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    Rob Jacks Venetian Work

    What kind of lacquer is that mate? Mustard graft too.... nice!
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    Release Agent alternative

    diesel works too...
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    Struggling with pace/picking up pace?

    I think you've misread what ive written ole bean.... Essexandy, you'd be suprised how many folk who don't do it that way!
  4. A I over sensitive?

    He's still finding his feet n pushing his luck, like someone else said, charge him for the extras! He'll keep his gob shut next time. Personally im not sure its legal to deduct from a mans wages without a court order... Wastage is inevitable. Besides even if theres a few materials wasted, if the...
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    Struggling with pace/picking up pace?

    Umm yup, when you've picked off yr hawk (handboard for those north of watford), stand so yr first stroke is a push stroke to get the plaster onto the lid. Pushing is less strenuous on the 'ole shoulders!. So, push it on and pull backwards over it, then push to smooth it down, if you work like i...
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    skimming over an old ceiling?????????

    overboard, or stabilise, pva n skim as normal, overboard is safer... could be distemper.
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    Struggling with pace/picking up pace?

    this might sound daft but i'll say it anyways... advice ig to from an old hand when we were doing cielings, 'push! dont pull it on, you'll stay fresher for longer'.
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    Mock beam

    I bet spunky's got one
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    Can you ID these trowels ???

    theyre for doing concrete coved floor edges aint they?
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    Screed for a spray shop

    Right lads, a good few years ago i used a self levelling screed as a quick fix for doing the floor in a spray shop. In the last few years this has been broken up in places by the contraction of the layers of lacquer etc. I'm now looking to remove all this and do the job properly. Can any of you...
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    Work Needed in East Kent

    If you need help in Thanet area, and Bob cant help ya.. i may be able to help, bung me a msg.
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    Found this on YouTube

    Seems like the long way round compared to wallcrete. I could be mistaken. Besides ive seen warriors (and others) work on here and think the finish is much bettter, especially with regards to the 'pointing'. Just my two bobs worth.
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    Spot On Render!

    I wondered who'd nicked my kit... thieving gypo barsteward!
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    Applying scratch rendering beads??

    The same gear yr gonna use...
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    Any1 come across one this bad before?

    Yeah, had one like this recently. Was a partial rebuild too. TBH yours doesnt look as bad as the one i had. The spalling isnt as bad as it could be. You might get away with dubbing out and EML as been mentioned before. Depends if whats left of the bricks is all shot n crumbly.
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    bout time those yanks learnt to skim

    is that ames he's rolling onto the wall? I understand it might be too hot to skim with a gypsum finish over there in some places, but surely he'd be better off with a trowel? instead of fannying around like that.....
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    what was he thinking

    Looks fine, but what a feckin arse ache doing that lot! Did they not want a curved winder? You gotta have the patience of a saint, especially if you cant work wet angles... jaysus!
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    Stoke On Trent Labourer wanted

    Must be someone out there surely?! Youd get yr arm ripped off down here for an opportunity like that...
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    japanees trowel nice trowel to use

    Buy Japanese Keyhole Saw from Axminster, fast delivery for the UK
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    japanees trowel nice trowel to use

    Japanese tools are usually very good to be fair, though i cant say i'll be trying a jap trowel anytime soon. The handle does look very near the heel, but if its anything like all of their other hand tools there will be a very good reason for that. For example, their hand saws cut on the pull...
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    Bonding thrown in with finish?

    I've done this myself, works fine.
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    3:1 water:pva, 2 coats, skim when tacky, like the man said.
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    health and safety

    H&S has gone mental these days, made me piss when i saw the 'you only bang your head when you're wearing a hat post'. How feckin true is that?! Goggles... waste of time but i wont chance using lime without, had lime splash in the eye once. Not clever. But, stuff like podiums and other such crap...
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    ashlar jointing

    Use angled battens wiped with diesel, lay up to them then remove.
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    ashlar jointing

    I'll raise you a bic biro lid, part chewed...
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    spot board

    Shuttering ply is best for a spot board, seldom use mine to be honest, its just something else to clean. Use various buckets. 25l rigid buckets and a big yellow gorilla tub, depending on what im doing.
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    Guide to traditional lime render?

    I believe hessian sheets are traditional way of doing it.
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    Videos from Refina

    You could find that the secretary is either a fella or some old bnt of 60 with falsies and boston batwangers down to her knees. But of thats your thing.... crack on!
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    magic insurance policy

    Its you northerners tampering with the water....
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    magic insurance policy

    Two words 'feck me'!. That is all. Man, you've got some serious bad karma going on mate. Were you hitler in a previous life?
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    over polishing

    Or you couldve snuck upstairs and s**t in his pillowcase.
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    over polishing

    Or if you really wanted to feck him over, you coulda sprayed the wall with some silicone spray... nice and shiny yeah. But, no way can you paint over it. :RpS_thumbup:
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    he's actually half right about the beetles, its not their droppings but what they bind egg casings to branches with. Found a supplier yet? Hundreds of em about.
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    buy from liberon or any french polishing suppliers. Buy the ready mixed or the flakes and disolve in meths. simples!
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    Lath and plaster ceiling advice

    Use glassroc board for the curve... It bends :-)
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    My Stone FX

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    would like 2 learn to render .offering free labour

    Wish i was closer i'd have abit o that. :-/
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    Any electrical geniuses out there? - Kits and Parts try that
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    riseing damp cured for good

    ARGH NO! not another damp proofing thread..... :RpS_crying:, the last went on for weeks....
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    3 Spreads

    Maybe its how you tell him? Dunno, seems a real bad run on labs. Maybe need one with more than one brain cell. Theres two of us and we have a youngster who's bob on, Never have to ask him for anything. He just does it. Maybe its because his old fella's a chippie and he laboured on him since he...
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    Refina Plastic trowel

    Im betting you'll like it, feels a little strange in the hand at first and a damn sight lighter because it doesnt drag. But, once you get over it you'll love it.
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    3 Spreads

    I would've battered him. Especially after the cold water stunt, cheeky ****! The youngster i have labouring for me stops only when i do, if i do. Well done for not losing it to be honest.
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    Refina Plastic trowel

    Same as above, no need to round the corners off. Even converted a bloke whos on with me at the moment whos got 30 years in to one. Laughed my tits off, especially after his two weeks of 'nah, im too set in my ways' and ' cant beat steel'. He gave it a blast and then let on he was gonna buy one...
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    3 Spreads

    Personally i prefer to leave it right. Quality over quantity.
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    give it a blast through with an airline, clean the s**t out, grease the bearing. Should buy you time.
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    3 Spreads

    Spot on there.
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    Plasterboard hoist

    90 quid?! do we have a link? pls.
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    3 Spreads

    Bad times! bummed out there mate with yr blokes. Quality is king on domestic. Whatever happened to your only as good as your last job. Was always drummed into us as apprentices.
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    Plasterboard hoist

    Hope the lab got back up and battered him with a shovel, poor sod. Sounds like a proper goon, Whoever heard of fixing one joist at a time?! Poor buggers arms were probably burning trying to hold that up while he buggered about like that.
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    Hi all I have just joined the forum.

    Welcome aboard mate! Your exits ar located <<<here>>> and >>>here<<<, I'm sure someone will be along shortly offering advice/abuse/confusion (delete as appropriate). Enjoy.