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    Wheel barrow?
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    Spraying hardwall through ritmo

    Do you have the water feed on top or bottom inlet on rubber cone?was told top one for rendering bottom for plastering.possibly why firing back up chamber,only ever used it for render myself so can’t 100% vouch for that info but worth a shot or asking somebody at Pft?
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    Weep vents

    Hit every second one in!be fine
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    Krend For First Time - Score It Please

    If it’s a scratch back mono system that was supposedly applied then they have managed to make it look like a bad bucket silicone textured finish somehow!this is where half the confusion is coming from the pictures aren’t the greatest and everybody is struggling to figure out what the heck they...
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    Krend For First Time - Score It Please

    Rubbed up with a plastic float bye looks of it
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    What do tape and jointers do on construction sites?

    they do enough for you to come on a plastering forum and moan about em!
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    Red lumps on my palms

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    Help me knobs broke

    Does the new part include the spring?
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    Anyone Looking to take on a new plasterer in suffolk area co10?

    3.took time out your day to comment on a plasterers forum,must be real busy in that corporate world,keep destroying it lord sugar!
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    Electric switch covered in plaster, now light doesn't turn off

    20 regal king size n bottle o Bucky????
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    FASSA Ki7 Issues

    Base coat fully cured?
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    Insulated cill finish on top?

    Hpx base or something similar,fully mesh cill then bead it up with 6mm beads top off with hp12 then acrylic?
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    Silicone 1.5

    Yeah but sooks like a c**t!need to be on the ball otherwise it goes all rubbery when trying to trowel up with plastic,dunno if be worth while painting with primer again or another pass with whatever it was coated with start again kind of thing,been a while since it’s happened to me but pretty...
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    Piss bucket
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    Hardwall Smell

    Perfectly not normal
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    Advice please... The plasterer said I create ridges and ripples by handsanding

    was it his right or left welly boot he used to put it on?
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    Dot and Dab - damp circles thoughts??

    Pull a board off and see what’s going on,only way to really know if it’s that bad anyway
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    3 buckets, trowels & mixer

    f**k up ya cabbage!
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    Speedskim causing long low spots

    how thick you putting it on?
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    Thin coat wont go off

    Was your base coat fully cured?
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    i know a plasterer

    Domestic abuse!there’s no excuse!
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    K rend silicone wet dash

    It’s a bit light on the chips if I remember correctly,think I had to add more into it to get it where I wanted but it’s been years since I used it they might have sorted it out bye now,oh and be carefull with the water too much or too little per batch can lighten or darken the panel if it’s a white!
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    Plastering patch and chases

    Anyway!you any good at snooker?
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    EWI Pro thin coat question

    Leave it till it’s cured,I’ve had it fail days later with the rain!supplier is correct
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    Sponge render finish on cement board

    Give it a tight pass of krend hpx base/mesh then hp12 second pass and rub up as normal if it going down the krend road
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    Multi finish with a roller

    That’s right I forgot it’s only board haha
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    Multi finish with a roller

    I’ve seen some jobs that looked like they have put multi on with a wellington boot so I reckon a roller would be far superior especially a b&q one hiy!
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    Job quote help

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    Vivaro roof bars

    Rhino do them I think mate
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    Did you put diesel in it instead of petrol?
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    Anytime auld boy!
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    3-2 Scotland!!!
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    A bad time to be Scottish!!

    Great time to be Scottish actually!!!
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    England v italy

    It’s coming rome!!!
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    Six nations

    Only took us 38 years!!!!!
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    New and improved tapit tape review

    still trying to flog that dead horse I see!
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    Hi There

    Ain’t got s**t on chicken supreme!
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    Hi There

    Dinner tickets yes please!!