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  1. roryston

    Whos this?

    Hello lads. sorry it's been a while. probably about 10-12 months. Works gone absolutely mad, came here for some sanity although it may just make me worse. Love you all.
  2. roryston

    Price comp

  3. roryston

    Don't you hate it when...

    nice big tow bar on the back of my transit works excellent as a battering ram for these types
  4. roryston

    Jan pricing. Renoud to be quiet

    Not been bad for me. I thought ahead in November and got a bigger one booked in for mid/end of Jan, had a ongoing hospital job to go back to that i still haven't finished. Just on the last couple of days of a damp/re skim job now ready to start the bigger one next Monday. Got a screamer on...
  5. roryston

    Bulk Buys.

    After doing a big job the back half of last year I realised that bulk buying is the way foward. Been going through the mountain of recipts and silly things namley beads, drywall screws and plasterboard adhesive cost me a bomb. I'm talking nearly £600 in stainless external beads and internal...
  6. roryston

    quality work.....

    I thought it was a tidy job
  7. roryston

    quality work.....

    looks like there laying to much on In either a warm or windy room
  8. roryston

    xtra lite v mediflex

    Doing about 190sqm of internal sand cement atm and it's a absolute dream. lay on scratch up cup of tea lay on rule off and scratch the next wall then devel float the first wall and keep laying up and floating until 3pm. clean up go home. absolute dream.
  9. roryston

    Float and Set the only way

    you should see the boarding I go on top of on the loft conversions. how the hell can a gang of 4/5 blokes mess up boarding on all brand new timber?
  10. roryston

    More than me!!

    She's agreed yeah but they haven't given her the relevant information, I know it's not to much of my business and were all out there to make money but just think it's naughty that they've blatantly took the P.
  11. roryston

    More than me!!

    My mates mum just bought a little 2 bed house to tidy up live in then sale on. She's got me in the're for the skimming the bathroom, kitchen and all cealings along with a few other bits and rendering then skimming of 2 damp walls (about 16 sqm all together) after they have been hacked off and...
  12. roryston

    New job leads in January 2018

    finishing a big one off from last year that went over by a couple of weeks. and finishing the internals of a hospital job off this month that been going on since September got the external to start on that one towards end if Feb. Friend of mines mum bought a house that been sprung on me for...
  13. roryston

    Knauf Airless Day At Immingham

    ahhh I'll give it a miss then 4 hour drive !!
  14. roryston

    Labourer Required-Bristol

    Good luck mate. I'm bristol based myself been trying for 14 months to get a half decent labourer. bristol don't produce them anymore !
  15. roryston

    Knauf Airless Day At Immingham

    we're is it too ?
  16. roryston

    New boots!

    I've got a pair of merrall boots, they look like they almost got steel caps but haven't. sort of a cross between hiking boots and work boots very comfy light and flexible. warm as hell too they were about 60 sheets from a hiking shop.
  17. roryston

    Best you been treated

    had some tickets bought for me for a car show that was nice, few bits of cash here and there, a 50" Samsung tv but that was off a mate who's house we were doing up so don't think that counts? but out of them all. bruce was the best.
  18. roryston

    Price hike

    oh and 6x3 board is 4.20 I belive
  19. roryston

    Price hike

    second that had a text off wickes yesturday... multi is 5.25 atm plus the trade 10% off lovley
  20. roryston


    yeah love the sand cement way mate. I never really done much hardwall float. that is long gone round here. 90% of it is dabbing now but clueless builders dabbing onto bear brick solid walls and wondering why it's damp in 2 months!! As I was always told, you can't beat waterproof sand cement.
  21. roryston


    I'm doing 3 rooms sand cement float and set at the moment. it's a pleasure to do. Glad I was shown the way when I was as most lads my age (26) and younger can't do it.
  22. roryston


    I love doing ceilings. done a 32 sqm one on my tod last Friday as the other plasterer couldn't handle it. I asked him why he didn't do it he said he doesn't really do ceilings. judging by his walls he don't do them much either
  23. roryston

    Weber pral.

    honest 6mm stop beads
  24. roryston

    Weber pral.

    cheers @madmonk @Gibbo @vfr12 layed it on yesturday and scratched it back this morning. went for 6mm beads weber pral M and some 5l primer stuff that was given to me down amaroc blue 5l bottle?? they did say what it was but I can't remember.... came up well so I'm happy. still not keen on...
  25. roryston

    Weber pral.

    cheers for the advice lads I'm there Wednesday will report back
  26. roryston

    Weber pral.

    I thought the same. looks like it's been lightly patches over.... I'm guessing I could just get the weber prime on the panel and go back over the lot..... I've never had to rectify damaged texture coat before as I'm sure you can tell
  27. roryston

    Weber pral.

