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  1. J

    Weather to do lvl 3 at college

    i dont know what the weather has to do with it? because it will be in doors!
  2. J

    How,why,what and who??

    you have'nt got a clue, if your using lots of water and fat your work will look shite. just because you have'nt been called back doesnt mean your a good plasterer. people in this country are to frightened to complain thats all. they think your a qualified plasterer so of course they are not...
  3. J

    business plan

    iv got a business plan! to get the **** out of plastering
  4. J

    gyproc tool hire for tapers

    the tools are really bad though...and dead old.
  5. J


    b&q were selling these off years ago for a £10 wish i kept my £10 there shite
  6. J

    multi finish / board finish

    multi finish no worries :)
  7. J

    plasterers in county durham

    welcome bro, i live in county durham always looking for a good plasterer but things are a bit tight at mo,send me some more details and i will bear you in mind.
  8. J

    second coat

    i did!what do you think second coat is for.ring bg they will tell you the same.
  9. J

    second coat

    your wall or ceiling is already flat thats why you dont need to flatten first coat,a good plasterer knows how to get a flat finish
  10. J

    second coat

    dont mess about trying to take lines out of first coat just second coat straight away then flatten,if anyone tells you different there talking crap :'(
  11. J

    Ceack in plasterboard ceiling

    check there is no movement then easy-fill paper tape and fill, i do it all the time with no problems :)
  12. J

    thin coat application and finishing

    i like the bit when he nearly falls over :)