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  1. Chris W

    Concrete blinding

    75 f**k**g mil to blind some hardcore? thats just a 9:1 mix, I'd use ballast.. have your mixer at 45degrees chuck in some ballast then half a bag of opc then fill the f**k*r to the top, you prolly get nearly 2 barrows out of it.. throw it in, rake it something like and run your waacker over it...
  2. Chris W

    Smallish rendering job in Blackpool needs doing anyone up for it?

    All right lads look out for a bloke called Daniel Clark needs one side of house doing sent him here mate of a mate etc too far for me cheers lads I don't expect he got any clue look after him ta
  3. Chris W

    Vans? Are they all total rubbish?

    Hi mate logged on for the plaster chat didn't really expect em to kick off with "bloody site agents shining a torch down the wall" some things never change
  4. Chris W

    Vans? Are they all total rubbish?

    Iveco daily mk4 euro 5 expensive on genuine parts but you can get aftermarket stuff cheap enough... Currently on an 09 plate 120,000, last one did 365,000 before it dropped a valve...
  5. Chris W

    apprenticeship advice

    Best advice you ever gonna get mate... There's always some old "cocksucker" on a job gonna watch you for ten minutes... Gonna go "you wanna tip lad?"... You got 2 options.... You go "f**k off you old cocksucker"..... Or... You go "what you got dad?"... That old c**ts just educated you and saved...
  6. Chris W

    Serious Question

    Mesh it mate.. Im interested to know why you dont want to mesh it? Stick a motherfucking shitload of stainless fixings washered up, give it a splatter coat, scratch coat after, knock down from a 3:1 down in succesive coats it will stay on. Yes its not ideal with the silicon based sticky s**t...
  7. Chris W

    Cant decide whether to brick or not?

    Yeh im beginning to think the reason the bricking became popular is because its easier to lose a run out...
  8. Chris W

    Patching old plaster with plasterboard

    Dear god... Is it advice you want? That all just sounds like the biggest ever bodge from a bloke who knows very very little about plastering or damp issues and wants confirmation that what he intends to do for a CUSTOMER... Is correct... Its a no from me im afraid...
  9. Chris W

    Cant decide whether to brick or not?

    Yeh they goin 2mm spacer solid bed rapid flexi on cement board will be flat as... Im leaning this way too...
  10. Chris W

    Cant decide whether to brick or not?

    Would make a nice change for me.. Gotta get em bang on though but me battens dead flat and they a good tile...
  11. Chris W

    Cant decide whether to brick or not?

    Yeh tiles gotta be dead flat or looka like a quilt..
  12. Chris W

    Cant decide whether to brick or not?

    Near enough every bathroom ive done in past few years ive either 50/50 bricked or part bricked (cos of the bow in the tiles) Cuatomers got these from wickes... They got a bow but they a quality tile, nice and square.. No borders, just floor to cieling in a wet room.. Whats people's opinions...
  13. Chris W

    Awkward pricing

    Cheap that... Why not get her in there to "help" and give her a trowel to play with for ten minutes?
  14. Chris W

    Looking for a plasterer

    Yeh im in boro just spotted this, got about 3 months in front though at the minute ill reply to op n see though..
  15. Chris W

    Inside of DPM Soaking Wet (Condensation Problem? Fix Needed)

    how do i bookmark a thread? im pissed at the minute cos its been a real hard day but.... lets have a go at this sobeer...
  16. Chris W

    Looking to have your home rendered

    i dont use a machine? you telling me im s**t at my job? not that id bother my arse cos im busy as fuk anyway but seriously??? do you actually think at your obviously very young and inexperienced age I cant rock up, completely refurbish your entire house, do everything besides the part p and the...
  17. Chris W

    Remind Me Who's in Ireland

    lee's in that dark area that doesnt qualify as brum or black country or even english... im starting to thnik he was born in canada or some place equally neutral...
  18. Chris W

    Plastering over hot water radiator pipes

    p.s. dont use anything cement based to fill the chase... cement hates copper... people do put pipes in wall but its usually a stud wall or its been drylined... still a bad idea... watched a sky installer go through one once and bartered him up to 350 quid to sort it for him :)
  19. Chris W

    Plastering over hot water radiator pipes

    should have brought them down the corner and boxed em in... bad idea burying em in wall for a few reasons... yeh, plasters gonna crack... stick your pictures up with blutack ffs :rolleyes:
  20. Chris W

    Beads stuck on with dab? Render

    all this sticking render beads on shizzle.... ive always drilled a 6mm hole stuck a red plug in and banged a galvo into the plug? sit em where you want then? prime example was a canted arch i did years ago still got the pics wish id taken some of the beads.. brickwork chopped all over the...
  21. Chris W

    Very strange, could the plaster be dry?

