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    Advice on render type

    nhl 3.5 lime only or your in for trouble
  2. Render Systems

    Crying client.

    yes they do... keeps me in beer money ;)
  3. Render Systems

    Waterproofer in OCR

    1 cap full of freeflow per bag should do the trick or you could paint with unigrund to stop the suction
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    Mono experience wanted

    Hi Johnny im pricing a little 160 m2 job in durham today if i get it i will message you
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    K rend , blockwork showing solution

    to thin... and also plasterers should have known to put Lanko latex (parex) or K-rend alternative in if any chance of ghosting at all... put an acrylic over the top
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    Redundant ewi firms!!!

    I think they have all gone back to Romania after driving the prices down to £16 per M2 for a full system or stayed here and claim benefits now
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    Mono over sandstone

    rendaid is used over thermalite which is soft and good enough... however i would still key the sandstone first as it can be flaky.. cut some grooves in with a grinder for piece of mind mate
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    Re-coating shoddy damaged Krend

    parex maite over the top with mesh to level out and acrylic or silicone winter mix on the top
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    S and c scratch

    no chance... base coat will take 7 days minimum to cure in this weather...
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    Rendering over gabian baskets?

    do them with nhl 5 lime render 3 coats and leave 150mm at the bottom for water to escape
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    Anyone know how this was achieved?

    you dont put wet dash on with a hawk and trowel ... you use a bucket and harling trowel and chuck it on...
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    advice please

    best to form hard angles on dashing, just get your mate to hold derby up and dash each side... simples... i wil post a how to do it video soon
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    even the sun on a angle will show anything up thats why on site work your allowed 2 hours for the sun to pass onto a better angle...
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    pebble dash....

    ha ha 15mm top coat... it will sag like witches tits...
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    Re skim with lime finishing plaster

    looks pretty damp on first photo, also you shouldnt need consent if your replacing like for like
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    Metreage rate

    £6 - 7 for dubbing coat £6 - 7 Ruled coat and £ 6 - 7 finish coat
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    Re skim with lime finishing plaster

    has the face/finish come off? if so has the ruled coat got a good key left on it?
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    200 M2 dubbing out Darlington area must start 14th - 16th Dec

    im doing it myself but need a hand as want it lashed off... got all the profiles on today so ready to go tomorrow
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    200 M2 dubbing out Darlington area must start 14th - 16th Dec

    Hi Bobby place is a right mess just putting 1st coat on of 3 and it can sit for a few months we are putting a white morn scar on it so it looks better as its a trading hotel
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    200 M2 dubbing out Darlington area must start 14th - 16th Dec

    Not yet don't think any spreads in Darlington
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    MP-75 Work . Gang needed

    I did HMS sultan many moons ago long runs easy money... someone's gonna make a bundle
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    Plasterers wanted for New year

    I my home was affected unwound repeater with sand and cement with plenty waterproofer in up to ceiling height and replace all ground floor flooring with plastic joists and plastic flooring planks... just do away with wood completely
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    200 M2 dubbing out Darlington area must start 14th - 16th Dec

    Hi I need a squad to help me quickly dub out approx. 200 m2 lime render... don't panic I will show you what to do... its only dubbing out not rocket science... and before the critics on here start with their opinions... its 3 coat work... the dubbing out will be protected with mortar fleece for...
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    Renderers needed

    i rang them off my wifes phone ... no answer i will try next week
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    Renderers needed

    they just didnt come back... called them 6 times... text them ... no reply... might have had accident
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    Renderers needed

    jobs are in newcastle call me on 07710467523 cheers
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    Carving Mono

    Nice job... ive done a canny bit of pargeting where you build the letters up not cut back and the yanks do a lot of eps carving in the walls with hot knife cutters... as for templates you could print the letters off yourself on A4 paper... I dont think mono is very good for carving though as to...
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    Green deal dead

    so you dont want to buy a domain name ha ha
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    Chimney rendering Bournemouth

    i did 3 of these a couple of years ago it cost £1,500 to scaffold them properly... i wrapped them with ocr and tv10 mesh and came up great
  30. Render Systems

    Green deal dead for sale below
  31. Render Systems

    Green deal dead

    tile spacers ended up at the tip... 30k up the spout there... i dont have any green deal web address's but plenty rendering ones if you ever need a decent one... and tattooing is my hobby.... and yes i am fully registered and licensed before you have another dig... glad to see nowts changed on...
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    Green deal dead

    I am still rendering Danny but only private work... more profit and less hassle...
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    Monocouche ring

    you have scratched through to the first pass it will never go away... hoy an acrylic render over it
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    3/2 lime putty finish not curing

    has to go on really thin
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    Green deal dead

    Im out of it now put years into this and made Sweet FA I make more money tattooing in my spare time now FFs
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    Ewi dashing gangs wanted

    wow and i thought £19 per m2 was the worst price ive heard of and that was for silicone FFs
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    thin coat under damp

    send me the Mapei info and prices please ryan [email protected]
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    ewi domestic rates

    ha ha fancy me reading the above so im scraping the barrel now... the demise of a business is imminent
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    Mono band

    Looks like im needed here Carl.... all gone bonkers...
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    Coloured lime render

    only true breathable render is nhl
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    Painted blockwork

    (Ha Ha) ive heard it all now
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    Mono band

    wow using beads for banding... lasers to get a straight edge... use an angle plane for straight edges Refina 18" Angle Plane | eBay
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    Coloured lime render

    lime render (NHL 3.5) may be sprayable you should ask the machine guys on here (but i doubt it) and what do you mean you dont want to float it??? all renders have to be floated unless thin coat acrylics!!! True lime render is coloured by the sand used heres a link NHL 3.5 Lime Mortar for...
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    Painted blockwork

    render straight over with Parex parinter
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    Renderers/EWI installers required

    whats good rates? PM Me