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    Welcome bud
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    Hello All

    Hello lad
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    stabilising artex ceiling

    1/4-1/3 then brush in for key. Skim same day.
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    your must have tools

    Margin trowels an small tools
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    Left hander!

    Lefty for snips/stanly but right on the trowel
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    How do people

    Hello mate
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    Alrite lads Am with you like. It's a hand held board. A handboard. Hawks fly. However logic goes down the shitter on this and the guys correctly call it a hawk. Expensive as **** to feed I think
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    spreading faster

    Cheers vinnie that makes me more than just a regular spread Btw I think u seem alright to
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    1 Coat or 2

    Stick too the two coats. Not being rude but if you have to ask us you are unsure of yourself. One coat can be a **** to get right unless your confident enough to try it an be prepared to pay for anything that can go wrong. Try one coat by all means. Just sayin be prepared to go back over it two...
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    Famous clients...

    Mario from big brother
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    spreading faster

    Top an bottom. Remember the 6 p's Perfect Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance An moving a bit quicker. Or maybe change your habits a bit. Try getting a bigger swing on ya trowel. Next gauge throw two bags in slightly wetter than normal an go for it. If you feel like it's pulling in...
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    Speed skim

    Scottie5, I am made up you said that glad someone has there wits about them I love my family and heritage all from Scotland. But Liverpool is where I live an that sayin is true. Hillsborough for example. Red and blue walking together. I don't see the need to divide nations. Also I don't see...
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    how to spead more faster

    Should patient that!
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    floating beads / standard angle beads

    Heads up! But if that ain't square, welcome to the world of spreading. Have fun bro!!
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    Speed skim

    Rule???? Is that southern for Darby? Please advise guys. A hawk to me is a bird of prey. A hand board does what it says. It's a board you hold in the hand, or is that the north/south divide? No offence intended, I just aint so sure on the terminology that's used here. ( Northern as you may be...
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    Pointed interior arch

    Twitcher I was taught an most of lads call it that. Find it to be a ball ache. End up with daft trowel lines right down/up. An still have to hard trowel them out. On a corner that is wrecked yeah they are a godsend but if not I can't see why it can't be done with the marshalltown permaflex...
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    Welcome Dave
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    Do you like plastering?

    Yeah it's all I wanted to do and I'm not put off now 13yr on. Can stress you to **** at times but it's a sound job. Work hard play hard
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    How English is one?

    37% English.
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    Jobs not that bad is it mate?
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    Plastering is a disease you can't get rid of, but if I'm honest I wouldn't want to.. Welcome along
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    weber pral m

    Where abouts mate?
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    In a bit of a bad situation !

    I like your style
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    In a bit of a bad situation !

    He's now 21 an still on the dole. I know there is many ways to make good money now days. But if someone was offering to pay me a wage to share his knowledge with me AND I can rely on that for the rest of my life to help me fall back on when times are hard surely the only winner is the...
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    In a bit of a bad situation !

    "It's too much like hard work" My 19 yr old brothers reply when I offered a start. Loads of kids want money to work for them not the other way round.
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    I wouldn't shout it to loud tho. Wirral is over the water. Bit far to be Scouse An thanks all I'll give it a go
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    The next day? Or when it's pulled in an firm?
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    Sorry bonding and finish the first line means guys
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    I have seen first coat and finish for first coat an then he brushed it in an fresh finish after it had gone in. But I'm not sure never fancied it tbh. Anyone else do it??
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    Hello bud
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    Newbie Darby Question

    Have u tried a feather? Like a derby but no handles an straight all the way?
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    Youtube Videos Learning

    What do they call them down south?
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    Nela s*p*r*lex users

    Just polish a trowel length right through the middle. Every time you pass that wall. Just that one bit is enough to keep me smiling all day
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    Hello everyone

    Scottie5 sorry to clarify. I started out as I left school. So should of stated I've been with spreads roughly 13yrs. I ain't that old (28) so I served my time by my 20 bday. However my 4th week the lads got me off the podger. Gave me a whisk to mix, an a tiny 1sqm ceiling to skim. After that...
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    Hello everyone

    Ta guys
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    I know I managed to get it back of them but I was lucky I had done a bit. Tbh it didn't scratch the surface on any topic an that's about 11 different subjects in 20 days from board to screed. As I said I thought it may improve a job start. I was wrong. Be wary of any fast track course. Coz the...
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    Hello everyone

    Slowly it has got better last year maybe a bit more. If you are a big firm or sub for one there is loads of re-generation going on. An everywhere you turn in city centre there is k-rend going up. But there is a lot of eu workers that will work for buttons so it is hard if for example me. Been on...
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    Hello everyone

    Hello mate. Based In Knowsley about 10 mile from Liverpool centre
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    Thank you. I'm not gunna lie as I bet u guys won't but plastering is something you want to do an do it well. Everybody has had some form of problem but it's how u sort it that makes a spread. (Old bosses best quote). But after doing a 20 day course after serving my time to get the paper to say I...
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    Hello everyone

    Thanks . So Where are the majority of spreads based on here? I only ask as it's been about 4 years since I was last on a site. The big work went to cheaper bigger firms an we ended up on our own. An tbh domestic work is ok but can become a bit of a ball ache. So I was looking for...
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    Hello everyone

    Hello all. My name is Dave. Been spreading roughly 13 yrs. found this fantastic site by chance. Some great advice an genuine guys here. So I'll keep this intro short an look forward to speaking with you all soon
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    Hello mate. This is my first reply I have wrote but here goes. I'm 28 from Liverpool and have been plastering since I was 15. After I finished my 5yr apprenticeship an decided to leave the gang it was hard no rep for work I had done. So I found a course to get the bits of paper to prove it...