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  1. J

    Drill bits

    Found screwfix erbauer to be good for the price. Got a few sizes, must of done at least 40 holes with the 8mm in tough porcelain tiles, for about £15 I think that's good.
  2. J

    Rubi cutters

    I have the big clinker pro. It's pretty good, don't do loads of tiling but have used it for some tough porcelain tiles. Just a note, the version in screwfix is a cheap version, need to get it from topps for the proper one.
  3. J

    Top 10 things 4 a plasterers good day

    Much better when customer goes out for the day, can have a proper rummage through the knicker draw in peace
  4. J

    Blue speed skim

    I changed over to the blue blade and found it better for sand and cement, not used on skim. It's stiffer...
  5. J

    Screwfix hoover

    I got a nearly new henry for £10, lady selling it said it kept cutting out. It was just a blocked hose
  6. J

    Screwfix hoover

    Titan tools have a 2 year guarantee. We use the titan £50 breakers and change them every few months for a new one no questions asked.
  7. J

    Damp proofing over the top ?

    Is there penetrative damp? If not then the tanking is pointless.
  8. J

    Bonding failed??

    Should have pre grit or similar on artex. Went to look at 25m ceiling today, heavy artex, water damaged and she's a smoker. Said no chance I'm skimming it, overboard is only option and friendly advice if anyone says it's fine to skim just be warned that it can fail.
  9. J


    Have been in this situation 3 times before, I advised the contractor that any cracks from shrinkage etc would not be down to me and he still wanted it done. 2 of them were fine and the other had a few cracks, but got paid to go and repair cracks so wasn't fussed.
  10. J


    To be fair I've had some good jobs off rated people. I haven't used it for months so should cancel it as got some good contacts recently. You just need to filter out the customers who want everything for nothing. They have changed it recently so when customer enters job it tells them recent jobs...
  11. J

    what van

    Transit is cheap. I have a mwb semi high top and would say its perfect size. However the rust is an issue, mine is 05 and not too bad but saying that I will get another transit. Also one of the cheaper vans to insure - for me anyway.
  12. J

    I was only trying to help

    Take plenty of pics then at least you have proof if any cracks appear etc
  13. J

    Spiral staircase

    Troweling up will be fun, just sit on the handrail at the top and whizz down with trowel on wall
  14. J

    A watcher.

    Had this recently, me and the lab. The lady stood there all day saying how she loves watching plasterers then when the lab went to mix some gear she tried taking the bucket trowel to feed me! I said I'd better go out with him to mix as she was driving me nuts. Don't mind the odd minute watching...
  15. J

    Stilts wanted

    Pm sent
  16. J

    Stilts wanted

    Sounds good, I am in streatham rest of week so could pick up on way home one evening?
  17. J

    Stilts wanted

    What make are they?
  18. J

    Stilts wanted

    Anyone selling any stilts? Will pay for postage if not local to kent.
  19. J

    Makita BFR550 bare

    Replicas from amazon and eBay for 30ish are good, got one few weeks back. Just as much power and lasts well too.
  20. J

    Enough of this bollox

    In a way having plenty of shite chancers out there just makes our work look better and reputation stronger.
  21. J

    Enough of this bollox

    A customer will only get stung once by a chancer then they will not question your price. There is so much work around at good prices and good plasterer will no worry. It's the climate we live in, people always out for a bargain then there are the people who appreciate a true tradesman and happy...
  22. J

    Best Hoover

    Had to use the Hoover before I started on one job so the roll n stroll would stick
  23. J

    Cheeky customers should I respond

    Customers think they are getting better deal on day rate but really it's better for them on a price as we all work harder so we don't have to go back.
  24. J

    Plasterer Wanted!

    3.75 per coat
  25. J

    Best Hoover

    Got my Henry for £10. Lady selling said it cuts out after few mins. Unblocked the hose and he sucks all day long now!
  26. J

    Cheeky customers should I respond

    I give a price but also say I estimate it will take 3-4 days etc. Did a job mon Tuesday where I quoted board 2 ceilings and cove and said 3 days as there was a lot of furniture to move and was on my own. Went flat out and finished it in 2 days (as it should) plus he had moved all the furniture...
  27. J

    Plasterer Wanted!

    Spoke to this guy earlier on facebook. Averaging 45m a day... Fair enough it's work to someone without but then no decent plasterer is short of work. Jobs with prices like this ruin the trade for everyone.
  28. J

    new van... transit???

    Anything other than a swb in the new shape transit looks silly
  29. J

    new van... transit???

    Sister has a t5 camper, nice van but very small in the back. Not sure how you would cope if it came to putting cement mixer and few bags of sand.
  30. J

    new van... transit???

    05 mwb transit for me, but think the rust problem is a joke. Still will go for a transit again however...
  31. J

    Brown plaster boards

    Or upside down?
  32. J

    Name required for a new Tool Range

    Alpha. Karbon. Tuff. Duratech. Enduro. Protec. Atom. Atomic
  33. J

    Plasterer Labourer in London - or travel to surrounding counties!!

    Confused.. . You can plaster perfectly yet want to work as a labourer?
  34. J

    Getting a new youngin

    Think getting someone who will eventually want to leave is a good thing compared to someone without a brain. At least they will want to learn and take it seriously.
  35. J

    Labourer required in kent.

    Been doing insurance work specialising in flood damage. Lots of meter high sand and cement then skimming all downstairs. Empty houses so nice work. Can't believe how hard it is to find someone that thinks I'm paying them to spectate.
  36. J

    Clinical standard

    Guess it's not actually bullnose as it's internal.
  37. J

    Labourer required in kent.

    Based in Swanley, looking for someone local. Do not need to have experience, just common sense and someone who wants to learn and most importantly earn money.
  38. J

    Clinical standard

    Can make a bullnose trowel by cutting down a piece of PVC waste pipe so correct size and sticking to a cheapy 90 internal trowel with no nails.
  39. J

    Getting a new youngin

    Was supposed to pick new labourer up at 8:15 this morning. No sign of him at 8:20 so drove off. No phone call. Wasn't exactly early.
  40. J

    small van????

    I have a mwb semi high top transit and could not survive with anything smaller. Even though I have a lock up and a shed I seem to carry around probably a lot of crap I won't need but at least it's there. Had my cement mixer, bath and barrow in there for ages now. Would be nice to drive a little...
  41. J

    PVA shortage

    Nearly had a heart attack when I went in travis for some materials including pva. Had the unibond pva for £25! Dumped all my stuff and stormed over to bnq and got it for £9
  42. J

    Plasterer needed in eltham

    It has been sorted now. Joking aside, 130 isn't really that bad when you take into account going your fuel and time to quote then things like dust sheets etc. This was just turn up and skim. A plasterers dream. Can't please some people aye lol.
  43. J

    Plasterer needed in eltham

    Yes I know money is crap but it's easy work. Empty house, no customer to deal with, no stress.
  44. J

    Plasterer needed in eltham

    Need someone for a job in eltham this week. Can do evenings. Needs to be CIS registered. Paying £130 a day to start with. Ideally a sole trader. It's a developing opportunity with an insurance company which could be lucrative. Need someone to rely on.
  45. J

    Chip and pin card reader

    2.75% fee...
  46. J

    Would you?

    Hearing that the customer wants to bum the previous builder would make me want to steer clear, even better that you aren't desperate.
  47. J

    anyone ever used a plastering darby

    I have one and I'm from down south. It's good.
  48. J

    New twitch ( corner trowel)....

    Made a bullnose trowel from a cheap external angle trowel with a piece of PVC pipe glued in, worked well. Don't seem to use a twitch too much...
  49. J

    Experienced Plasterer/Screeder/Labourer Required: Grays, Tilbury, Thurrock areas

    I would agree, I am flat out (apart from 10 days in Morocco next week) been lucky and had a lot of work from the Xmas flooding in kent. But when I started and was building my customer base then the easy 120 a day was nice to have. Good opportunity for someone. I learnt a lot.