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    Let's wait and see, he was gonna rip me off, I had to counter it.
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    Opinions Please

    Both, electrician did a bad job and for plasterer to go on plastering was sure he could fix it, couldn't fix it means plasterer also did a bad job.
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    Got a 3 bedroom apartment for boarding and skimming from a builder, agreement was 3 stage payment 50% ,25% and 25% on completion for materials and labour on 4 weeks time frame. Got the first 50% and job almost done, just the large living room, the front porch and an arch work left, asked for the...
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    Silicon moulds VS fiberglass moulds

    Which last longer?
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    Done jobs

    Before and after photos of just renovated 3 bedroom. Onto the next one.
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    Some customers...

    Totally wrong :rolleyes:
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    Who I'm I? Superman plasterer?

    Got called in this morning to save the world.
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    Back with a bang!

    Hello everyone, i'v been on holiday for the festive season and just got back and welcomed by several jobs on my table, with 3 for January, 2 major. Signs of a very busy year ahead. I will take each one at a time and bring back photo feedbacks for your digestion. Thank you.
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    Finishing up

    Been busy with this living room, hope it came good.
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    I only have prices for 500m2 and above. Sorry :rolleyes:
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    Baby on board

    My girlfriend just popped out a baby girl, I'm the latest dad in town. Damn!
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    The people i got to put up.with.

    Guy just keeping himself happy and fired up.
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    Private Message issues

    I have been trying to pm God for ages, thought it was my faith that needed fixing. Pls Dan can you get it fixed?
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    The Plasterers Forum App

    Mine works perfectly fine
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    Interesting Projects....

    Did this dining area for a client from London. Concrete roof was hard as f**k. :mad:
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    Guess what guys... I'm back!!

    :musculoso: been very busy this few months with some projects. Here is a teaser.
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    Loved the part when the MJ bad song was going on, I would have done some "bad" break dancing in the process, to show them who is bad. Didn't see you do that. :(
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    Magnetic Plaster 24 hours Later

    Such materials are not available down here
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    some customers just live in a dream world !! lol

    I'm still on a battle of negotiations with a female client for over a month now. Quoted 6 digits (Nigeria currency) materials inclusive, for a 7 bedroom duplex and she called it robbery. I guess she has had other quotes being excess of what I quoted, she called me yesterday asking what my...
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    For a clearer picture of me

    Damn! And I thought this was ugly
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    Caption this

    Will do that at my leisure time. Thanks
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    Caption this

    thanks for the time you spent in there, only just new to photobucket, more photos still to go in there ;)
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    For a clearer picture of me

    your opinion is invalid
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    Caption this

    That's me
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    Caption this

    Google it! :rolleyes:
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    Caption this

    Haha that is my apprentice not me
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    Caption this

    No, I wait till it rains for the bucket to fill up :rolleyes:
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    Caption this

    It is never never simple anywhere, who blames you for colonisation :D
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    Caption this

    Haha best so far
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    Caption this

    No it's Obasanjo's
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    Caption this

    There is always a black sheep in every family
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    Caption this

    This is more like a home cinema, the picture I sent is what he had in mind
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    Caption this

    Who let da dogs out!!
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    Caption this

    Bring them on!
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    Caption this

    He wants this to fit into that
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    Caption this

    Yea the client needed a little creativity to fit his TV in with 2ft shelf on the floor and I came up with this
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    Caption this

    Really? You are no where near my ability
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    Caption this

    Yes that's me
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    Caption this
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    Spot on
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    Hello everyone, it's been a while I dropped in, been quite busy this few weeks.
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    Quality workmanship

    Fibrous plastering....didn't see the typo error
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    Quality workmanship

    Got a few lessons on solid plastering from that video
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    Quality workmanship

    Fiborous plastering is where I make a living and I am glad to say am also a champ in my domain
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    Quality workmanship

    I am a little bit into solid plastering but this guy is a champ
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    Completed jobs

    What I mean is outright plain a combination of plain cornice and rose tiles gives exquisite finishing