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    Multifinish problems

    Tried it on a test piece straight out of Travis Perkins, exactly the same! when ever it came into contact with a plaster surface it went off like plaster of paris! Going to use the PVA, SBR and third water technique on that initial coat and see how it goes!
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    Could someone explain to me about Damp Proofing?

    There's only really one way to deal with a damp situation and that is to find the cause and rectify it correctly. Anything else is just hiding the problem for another day!
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    hardwall plaster on bonding plaster.

    Hi, Bonding coat is in my opinion the best as it has a fantastic insulating quality. if you can apply it well using a trowel then great and use a feather edge to flat and level it off. If you struggle with getting it evenly onto the wall and then flatting it you might want to consider battening...
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    Internal Lime Plaster on North facing gable wall

    Hi, Courtenay, firstly you've done the right things in the correct order! when you pointed the wall did you do it with an hydraulic lime mix using cement in a small proportion to the lime. Basically so it goes off quicker than a sand and lime mix would? did you rake out the stone work to remove...
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    Multifinish problems

    Here we go again! Multi bloody awful, well in date and I couldn't even get it onto the (new) board without it going off on contact and tearing got about a quarter of a smallish ceiling up and went back to flat it when it was obvious that the muck was off and couldn't even trowel any lines out...