    Just get up there with a hosepipe.... Because you can direct the flow of water to a specific spot you can find the source of water ingress in a few minutes... Ice found what was believed to be a leaky roof to be dodgy pointing before today using this method... My moneys on pipework leaking and...
  22. Chris W

    Does this look acceptable at all?

    chuck a couple of good handfulls of opc in half a bag of bonding and fill your chases with it... you get about 20 minutes :LOL:
  23. Chris W

    damp issue

    if there was no such thing as rising damp there would be no need to install a damp proof course... problem is its actually quite rare but it does happen, especially on older houses but the problem is usually penetrating such as leaky gutters, failed external pointing, or ground level higher than...
  24. Chris W

    Patching chimney breast

    It is to me, and you, and any half decent spread... I even make it look easy when im working... Its only when people have a go themselves thinking it IS easy because it LOOKS easy they realise thats what you pay a plasterer for but end of the day if he cocks it up he can hack it off and have...
  25. Chris W

    Patching chimney breast

    Tony rover seems concerned about heat on the face so if your worried make your render mix an 8:1:1 - 8 plastering sand, 1 lime, 1 cement... Should give it a tad more flexibility
  26. Chris W

    Patching chimney breast

    Render beads only to get your corner straight when you render it, theyll only be 2 or 3 foot, hieght of the exposed brick. Once its rendered you can stick full height plaster beads over the lot and that will give you a nice corner when its skimmed... Skim the cheeks (sides) too... You could...
  27. Chris W

    Very strange, could the plaster be dry?

    ere wait a minute... whoever heard of a roofer doing a "dye test"??? a dye test is used by plumbers or groundworkers/drainage companies to trace the flow of water in a pipe system... as in pour it down the sink, see which manhole it appears at etc... a roofer doing a dye test? whats that telling...
  28. Chris W

    Very strange, could the plaster be dry?

    odd.... could it be a leaky overflow pipe from a system boiler (not a combi, one where you have a copper cylinder in a cupboard) and the pipes been pushed back into the fascia? ballcock not quite set right and theres maybe a tiny drip..drip...drip behind the fascia?
  29. Chris W

    damp issue

    prolly the thames :rolleyes:
  30. Chris W

    Help, how bad is the krend

    just dawned on me whats happened here... the house fell over..
  31. Chris W

    damp issue

    hang on a minute... if im not mistaken those look like push fit water pipes??? are they leaking?
  32. Chris W

    damp issue

    well the walls wet... its either rising damp or penetrating damp provided the plasters been dry once already (edit provided ypou havent got a leaky pipe behind the wall or someones taken a leak against it or its not just condensation but then youd have seen black mould) a white tide mark is...
  33. Chris W

    Medium v coarse sponge float

    or chuck some sharp in the paint
  34. Chris W

    Medium v coarse sponge float

    get a tyrolean gun
  35. Chris W

    Help, how bad is the krend

    wtf? :wtf: oh theres even a lil guy with a sign :reloco: how do you even get a finish like that???? must have used a spoon to rule it off???
  36. Chris W

    Patching chimney breast

    wouldnt bother covering the entire house in dust with a grinder... fix a render stop bead to the lintel... drill it 6mm, use red plugs and bang a 40mm galvanised nail in, chip a key into the concrete heat isnt gonna be a problem, its on the face fix a render corner bead to the corners same way...
  37. Chris W


    ask danny? he's s**t hot at that kind of thing
  38. Chris W

    Thin coat removal

    christ I had to take an angle grinder to some once o_O just shows how well it sticks...
  39. Chris W

    Carlite ultra finish

    yeh our stuffs got clay in it thats why its pink, gypsums white...
  40. Chris W


    cant see why people would go to the expense of using a grit on high suction anyway? if the suctions mental i find a coat of bog standard stabilising solution followed by a coat of pva gets it about right and you dont need the grit.. stabilising solution is still pretty pricey stuff though tbf
  41. Chris W

    Might cheer up some domestics

    youre right what youre saying.. especially getting the walls flat but are you still saying you dont quote? as in they think "oh bofs a good plasterer, it be spot on for three hundred quid" then you hit em with an 800 quid bill? :oops:
  42. Chris W


    put a stop on the 90 degree corner and feather that back to the 135 corner
  43. Chris W

    Alternative to a belle mixer

    being doing that for years for internal s+c or whatever but outside or bigger jobs requiring a ton or more id get the belle out just cos its quicker and easier to stand it behind the van on a tarp and tip into a barrow.. someone once said something about a whisk whipping too much air into the...
  44. Chris W

    Might cheer up some domestics

    you dont quote? :oops: as in ill tell you how much when im done? i gave up doing day rate for people because it kind of makes em your boss and they expect you to behave like a prostitute on a hourly rate.... I like to enjoy what i do based on the fact ive quoted it and can take as long as it...
  45. Chris W

    Seen this shared on a Facebook page. How long before it transfers trades

    "in line with the new current economic climate, bricklayers plasterers and joiners are taking a 50% pay cut, there will be no wall lights fitted in new houses and all internal paint will be a thick white stodge something similar to artex" its the 70's again :frenetico:
  46. Chris W

    Might cheer up some domestics

    problem is bof, like the last time when cameron shut all the sites down and put a cap on council spending... the public dont know that... People will under quote jobs working on a site rate basis and not having much experience of working on dusty old lime plaster and artex will rock up with a...
  47. Chris W

    Cream of tar tar

    when you can tell me whats in 90 percent then ill give you some spec bruv innit
  48. Chris W


    yoiure missing a lot
  49. Chris W


    you panicking mate? when the going gets tough... the tough dont listen to the bollox they just get on with it... youre just one of a million or more people worried about change... change is what made this country great my friend... get youre f**k**g s**t together and stop moaning youll be fine