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    PVA Failure

    Some pva are really watery but I never had a problem always use 5l water to 5l pva. Can you skim onto of that microgobetis? And can you put it on top of paint? Before rendering? Iv got a wall to render half paint half brick work was gonna blue grit the lot but unsure Sent from my SM-G900F...
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    New puppy

    Hi guys thought I'd share with you my pup/ labourer picked him up today hopefully in a few weeks he will be able to start coming work. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    sraight lines advice?

    Iv seen a plasterer use the paper tape with thin metal in on over skims looked alrite once done never used my self Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    Hello again

    Hi guys thought I'd say hello again been a long time since made a post just found tapatalk not sure what I think yet but thought I'd get involved Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    What should I do?

    Most of the cracked areas did sound hollow when I tapped them. That's why I wanted to take the lot back brick and start again but the customer really don't want the mess. But it looks like there is no other option unless they get it paper lined.
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    What should I do?

    Ok cheers guys ill try and get some pics up so you can have a better look. How does the mesh work Iv never used it before do i bed in with bonding all over the walls and the over skim? And can I garuntee it won't crack again?
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    What should I do?

    Not quite sure what's caused the cracking think it's original plaster that should have come off to start with. Sounds like the render mess might be a good option as I know if I just pva scrim and the skim it will crack still. Cheers guys
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    What should I do?

    Hi guys I'm pricing a job and not sure what option is best what you think? It's a living room that was over skimmed over a year ago which is covered in cracks. Iv told the customer take the lot off board and skim but they don't want the mess from hacking off. Or blue gritting the walls and...
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    Work waste

    I use my local tip get 12 passes to last a year don't cost a thing got talking to one of the lads and he saves my passes and gives them back. But most of the time it's down to the customer
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    storing trowels

    I use a toolbox from b&q fits everything I need. My old man uses an old recycling box with the lid
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    Was thinking of changing van

    I had a vito up untill Xmas engine was great rest of the van was useless made of plastic and cheap crap always something going wrong and was rotten. My advise stay away build nothing like the cars
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    can you use dab for coving

    I use tile adhesive cheap bucket from selco or travis never once had a come back
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    Renovation Project #19: Magnetic Plaster Second Attempt

    Hi iv never seen or used this before. Looks so cool. Is it much different to using multi and do you have to use a special paint ?
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    I'm guessing the answer is get a pro round lol
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    Iv been told by the neighbours it's an old outside toilet that was turned into an extension to the kitchen. The brickwork outside is painted not sure why when the rest of the house is left as brick has a flat roof. Is there anything else I can look at or tell you to help?
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    Hi guys I having really bad damp issues and I'm not sure why . It was managing to get into my wall units unill I wrapped the back of it in polythene. The house had also been damp injected what do you think? Sorry can't upload any pics
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    Insurance work

    Hi we do a lot of insurance work mainly sub contracting to a large company the money is great the work is easy but the customers can be a night mare. If this is what you want to do if recommend getting in with a company. Also a lot of these company's will can loose insurance contracts and there...
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    Almost everything I know about plastering. Iv even taught him a few things but his way is always best or at least that's what he thinks lol.
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    HI GUYS. I'm jim I'm new to this but not so new to plastering iv been doing it for the last 9 years now working for my dad but the time has come and I'm going it alone :)
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    Hi from brum

    Hi guys, I came across this forum whilst looking for courses on tadelakt. I've been plastering for 6years now working with my dad. Iv done most aspects of plastering and thinking its time to learn something new.a customer told me about tadelakt. Does anyone here have much to do with it? Is it...