazzy. Stay off it during rippling time...
  6. scottie5

    Whats the silliest thing you have done when plastering.

    I reckon Your probably right Gary my first piss every morning looks like fairy liquid and smells of sugar puffs. I gonna to start drinking more water after I've finished this aspalls.
  7. scottie5

    Whats the silliest thing you have done when plastering.

    I very nearly made a mistake of epic proportions today :birra: :sick: :vomito:. for 10 internet points which ones the pineapple?. :rayos:
  8. scottie5

    Whats the silliest thing you have done when plastering.

    I think my first mono job could fit this thread quite well. Truth be told it was utter dog s**t even now I still drive the long way round so I don't have to look it it. :X3:. Unbelievable thing was I ended up getting 4 or 5 other jobs on the back of that. how the fcuk I'll never know.o_O.
  9. scottie5

    Whats the silliest thing you have done when plastering.

    I think most of us have gambled On a fart at some stage before. And lost :X3:
  10. scottie5

    Whats the silliest thing you have done when plastering.

    :rayos:Went for 3 quick pints of stella early lunchtime went back to the job chucked a 30m2 ceiling on then went for a 5 min sit down In the Sun before flattening it. woke up at hometime. back In the next morning proper early to reskim it :rayos:
  11. scottie5

    Ox mix M8

    My genny broke down once I had to knock 3 bags of skim up with a bit of tile baton I nearly died :frenetico:.
  12. scottie5

    Pft swing airless

    I've still only used knaufs and the baumit sx gear but i found it Sprays so much easier and with no blockage issues from the hopper wetted up a little then out of a tub. Found it was constantly saying it was empty even when the gorrilla tub was still Half full.
  13. scottie5

    How to dispose of a site manager with no mess ?

    Looks like rain he'll be off to hide up in his hibernation suite I mean site office now. Torch it.
  14. scottie5

    GRACO APX Launch and Demo day

    I would guess that's about 75ltrs 5 bags
  15. scottie5

    GRACO APX Launch and Demo day

    i dont really know I just made that up :LOL:
  16. scottie5

    It finally got boring

    Good job they arnt triplets then.
  17. scottie5

    GRACO APX Launch and Demo day

    ill try and keep my trap shut this time then. so the audio can be used aswell, with no fear of any legal repercussions :rolleyes::rolleyes::LOL:
  18. scottie5

    It finally got boring

    Dunno maybe mate. i dont suppose you Have one with a limp do you Chris?. I could do with one of them blue badges park nearer the shops like.
  19. scottie5

    WTF is going on n with multi-finish

    They save all the good stuff for Gordy mate.
  20. scottie5

    WTF is going on n with multi-finish

    I scraped that multi off a wall that had been trowelled up for 3 days. the other 50bags are on the way back to Bg. How those c**ts are still in business is a mystery to me.
  21. scottie5

    It finally got boring

    It's only the first 30 years or so that are the worst it gets easier after that.
  22. scottie5

    Looking for local domestic/work close to Barnsley and Doncaster

    Welcome along mate @zombie might be able to help you bud.
  23. scottie5

    Sander for Home

    Comes with a dust bag and a Hoover attachment to connect it to Henry.
  24. scottie5

    PVA & SBR

    Unless you want to start the job on the day you start the job of course.
  25. scottie5

    PVA & SBR

    Sounds a bit complicated :X3:. Why not just simpy start the job the day before you actually start the job and just grit it instead.:aburrido:
  26. scottie5

    Building sandcastles

    Beauty that one is
  27. scottie5

    2 old

    No. My old man was still smashing out the mtrs like a powered up pacman right up until he retired. longevity in this trade, Its alot to do with lifestyle choices and genetics
  28. scottie5

    Speedskim storage

    No bother mate
  29. scottie5

    Speedskim storage

    @charleydavies. Something like this mate will fit the full set of speedies in.
  30. scottie5

    keeping your cool

    Ive had Some proper helpful shitehawk whose locked all the Windows and took the keys the cunntsss wouldn't leave a dog in a car with the Windows closed for 10 minutes but will happily leave poor me in a house with the windows closed all/ I mean half a day, I was gonna put all the windows through...
  31. scottie5

    From Where you were to where you are now

    My first near death experience came when I found out the mk1 fiat uno turbo id bought didn't Do any form of corners or even slight bends, or stop very well. 130bhp from something that weighs less than a tin of beans. there wasn't much on the road that'd live with it till it hit about 120mph...
  32. scottie5

    Nela plasticflex / plazi

    The nelamax Is very good.
  33. scottie5

    Sign of times!

    Loyalty is a rare thing these days. But I'll be honest I've been turning work away for a while for better rates than I'm getting with the firm I sub to. but ive been with them for years and they bravely kept the wolf away from my door when everyone else had nothing on or was after paying...
  34. scottie5

    Ox Crew in the House

    They got any 90 degree angle tools without the corners rounded off like a bloody teaspoon?. I'll have one if they have.
  35. scottie5

    Usual nonsense

    Click that icon there mate. :hola:
  36. scottie5

    Parge coat

    Average subby site prices are round about £2.80 ish a mtr for labour. Material costs Cost per Bag ÷ 5m2 per bag coverage. Plus your lump on top.
  37. scottie5

    From Where you were to where you are now

    Lol Lovely fella your old boy. I mean mr Townsend give him my best next time you go round to collect your pocket money. I wonder if the dominos pizza delivery driver can climb?.
  38. scottie5

    From Where you were to where you are now

    I've parked the van round the corner so I can hide up the treehouse drinking cider and playing tekken while pissed as a cricket. I blame Vinceys old man for failing to teach me physics properly at school . So i could have invented a flux capacitor for my half built time machine and went back...
  39. scottie5

    Advice Needed Please!

    Welcome along. A location may help a little mate.
  40. scottie5

    Hop ups

    490mm mate
  41. scottie5

    Hop ups

    I always end up hacking 4" off the bottom of them. I've been saving all the off cut pieces up for @essexandy to extend his ;)
  42. scottie5

    Broke me trowel

    Is it mackerel?. It looks nice that .
  43. scottie5

    4 fold

    In 2 years :rayos:
  44. scottie5

    4 fold

    Click on that little icon mate.
  45. scottie5

    4 fold

    :aburrido: jail for tax avasion probably.
  46. scottie5

    Hop ups

    My mate bought a set a while ago there ok. they're a bit of a tw@t to drag about though.
  47. scottie5

    Domestic violence.

    Bet your great at Baking cakes lol. why Yes, I am heres one I did earlier. :ROFLMAO: @TonyM
  48. scottie5

    4 fold

    ;) All you need to do now is actually declare some of it and pay a bit of tax. :eek: @thedole @theinlandrevenue :rolleyes: