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    Tarmac-high impact finishing plaster

    Do I need to sponge float 2nd coat after troweling down??
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    Tarmac-high impact finishing plaster

    I'm rendering a house with damp issues in Tarmac- limelite an skimming in high impact finishing plaster but not really used the skim much an would appreciate any tips for using it, I've been told it's similar to multi as in that you 2 coat it, sponge float then 2 or 3 trowels with minimal water...
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    foil backed plasterboard

    You can dab them but Gota use fixing's to keep em in place but that just defeats the object!!
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    Oh the excitement

    Reckon it's about time I bought the set, few mates have used em an reckon it let's you put on bigger sets, always finish with trowel tho
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    refina s*p*r*lex trowel

    Just ordered an 18" one an waiting to get it but heard they're really good
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    Cables in boxes an i'll clean em out

    Not sure if sparky's are the same all over but the last few I've gone behind wanna leave about 2 metre tails on every socket or switch just in case they need to move it a foot or two!! If I'm boarding or skimming its 99% that they ain't guna move em now, then the first thing they do is cut em...
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    Dont post in here if....

    Best start replying to more threads then just incase I need some work!! Only kidding, top website this, glad I found it
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    sooty brickwork

    Brush off soot with hard brush, nail building paper to it or breathable roofing felt, ex met it, render an skim. Takes a bit of time to prep so make sure you price accordingly but guaranteed nothing will come thru, belt an braces r kid!
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    If you've already done the job then think of a number an double it
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    1mm-2mm or 2mm-1mm

    Always done skimming 2mm first coat an 1mm second an 2 big as I can manage sets in a day cos I've mainly been on day work but on sq metre work now so been doing it opposite way round 1mm first an was bit wierd at first but got hang off it now I think just need to speed up a bit, any tips from 3...
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    Labourer wanted in midlands

    Got 6-8 weeks work in Burford,Oxford. 3 barns knocked into one, it's all meterage work. Call 07854679290 or email [email protected]
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    Prices for plaster, render etc

    Rates are usually cheap as **** for builders an half about for clients, just sucks if you do most of your work for builders!!
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    Just joined

    This is diesel dogg! He's in the van with me every day
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    Just joined

    Thanks to all for your welcomes, I got a 2 an a half year old rottie called diesel an me misses calls him diesel dogg so that seemed good enough for a user name, if I sus out how to put pictures on here I'll put one on
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    Just joined

    Been looking at this site for a while an finally joined, top advice an some proper funny dudes too!! All in all top site, hi all
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    Insulated board sq metre rates

    Anyone no what the sq metre rates are for insulated boards? It's 12.5 mm an 25mm , I've heard people say from 1-5pence per mm of insulation. Also it in a massive barn an don't no how much more to charge for working off towers, cheers