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  1. Fatarm


    He usually is.... File under crackpot.:endesacuerdo:
  2. Fatarm

    Plasterer issues, advice?

    Jesus suffering f**k!!! :frenetico: That ain't no plasterer I'm afraid.
  3. Fatarm

    Simply the best.

    Aye ..but,but,but...the rangers weren't interested in the league anyway...:LOL:
  4. Fatarm

    Simply the best.

  5. Fatarm


    Ah..bugger, I was hoping for a battle of Britain style final.
  6. Fatarm

    Plastering with a roller

    Only on the first day of julember...and the 15th day of Septober, if the temperature is above 3 degrees,... (y)
  7. Fatarm

    Acceptable finish?

    What was the lighting conditions when he carried out the work? Temporary lights?
  8. Fatarm


    Alright Larry.hope your well?..not much has changed.. Same s**t,different posters:sisi:
  9. Fatarm


    Cotton buds;)
  10. Fatarm

    Price per square metre -price per square foot

    4 fathoms to a square metre In old measure.... Give or take a baw hair if you want to go technical:tanguero:
  11. Fatarm

    I’m going for it….

    Tis a plasterers hawk:inocente:
  12. Fatarm

    Covering Artex ceiling with EasyFill

    So you can't afford a professional, but can afford loads of bags of easifill? Easifill/fillers aren't sold as a ready mixed plaster ..two totally different things. Best up your pennies and get it done properly. But I have a feeling your gonna give it a go anyway:X3:
  13. Fatarm

    Has the plasterer botched this job?

    Tell him you'll pay him what the job is worth... He owes you a couple hundred quid by the looks of it....:tonto:
  14. Fatarm

    Hi, new to your forum.

    Welcome to the asylum... Fasten your seat belt, things may get a bit bumpy:tanguero:
  15. Fatarm

    Roughcast rendering improvement

    A big carborundum stone,and rub it to death till its smooth:sisi:
  16. Fatarm

    Youll enjoy this one guys.. pics included

    5 hours my ass...:endesacuerdo:......5 hours just sorting the butchered boards and chunks of filler.
  17. Fatarm

    Youll enjoy this one guys.. pics included

    I think he has a wee fancy for you:oops:
  18. Fatarm

    Youll enjoy this one guys.. pics included

    Fuckinell....its a trowel you've got ,not a magic Shambles.
  19. Fatarm

    Mechanical fixing for Dab & Dot plasterboard onto a Mesh Dampproof Membrane
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  21. Fatarm

    thermalite painting

    Thank its in China...its a great wall :sisi:
  22. Fatarm

    thermalite painting

    That's a big fecking wall :frenetico:
  23. Fatarm

    Who's right about this plastering/rendering: my builder or "the one with the attitude problem" ?

    It's a wee bug that lives on forums.... A forum mite. :sisi:
  24. Fatarm

    Plastering over old paint

    Get you dishing out advice ...for free :frenetico:
  25. Fatarm

    3 to 4 days

  26. Fatarm

    beats spreading

    Fish aren't real...same as birds. Just there to spy on us :frenetico: :frenetico:
  27. Fatarm

    Guess where

    Looks like Rhoscolyn Bay ?... :sisi:
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  29. Fatarm

    Airless Spray Plaster - Bristol, Bath, Swindon

    @algeeman would knock that out in a morning...before pub o clock :sisi:
  30. Fatarm

    Plaster in the eye

    Swimming goggles.:cool:
  31. Fatarm

    New lad done a good job?

    A good rub down with a carborundum stone and a big bag of easifill...sorted (y) .. Seriously tho...its rough as f**k.
  32. Fatarm

    Update materials

    Were the delivered straight from the factory?
  33. Fatarm

    Forza Italia

  34. Fatarm

    Pamic buying materials yet?

    On the other hand my brother and sister in law are in hospital just now taken in yesterday ,they were unwell over the weekend and deteriorated quickly. Both positive tests, two of them are in hdu struggling to breath( low oxygen levels)... My niece had to drop them off at A and E,wasn't allowed...
  35. Fatarm

    Looking for a good plaster around the Skipton (North Yorkshire) area

    @John j ...... Do you know any good plasterers round that way?
  36. Fatarm

    health and saftey

  37. Fatarm

    Pizza oven rendering

    "A glug of pva" :LOL: .... Thats some spec :LOL::LOL:
  38. Fatarm

    Is it coming for domestics

    Algees on a rampage :frenetico: