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    Segregation of the industry

    The segregation comes from the fact that people who can dot n dab then skim are not plasterers, when I served my apprenticeship I worked 3 days on site shifting bags/ water/ clean tools/ hand mixing/tin bath mixing/ then 2 days in casting shop doing same. After 2 Years I was shown basic...
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    What is this,?

    Big old bag of Crack cocaine you've got there pal! Good find! ;0)
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    Poor workmanship in Mold

    Tbh it looks a fair enough job, importantly, how much is he owing you? You said he didn't return but you retained some money. How much? How are you so sure his work is rough, have you had plasterer's work for you before? Tbh, I've worked for a few customers over the years and they have had...
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    help needed

    Specialist what? Explain!
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    help needed

    Hi I'm in west Yorkshire not far from you. I have a couple of slack weeks coming up if you need a push on your job? I'm a pro though, 26 years in the trade fully time served high quality work. All the best Jonny
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    rounded corner trowel

    I don't give advice but, cut PVC round downpipe at 12" then cut in half then plastic glues handle to outer edge of cut pipe! Wider is better because you can shape shape the angle. Enjoy
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    houses being destroyed

    It's totally down the greedy bstard contractor. Years ago a building contractor was just that? Cared about build quality and paid correctly for good men. A contractor now is some coked up office knob looking to fkck the next man to get all he wants. Changed days indeed my beleaguered brothers of...
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    Funny phone call

    Agree with @zombie but if your sure you could do it let him know he has to pay for perfection? And that to maintain his standards you won't be held to any time constraints, unless he is a fully qualified plasterer himself, let him know this then whack 100% on top of job to cover ya ass, also...
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    Funny phone call

    This type of customer needs reassurance and when they get it they then have to understand that with professional plasterers comes a professional price? It's all about reading what they require? If he wants a Bentley paint job for a ford Capri price tell him to fiik off simples.
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    Funny phone call

    Chaff not chat
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    Funny phone call

    Or it might be a guy who's been warned about course plasterers? I always advise anyone to ask: how long has the plasterer been trading / where he served apprenticeship / domestic and commercial references. Pity more customers didn't do this because it sorts the wheat from the chat.
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    Mugs game

    Chancers is another term for coursers, whether or not they are any good is irrelevant because the amount of them has destroyed the plastering trade. As for any skilled tradesman letting a customer dictate how much they will pay him that says it all really? If a so called plasterer is having to...
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    blue cscs

    Sorry forgot to add this? UK construction sites see rise in deaths - H&s making things better ? Lol
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    blue cscs

    Right, so the blue cscs card will automatically guarantee a higher rate per metre/hourly rate on sites? Or is it's purpose to keep the h&s quango fed and watered?
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    Plasterer looking for work in HX BD AREA.. CHECK MY PROFILE

    Just moved from Bradford area pal, if you've got transport aim over in Leeds. Bradford is the bargain basement for all trades, I know lads knocking their bollox out for 50.00 a day in bradistan. Good luck anyhow bud.
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    Agency Work: 'Retained Income' of over £20+ a week?

    Until plasterers realise these leeches called agencies are the main cause of crap rates they'll continue to screw as much as possible out of you. As a point of interest does anyone one here know how much an agency creams off on a hourly rate? I'd love to know because I'll bet there is no law on...
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    East Lothian & Edinburgh

    Sent you a pm pal, thanks for reply.
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    East Lothian & Edinburgh

    My old fella passed away and it's so I'm closer to help my mum out as she's not so well pal.
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    East Lothian & Edinburgh

    Yeah it's same lad who buys 25m roll of p60 sandpaper for each new customer? Lol
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    East Lothian & Edinburgh

    I've recently relocated to East Lothian from Yorkshire and will be looking for Any teams or firms or single outfits that need an experienced spread then feel free to PM me? 26years in trade Fully time served High quality workmanship Domestic/commercial New work or refurbs Rendering Cscs card...
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    Why would u even turn up

    My word how some attitudes change!!!!!!! I've been called ****** ******* c**t prick and more for the last few years for saying what everyone has finally figured out? Ban plastering courses and get some sort of certificate based on years experience not nvq's? we also need a union to stop agency's...
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    Bullied At Work

    Hey Hellen, Very simple! Tell your lad to get on the forum and learn to bullshit about being a spread! 80% of the lads on here are course super spreads so he'd learn from some of the Uk's finest! !!
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    1 coat skimming with supaflex

    I'm 26 years in, been 1 coating the last ten years since the rates went to nothing. I'll guarantee my one coat will be better than most 2 coat men on here. It's called experience lads, it's what plastering is all about, remember?
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    Multi trading?

    Are you the same gunner that wrote this? Hi everybody. Joined a while back but never came on the site since, thought I should say hello as I'll be more active now. 24yrs old, nvq2 qualified plumber. I've had a fascination with plastering so took a short 2 week course to see if it's for me...
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    Multi trading?

    I don't have job's back to back either mate, but if we all did this there wouldn't be such a thing as qualified tradesmen? Maybe it's just me but everyone seems to be doing everyone else's jobs nowadays?
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    Multi trading?

    Yeah customers want a "all in one" service for bathrooms/kitchens that makes sense. Problem is the all in one men then take on full house re plastering ect. Not mastering your trade means you can't demand high rates? Customers see all in one outfits as handymen basically.
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    Waste carriers license.

