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    Mf stud walls, can they take the (terry) weight?

    Thanks for the input guys, job all but finished now and turned out designer was making most of it up as she went along. Ply lined where radiators/sinks were to be hung and all is well. Common sense I suppose. Opted for aquapanel in bathrooms.
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    Hand turned coving

    Hello all, just thought I'd get people's opinions of hand turned coving I.e. with bonding into a picture rail or stop bead. There doesn't seem to be much mentioned about it on here which surprises me as I often find myself being asked to quote for it. Often to match in extensions to older...
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    Mf stud walls, can they take the (terry) weight?

    Thanks. 'Project manager' has also specified double layer of 12.5mm soundshield per side...but no mention of any acoustic mf systems. Is this a bit overkill for a domestic application? The project manager is an interior designer...
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    Mf stud walls, can they take the (terry) weight?

    Hi guys, first post... about to partition off a few en-suites in a conversion and I'm concerned about heavy toilet frames, sinks etc going in. It's all high spec (and heavy) kit and was wondering if plating with ply is the norm? In which case would track screwed through ceilings into joists with...