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    Uni finish is cr@p

    I agree. It could be you next. You have the contacts.
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    Uni finish is cr@p

    He seems like a nice guy:
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    Uni finish is cr@p

    That's interesting. I would have thought they would just be models or actors. But they use real plasterers. I think they should have given you something for your time. You resemble Jim Davidson. A bit of a cheeky chappy kind of look.
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    Uni finish is cr@p

    Is that you in the picture? What do BG give you for advertising the product? What's the mug at forty five minutes mean?
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    House Flipping

    In five months it's value had gone up £40 000. Ridiculous. No wonder young people can't get on the housing ladder. We went to view a loft conversion project a few years back. We couldn't believe it. The owners had taken out the purlins a year or two earlier because they were "in the way". They...
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    House Flipping

    Apparently all the internal walls had been removed. Makes you laugh. It must have been builders. They don't look the type to get their hands dirty...
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    Uni finish is cr@p

    Performance products. I like that. I think it's a niche product. Whether that was their plan when they launched it we'll never know. But that's what it will forever be. If I'm honest, I can see the attraction when going over artex. But for board theres no need to pva anyway if it's fresh, and...
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    Uni finish is cr@p

    I haven't used the product myself. Perhaps it's pricey because it's a niche product in that it's never going to sell in the same numbers as board or multi? I mean how much is durafinish or toughcoat or the x-ray plaster? In that they have a virtual monopoly they could easily have rolled out the...
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    Great Expectations

    I sense you may have had some substandard work done? In the best of all worlds a time served plasterer worth the name should leave it ready to paint: no trowel lines, brush marks, slacks or hollows, dribbles etc. Sadly, this is not always the case.
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    Curved ceilings

    I think you're talking about hand turned coves. If skimming lay on as normal and then second coat with a Pavan venetian trowel. It goes in a treat. It's about ten inches and ultra thin. It makes it a breeze. If you're forming the radius first then as mentioned above there's the batknife or you...
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    Customer doing my nut in even before I've started his house .

    I would walk away from this one. He's either a worrier, a control freak or a nancy boy.
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    Had enough of domestic work

    They're subhuman scum. Still swimming around in the primordial soup. I was in Homebase yesterday and they had to message on the tannoy that two dogs were locked in a ka outside and had passed out. When I went outside somebody had smashed the drivers window and was trying to revive them with some...
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    Had enough of domestic work

    It's all sh!t. I had a text over the weekend from a customer, or a clown more like: Hi. Just to let you know we won't be needing you on Tuesday. We have had someone else in to do the work. Thanks This was some cretin who called me just over a week ago and wanted a few walls plastering in a...
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    If you could go back would you do plastering again

    Lol I've known many artists in the plastering trade. There has to be more alcoholics in plastering than any other building trade. I knew a fella from Limerick back in the eighties that would down exactly thirteen pints every night right after work. His girlfriend would bring his dinner to the...
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    If you could go back would you do plastering again

    He's retired now. He's sixty and retired ten years ago. He spends most of his time fishing and golfing. I think plastering is good because it's a trade. You can afford to take a chance and fall back on it. If you have a good reputation. He might have have gone there and done nothing. But you...
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    If you could go back would you do plastering again

    I wouldn't do plastering again. I'm fifty six and have been doing it for 41 years. It's a trade - or used to be - and has been good to me but I played it safe. I should have taken a chance and tried something different. I had the chance to go to Tasmania about thirty years ago but wasn't brave...
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    When we worked in holland we used a spatula on a stick or extension. It was pretty basic when you think now. It looked like a pair of calipers just holding either side of the spat. I don't know if anyone has used anything similar. We called it a dutchboy.
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    my builder

    You have to speculate to accumulate. Surely it's just another form of advertising in a way? I mean how much is the yellow pages now for the year? A complete waste of money. I have them phone me all the time but they're an anachronism.Things move on. People move on. Try different things. I would...
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    greyish plasterboard asbestos?

    haha. Some strange videos they have in the plastering section Plastering Her Eyes With Hot Load of Jizz
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    greyish plasterboard asbestos?

    Be very careful with asbestos and any kind of dust. I had to have a spirometry test a few months ago now and some chest x rays after some breathing problems. Everything was okay actually they said I had the lungs of a twenty year old. Kirk Giordano gives some good tips here for anyone interested...
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    greyish plasterboard asbestos?

