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    Where are you based Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Looking to buy ceiling rose moulds

    South western industrial plasters Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    fibrous plasterers lets see your work today

    Heres a couple of jobs we did this week, starting to get busy again
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    Dublin. Not as dear as it used to be, but house prices are rising , work is also increasing and rates aren't bad ,
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    Paying employee's

    If he leaves an hour early , work an hour later another day , that's the way we work it
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    Vinyl machine

    I know mate , looked at a job yesterday and four different profiles in one house , one builder told me we must have all the moulds and why are you charging for origination I sent him a picture of our six month clear out with over 70 moulds in it . Curious why you run everything in-situ , we...
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    Tape and joint

    I'm with you , I think skimming is better , but the contractor can deflect any problems to the manufacturer on dry lining,
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    Vinyl machine

    You don't need any equipment for cold pour other than a whisk to mix part A and part B , ( or bit of timber if your old school, the quality is much better but the cost higher . We use cold pour for most of our small enrichments etc, but on larger moulds we use the hot melt in order to be...
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    Tape and joint

    A pretty large contractor told me they don't skim anymore as they had site managers and architects shining lights across to show up any ripples
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    bad customers

    Happened to me a few times , last time I told the customer it would cost €80 plus vat for the quote payable in advance , this would be deducted from the price if we did the job , guess what happened
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    Lath and plaster ceiling fix options?

    Have you considered consolidating the ceiling using wire/ washer method , super job , like a new ceiling
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    The fighting Irish.

    I'd say it will be the safest place in Town
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    What time do you go to work at?.

    Here you based, I'm guessing Wexford ?
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    Sunday Work Photos.... #competition

    Got a call that new tv system wasn't working in mother Kellys (a pub I have a share for in) Payment attached
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    Daily coverage

    In that order ??
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    First timer

    Next time try one of your local fibrous firms, they might sell you a bag or two, we often had spreads coming in to us for small jobs they're doing,
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    First timer

    I wouldn't worry too much about the finish to the core, once you have a fairly even amount left for the finishing coat, (less swelling) what are you finishing with ?, we would use casting plaster/lime with some retarder.
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    Site lights.

    I was looking to order two, but they said they couldn't deliver to Ireland , surprising as the courier system between uk and here is top class, can't find them locally
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    TPF Jigsaw for sale

    I'll take it , the one I won never arrived [emoji36][emoji36]
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    coving on pvc & ceramic tiles

    Tech 7, expensive but very good
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    Shortage of Plasterers.

    Yes , one of the larger contractors In Dublin we deal with told me he wasn't going to price too far ahead as he was unsure about the availability and cost of labour
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    ways to advertise

    Stay away from glossy magazines @ €450 for a half page, I think website , sign writing on van ,
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    biying moulds

    Hi Gary, what happened to his moulds, did you try the buy and sell , seen them there from time to time
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    choosing the right cornice

    Great article and very well written [emoji106]
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    method statements

    Morning, method statements I do myself as it is just a brief description of what yo are going to do , sequence of operations ETC I got a cracking safety statement of this company, www They tailored it to suit my company and the work we do , and it's give in word format so...
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    Back on the tools for a bit

    Spot on zombie mate, it's enjoyable for me when I get away from the paperwork and estimating and go back on the tools,
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    Gypsum polymer plaster

    We used a similar product in a swimming pool area, it's harder than casting and moisture resistant , not as easy to work with, They claimed it could be used externally but we tested it , and it fell to pieces once it rained,
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    Where are you working today?

    Yes , I never got mine either
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    Labourer sacked

    Not disagreeing with your complaints , but as an employer his wages should be there every Friday unless previously agreed
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    Where are you working today?

    An archway copied from a French magazine . Client happy enough . Timber base done by her chippy
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    Irish plastering years ago

    The methods haven't changed much, except we use silicone moulds instead of gelatins. ,and we wear gloves ( wimps )
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    Where are you working today?

    Arches finished today ,
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    Where are you working today?

    Not that far really , and worth the trip [emoji106]
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    Where are you working today?

    Haha a little bit further east , a little place called Dublin
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    Where are you working today?

    Casting a couple of arch architraves to match timber profile around windows, Being fitted tomorrow
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    In situ cornice with bonding & multi?

    Lime stops it expanding , we would run in casting and lime though , so maybe multi doesn't expand as much Plasterwork. Ie
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    Where are you working today?

    Which shop fitting outfit did you work for , Edgewater ?
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    same mix?

    Just make sure you get paid up in full before you start [emoji106][emoji106]
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    Where are you working today?

    Consolidating a ceiling in dublin city centre
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    Where are you working today?

    Pricing this to remove paint and replace 6 M that is missing
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    Mitre Moderator

    We had a job recently in a hotel where they subdivided two huge rooms into small rooms, 28 internal mitres to cut into existing large Georgian lime plaster cornice , we made the moulds with two mitre/scribe blocks , saved us about two days cutting into existing , worked a treat
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    Setting a business up

    Yes Clemons , we did quite a few jobs including his own mansion in Ardee , but he paid us in full , I think he overextended on the development end, I heard they took the wife's jewelry , did he sting you
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    Setting a business up

    Yes the stress not worth it mate ,good for you , problem is we are relying on our client , and he's relying on his , so the knock on effect flows downhill ,
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    Setting a business up

    Same as that , didn't have to even call for a payment , just came in middle of every month then bang , game over one company took me for €34,000 , I went to the creditors meeting and mine was the smallest amount , grounds work guy was down half million and home and his partner were gonna lose...
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    Greetings fellow spreads

    Welcome along, who did you work for in Ireland
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    Setting a business up

    I think we can all empathise with you, I'd say it's happened to us all, I just turned down an. €80k job , cos I know there's not a hope of getting paid in full, for a shop fitting company in a Hotel extension,I've had nothing but trouble with similar jobs , and I got fed up lying awake wanting...
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    Setting a business up

    My biggest gripe would be non payment , despite keeping on top of this as best I can , some won't pay and some can't pay,
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    Fibrous in Canada

    I think they call it stucco , try googling that , seems to be plenty of work there, Vancouver is a great city , I wasn't mad on Toronto