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    Lime render

    #1 bigspread View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Join DateApr 2012Posts12Mentioned0 Post(s)Tagged0 Thread(s)Rep Power0 Keim lime Hi all, Has anyone on here used Keim Gorb lime render? We have used K...
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    Keim lime

    Hi all, Has anyone on here used Keim Gorb lime render? We have used K lime and round tower lime products in the past but never Keim. Has anyone got any tips or advice on this product? Is it prone to crazing? Setting times? Can we use it for the scud coat? Mixing tips? Any advice would...
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    unhappy customer

    It happens to us all at some point , the thing is to not let it knock your confidence or doubt tout ability. Experience is what you get when you dont get what you want !!!
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    Van Running Costs

    If it has tyres or tits theres gonna be problems!!
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    rounded ceiling and walls all the way, or stop bead at round

    Generally speaking i would round the angle at the ceiling & keep it straight on the walls, a good way to keep it looking straight is to either pull a chalk line on the finished ceiling & skimup to the line or hold a straight edge & draw a line with a pencil & skim upm to that. Having said that...
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    Quality of work in England

    Was asked to quote for a dashing job in Birmingham, told the contractor on the phone £10.00 psm ,He told me he would get it done for £5.00 mabye the guys cant afford to buy a dasher.
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    paint mapping

    Only started to work with Ultra about 3 weeks ago havent used it myself but the guys say its quicker to set & gives a harder finish. The jury is still out on how it looks when its painted. I done a job for a builder last december about 2000sq/m of sand/ cement & skim The builder told me that...
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    paint mapping

    over here in Ireland mate it was all we had, but a 3 years ago we started to get multifinish. Starting to see why its cheaper! Do any of the plasterers on here use ultra finish (blue bags)?
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    paint mapping

    We always used carlite finish (red bags) but recently we started using multifinish just wondering if that has anything to do with it?
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    paint mapping

    Would paint mapping be less common if we used a certian type of finish? Good idea there from fatarm, Burst out laughing when i read it thismorning, still trying to clean the breakfast cerial of the laptop.
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    paint mapping

    Hi guys Anyone on here had problems with painters complaining about paint mapping on newly skimmed walls. I was wondering if its more common with certain types of finish? Any ideas of anything us plasterers can do to avoid the problem?
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    webber pral m

    if your going to hand apply dont use webberpral ask them to supply webber ttc (traditional top coat) comes in the same colours & as easy to coat as sand/cement.