    More like thirty years mate. I don't touch artex anymore. I don't scrape it or board over it. Steer clear. Really. I remember scraping it years ago and it was like fine cotton hanging in the air. I might have been carrying it all those years and I won't know for a while yet.
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    He's a jumped up cuunt.
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    MP finish no good on reskims

    I've used it on reskims and sand and cement and hardwall etc and had no problems. As a previous poster has mentioned steer clear of artex though. I like it but it's hard to easily pick up from local merchants or sheds. If it's the delayed set you are looking for try cream of tartar. You can get...
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    Anyone notice more b&q's closing down.

    If you get a pallet load delivered from B and Q you can get it cheaper again. My local merchants couldn't match it. I noticed the other day that Wickes are now selling MP Finish. A 10kg bag was over six pounds!
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    Fairy Liquid in Sand and Cement Mix

    What would be the problem with sand and cement on blueboard?
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    Fairy Liquid in Sand and Cement Mix

    Were did you read that? I would just let him get on with the job. If you had shimmed the ceilings to begin or got a plasterer in you wouldn't have this dilemma in your life.
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    re-locating to france HELP???

    I worked there in the nineties and it was a private job so I can't really tell you what it's like today. The plaster is different though. I'm not sure if you're familiar with it? It's nothing like gypsum. We used something called lettece that was more a one coat plaster and it was available with...
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    Bank holiday

    Bank Holiday's can drag if the weather's bad like it has been. I've been down the local for a pint just to get out. I heard a couple of jokes off the barmaid. Why are there loads of ***** in New Zealand? Because there Islam. What did they give the guy who invented the door knocker? The Nobel...
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    Sand and cement render bathroom walls

    It wasn't Belle Vale actually. That was way back. I think it was the Pyramids in Birkenhead in the nineties. I don't think you can say one is right and one is wrong to be honest. If it works and results are fine then I can't see the problem. I think the Romans used animal fats and animal blood...
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    Sand and cement render bathroom walls

    I've never had any problems with it. I remember we were doing the Belle Vale centre years ago and we were pulled for using it. Funny enough it was doing some toilets. The shithouse gang they used to call us because we did all the toilets. Funny. Brings it back. We used to get a lift there off...
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    Sand and cement render bathroom walls

    It's old school mate. Going back years.
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    Lime skim tips

    I'll give you a tip mate. Wear safety goggles! A lad I work with got a dollop of board finish in his eye a few weeks back now. He was in a and e for five hours and a few trips to the eye clinic after that. They had to rinse out his eye with three litres of saline and clean it out. And then he...
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    s*p*r*lex 2

    That looks terrible mate. It just looks like a cheap Ragni type trowel. Most plasterers will use a Marshaltown.
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    Sand and cement render bathroom walls

    Fair enough mate. I'm just trying to help. I was just going by the last thing he said that read like he meant four of each.
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    Sand and cement render bathroom walls

    Don't do four shovel fulls of each mate. It's four of sand and then one of cement! Just a squirt of fairy liquid or morning fresh should be okay instead of the plasticizer. About the same amount as when you do a sinkfull of dishes.
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    I agree it's unlikely you'll get caught but you never know. One of the lads I work with was prosecuted by the RSPCA for dog fighting. It meant he couldn't go to Niagra Falls in the states to get married because he couldn't get a visa because of the conviction. He had to change it and go to the...
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    It's a fair point mate. If you get prosecuted you'll have a criminal record. You'll have to mention it when you renew your insurance which would shoot up, if you're CRB checked like I am that would be out the window as well. I know you're not likely to get caught but is it worth risking?
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    Isn't it illegal using those boxes? If you get prosecuted it won't look good for your business.
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    The b*ll***s That Goes With Plastering

    That isn't to bad. The plaster will cover it.
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    Gypsum polymer plaster

    It's for moulding and casting mate.
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    BROMLEY/LONDON BASED rendering/plastering damp proofing FIRM

    A good chance for someone. I've seen your website and you know what your talking about.
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    Hi lads. Can I just use multi or board over this? Says to use there finishing plaster but it's 16 pound a bag! I've used BG dricoat and the kingfisher one in the past and just used multi so I am guessing they are pretty the same?
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    Bathroom wall

    Of course you can mate.
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    Trans Tools

    I've gotten things off them last week so I think they are still in business mate. Why noy pick up the phone that would have taken less time than email