    Not in Bradford mate, they can and they do. That's why it looks like a complete shithole! Fly tippers paradise.
  28. timeservedspread

    Waste carriers license.

    I was using a car as well mate? Logged number plates at council tip and told not to bring any more rubbish, mad but true, I hire a mini skip n leave in my drive when I have a few jobs on, fill it over a few weeks n gone. I didn't use to charge for removing debris from jobs but I do now. Every...
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    Waste carriers license.

    I got a permit to use council tip, second trip I made I was told I'd used my quota I.e. only a few bags a year? But this is Bradford council and it's no coincidence it has about the highest level of fly tipping in uk? Fking morons!
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    jute /hessian scrim

    Very correct, jute/hessian was an excellent way to learn the correct 2 coat thickness, no cheating ect, guaranteed 2 coat thickness every time. On ceilings we'd tack on with a clout then run the lenth of jute tack opposite end till board joints covered then pre skim n 1st coat. Happy days!
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    popcorn piss

    Lol, it's called renal failure pal, dark orangey brown colour, get yourself to doco's ;-)
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    More bollox!!!

    Wow! The latest bollox on this forum is the following, "Just practicing on a spare room" "Just doing my mates living room" "Just practicing on a family members house" "Just bought a house and I'm going to practice my skills on it" What a load of bolloxshit you chancers spew out! FFS think of a...
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    I wish I'd seen you run over cats dangleman dave...I'd of punched you f'king blind, weird c**t.
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    Speed skim

    All that is going to happen will be more sectarianism if a yes vote wins. You won't find many celtic fans voting no or rangers fans voting yes, the anti-english bigotry is becoming feverish. I'm up in East Lothian once a month and all my kin are Scottish but I was raised in West Yorkshire. The...
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    West Yorkshire area

    Thanks for reply pal, Yeah pm it through and any info on rates ect mate. Cheers
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    Scotland gets help from the OO

    I'm sensing there's a few boyos from celtic fc in the house!
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    Advice on sand

    That's because you used b&q sharp needed building sand, their building sand is very fine and a red/brown colour.
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    I was only trying to help

    Yep that's what this forum is about? Chancers doing pro spread work..... I'd get on the job and tell the customer, not a bad effort there pal but just a couple of bit's I'll sort out for you. Add half day labour to original price and get the job done. I've sorted things a million times worse...
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    Scotland gets help from the OO

    Makes sense I suppose, your not likely to see sein fein marching to protect the union? Lol
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    West Yorkshire area

    Yes @puddove but do they need another trowel pal???? :-)
  41. timeservedspread

    West Yorkshire area

    No mate, they were two raving poofters from Leeds, west yorks lol.....
  42. timeservedspread

    West Yorkshire area

    Good day, Was due to travel North for large contract the week after next and I've just been informed it's off? Basically leaves me with nothing booked in apart from 5 days starting tomorrow. I'm based in Bingley area near Bradford. If any of you lads need a push on a job or another trowel I...
  43. timeservedspread

    Enough of this bollox

    To all the morons putting up idiotic posts. If your out there competing against other spreads and doing domestics you shouldn't be asking such amateurish questions? Again this doesn't look good to potential customers who will gauge a low opinion of plasterers when they view this forum, and there...
  44. timeservedspread

    Anyone else noticing how busy work is

    Firstly, I didn't slag anyone off? I made a valid point that this forum is full of course plasterers and that it has become a free online reference source. YOU might still be learning but I'm f'ing not, 26 years in this game and there isn't much I haven't encountered on the job and that...
  45. timeservedspread

    What to do

    hi pal, just been having a read of your old posts on "goldtrowel" forum !! thought you'd of changed the avatar pic though mate! No disrespect intended to you mate, i'm just proving a point that majority on here are course plasterers :RpS_blushing: time for a "real plasterers forum" i think?
  46. timeservedspread

    Popcorn ceiling

    Correct, @Olican and @zombie All this get it tested **** comes from the course brigade. How about us lads who've been at it decades get our lungs tested for all the gypsum and black lime we've breathed in? Testing artex! No fkers gonna pay for testing when most mugs are doing the ceiling for a...
  47. timeservedspread

    Just Landed

    Welcome aboard... You'll be meaning me then pal, I'm the coursers worst nightmare, and I agree with you this forum should be for the elite. Goldtrowel had a forum but they all come on here for free advice.
  48. timeservedspread

    TPF in association with GOLD TROWEL?

    I've often wondered about all the "big up's" given to the gold trowel brigade on this forum, TPF is basically a reference source for the golden course boyo's? Pretty clever really, all the coursers can get free on going training from this forum and tips of the trade! No wonder plastering has...
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    Plastering award nominees

    PLASTERING AWARD NOMINEES Below is the shortlist of contenders for the coveted UK's plasterer of the year award! This year has been a bumper year for moronic ***** and shortcourse fukholes!!! Enjoy!!!!! :RpS_lol: angry plasterers - YouTube Plasterers at work plaster Gudg & Gregg spreads -...
  50. timeservedspread

    Woman needs the truth!

    Your neighbour sounds like a grade A knobstick? Anyhow, heres what to do, Article 1 of the First Protocol: human rights Protection of propertyThe protection of property gives every person the right to peaceful enjoyment of their possessions. This imposes an obligation on the State not to...