    I was thinking of putting a thin coat over it it's only a 2mx3m panel. but can you just go straight on top exsiting
  28. roryston

    Weber pral.

    Been sent this picture from a company I do a bit if work for, they had a area of render damaged. the product that was used was weber pral. can this be patched or can i go straight on top the exsitintg panel with fresh gear or does it need hacking off? Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  29. roryston

    Milton Keynes based lads/lasses?

    for God sake I was hoping for a nice few days away!!
  30. roryston

    Milton Keynes based lads/lasses?

    Working there early part next week... Any of you lit based there, will be looking for things to do on the evening... Food drink red light districts etc
  31. roryston

    Back at it tomorrow

    of course ! I have got a video of me playing rolling stones paint it black the other week and the chippy shouting out "blasphemy" but it won't upload haha.
  32. roryston

    Back at it tomorrow

    yeah. working in a church. got a couple of studs to board and skim while the bitch of a woman who runs the church tells me how to do my job. I'll be playing plenty of black Sabbath on my radio tomorrow
  33. roryston

    Plasterer 'hanged himself live in chatroom' on Christmas morning

    very upsetting this. plasterer I laboured on when i was 15/16 hung himself last month. he was 60 odd fit as a fiddle, grandkids lovley wife etc. just retired 6 months before hand. genuinely the nicest bloke you'll ever meet.
  34. roryston

    Which radio station?

    magic chilled for some 90s/00s r&b goodness. radio x quite often but they constantly play liam Gallaghers new song atm and it's driving me mad. planet rock is good otherwise just YouTube playlists of whatever I'm in the mood for on the day. could be anything from eminem to mammas and pappas
  35. roryston

    Have a good one guys.

    Merry Christmas and a happy New year too all of you. Wishing you and your loved ones the best of luck for 2018. From me my family and my plumber mate xxx
  36. roryston

    Keeping the van clean

    I kept my van spotless for a good 10-12 months then someone hit the side and drove off. they left a crese right down one side so I started to clean it a little less...... then I had a argueement with the misses and reversed it into my gate post and smashed the back light and dented the rear...
  37. roryston

    Multi finish shortage

    I fackin love boardy
  38. roryston

    What one...... Again!!

    What's the trowel to get then lads n lasses? fancy one of these slightly flexible, lightweight, leaves no tiger marks, super shine, best thing ever trowels.... heard about Nelas being the boys, what one would be suggested? Any deals @Plasterers1StopShop I fancy some new kit.....
  39. roryston

    8 Bags of weber rend aid Bristol.

    8 Bags left over from Monday. £20 a bag from amrok. £10 each or £60 the lot.
  40. roryston

    Ever get the come on?

    I always have a flirt with the milfs they love it. Had 2 birds come on to me over the years , one I smashed and the other I got a little shy around because she was older and I coudlnt belive my luck. I stumbled my words and went home wanting to turn back round and knock on the door but knew I...
  41. roryston

    External rendering questions

    you taking the p1ss mate? thermolite cut to desired size and a towel wrapped to desired tightness for drag or no drag. all plasterers know this
  42. roryston

    External rendering questions

    mate I'll help you out. you want 6 parts lime to 1 part cement and 9 part sharp sand in the scratch coat with 5litres of accelerator per mix for the scratch coat. top coat will be 2 part sand 1 part cement and a dash of washing liquid for top coat. lay it on flat then rub it over with a...
  43. roryston

    Suitable Product for patching lime render walls...

    I was thinking of knocking up some lime and laying back in with it. was hoping there was a bagged product that i could use instead... And yeah mate were going through a few options now of what to skim it over with, they want a flat finish ready to paint so trying to find something that finishes...
  44. roryston

    Suitable Product for patching lime render walls...

    Evening sexys. Just been to look at a nice job that's a full re skim over a 4 story hallway stairs and landing plus a few other walls dotted around the house. House is listed. there s a few blown patches in the walls that will need patching prior to skimming , in Any other situation I...
  45. roryston

    Megamixer Died BOOOOOOO

    I'll take you up on the offer mate.....
  46. roryston

    Megamixer Died BOOOOOOO

    depends on how rough the bear is
  47. roryston

    Megamixer Died BOOOOOOO

    shall we all have s*x?
  48. roryston

    Megamixer Died BOOOOOOO

    I do believe it is the brushes, plenty of blue sparks and loosing power under load. thing is, the screws on the body are all knackered, it's noisy and tired out. she's served me well I don't want to fix it then to be back in the same position next month with another problem
  49. roryston

    Megamixer Died BOOOOOOO

    lovley offer mate thanks! I'm alright for funding a new mixer just being a tight dry b*****d!
  50. roryston

    Top notch work benchmark

    always look at your work and ask yourself this..... if someone came in my house and done that would I be happy?