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    Eze spat vs speedskim

    Also would choose speedskim
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    Catnic skrim tape (Orange)

    The jrt tape is cheap and works well, extra sticky and doesn't fray [emoji106]
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    over skimming with lime

    Yep told by our supplier and Baumit that its 100% natural and allows to breathe. Roller or brush on, been using it for over a year now really good stuff mate [emoji108]
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    storing trowels

    No probs the space behind the rack on top of the wheel arch is ideal for Hawks
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    storing trowels

    Got mine in a rack over the wheel arch works well for me
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    Another vid

    Mr Hillside Plasters an Artex Ceiling - YouTube
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    Twitter Accounts

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    First post

    North Devon, around Barnstaple mainly. Anyone else from my neck of the woods?
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    Lime plaster 'repair'

    You can get one coat to match lime pretty well, we use it all the time to replicate the finish you get with lime on newly boarded walls, the heritage inspector couldn't tell the difference!
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    First post

    Quite a few fellas that meet that description down this way!
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    First post

    Hi everyone I'm Joe been on the trowel for 8 years in sunny Devon, been a lurker on the forum for a while. Seemed about time and only polite to introduce myself :)