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    Alright lads

    Dunno, I might be! The old girl used to get around a bit. Is he handsome bugger like me:RpS_wink: Thanks for the warm welcome lads
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    Advice on plastering keystones?

    My advice is if you don't know how to do quoins ,work with someone who does.
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    Alright lads

    Lol grumpy! this is me on a good day:RpS_wink:
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    10 bags of multi finish

    10 bags a day, What if you've only got a cloakroom to do! Do ya load it up 2" thick?
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    Alright lads

    Been on here a few times and thought i'd sign up, Been in the game on and off since 94 busting my balls for peanuts! Shot knees, bad back, tennis elbow, losing my hair, sanity and patience with customers. Anyway a cheery hello to all:RpS_biggrin: