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  1. Steve Brown

    Rendering on plasterboard

    Don't understand why you asked our advice if you're just going to crack on with your own method. You do what you want, but there's more chance of it shelling off on landing on the floor/ furniture/ family than staying put. If the ceiling is downstairs then you also have to think of the foot...
  2. Steve Brown

    Great news

    Don't like or trust any of them, all wankers
  3. Steve Brown

    Great news

    David Cameron thought that Brexit would never have been possible and it bit him on the arse, they never wanted Brexit in the first place. Don't know how old you are but the tory government sold/ privatised lots of industry that made other business owners go abroad to make money. Them Slags and...
  4. Steve Brown

    Great news

    Ley word in that report from MP was PLEDGE. They all pledge and never deliver.
  5. Steve Brown

    Rendering on plasterboard

    Just double up on acoustic board then skim it. You could also counter batten with resilient bars to the existing ceiling before you board it for belt and braces. Do not go ahead with your idea it's shite and will fail.
  6. Steve Brown


    5 P's All in the prep NOVICE! Wakey Wakey
  7. Steve Brown

    Fury v Usyk

    Usyk split decision! Nearly as predicted with late stoppage.
  8. Steve Brown

    Fury v Usyk

    Cracking fight just chinned him with body shots. Everybody is going to duck that lad.
  9. Steve Brown

    Fury v Usyk

    That heavyweight Kabayel on now never hear that much from him but he’s a problem for anybo at the top. reminds me of Marciano, constant pressure and unrelentin.
  10. Steve Brown

    Fury v Usyk

    Just bought it on Amazon £25 sat here watching the whole card. I'm looking forward to this one, have butterflies in my belly like I was fighting. On the fence on who's going to win, sense would go with Fury but I'm going with Usyk by late stoppage. Won't be disappointed whoever wins though.
  11. Steve Brown


    Don't know about you but I miss old school vehicles, no diagnostics etc. Only a couple of additions that I like are power steering, electric windows and wing mirrors. I also miss the good old cassette radio.
  12. Steve Brown

    Social Housing Work

    It's not the social housing company that's the problem it's the w**k*r that your working for that's full of shite. Your the plasterer, you tell him how long it's going to take, as Murky said you shouldn't be floating and setting with limelite same day.
  13. Steve Brown

    Replace tiles with render

    I've done a few the old school way as follows; 1. Strip off tiles, timber lats, sarking, leadwork. 2. Insulate? Total subject on its own. 3. Breathable membrane. 4. Thin plywood. 5. Building paper. 6. Stainless Steel EML. 7. Beads, drip and I put a stop at top butted up to underside of window...
  14. Steve Brown

    SBR Peeling off wall (substrate and old finish)

    I rarely use SBR internally mainly stick to good old PVA and prefer to plaster when it's dried. But when I use SBR I never plaster when it's dried, I always plaster over it wet or tacky.
  15. Steve Brown


    My dad had the same problem with his van, tried everything new fuel pump etc sold it and lad that bought it solved it. Had a oil leak from the sump, if oil is low computer thingy protects and cuts it out. Fixed weep on sump with that liquid metal stuff for a couple of quid sorted. Dad was fuming.
  16. Steve Brown

    found a lot of money

    £9000, my god how did he forget about £6000 in the loft, its a good job you both discussed handing back the £3000, I bet he was over the moon when he got his £300 back.
  17. Steve Brown

    Rendering above French doors / windows

    The photos depict inside a conservatory. Before you tackle the whole exterior of the house start by knocking off all the old render in the conservatory back to brick. (Only as good as your background) Set your beads, scratch coat followed by top coat. See how you get on with that first as it's a...
  18. Steve Brown

    Self employment: WHY !

    Think of the benefits, washing done, tea made, no more forth road bridge type renovation constantly, ear ache. And she ( the customer) must of been a good shag so memory wanks.
  19. Steve Brown

    How to deal with this ceiling crack?

    It's hard to give you advice as to many variables, Original ceiling substrate, lath plaster, plasterboard, joists spacing 400 450 600. Condition of substrate, blown, water damaged, thickness/ weight. Number of coverings, coats of plaster, artex, coats and types of paint. Either overboard &...
  20. Steve Brown

    Cleaning gypsum dust off my floorboards?

    Shouldn't of paid them until they left it the way it was before they arrived.
  21. Steve Brown

    Apprentice getting to work

    Everyone has a price.
  22. Steve Brown

    Apprentice getting to work

    My mate told me a story about his old apprentice still makes me chuckle now. The lad went to the bakers to buy the dinner And when he got back they sat down to eat it. Halfway through eating the pie's he opens a can of pop and Terry said where's mine? The lad says there wasn't enough money...
  23. Steve Brown

    Methods to assess condition of plaster?

    Look feel prod. I use that method for almost everything.
  24. Steve Brown

    Can i hardwall over blue grit?

    IPB = insulated plaster board. No need to remove blue grit if it's soundly adhered, just get a decent plasterer to dab the wall with insulated plasterboard. Go for the thicker celotex boards and show the plasterer a plan of the kitchen so he can apply additional dabs of adhesive where wall...
  25. Steve Brown

    Can i hardwall over blue grit?

    Best off dabbing it with insulated plasterboard then plastering it.
  26. Steve Brown

    Thinnest insulating board for walls

    50mm celotex backed 12.5 plasterboard or its just not worth the expense or effort. I have heard of insulated wallpaper on the grapevine. That might be worth having a look at if space is an issue.
  27. Steve Brown

    Gloss paint.

    British gypsum's bond-it is the best option then the other pre grits I've also threw a couple handfuls of finish in the PVA mixed it up and painted that on, let it dry then off you go. Did the same with SBR and that works a treat also.
  28. Steve Brown

    Usyk vs Joshua

    Shame, as looking forward to this one!
  29. Steve Brown


    Hmm he's off to dig a patio area out on a Sunday for prep. Likely outcomes; * doesn't finish so hole fills with rainwater. * spoil from said hole turns to mud. # Not really a head start this time of year, more like a cluster f**k. Top tip do it in a ONER.
  30. Steve Brown


    Got all excited there, thought dollar was quitting the forum.
  31. Steve Brown


    I've never had problems with it. Remember 1 sachet is for 1/2 a bag of plaster, make sure you add it to the water a mix it thoroughly before adding the dust.
  32. Steve Brown

    Anyone "Cutting off one's nose to spite one's face"

    Flat Earth representation modeled into a piece of furniture.
  33. Steve Brown

    Large void in between two internal plastered walls

    This is the perfect example for Chrispy to explain the benefits of his favourite product!
  34. Steve Brown

    Garage ceiling, Artex or plaster, Asbestos testing?

    If you don't mind the textured look give it a misting coat of paint 70°paint 30°water mixed (water based emulsion, not vinyl). Let that dry then a couple of coats of paint. If you don't like it it's an easy job for a plasterer.
  35. Steve Brown

    2 layers of 15mm soundbloc into resilliiant channel

    Have used both but find corse thread nip up better in resi bar and strapping.
  36. Steve Brown

    2 layers of 15mm soundbloc into resilliiant channel

    Standard corse thread drywall screws will suffice, you just have to push a little harder initially until the screw gets started. Collated screw gun saves so much time and remember to stagger the joints on the second layer of boards.
  37. Steve Brown


    I've had the Ragni midget trowel for donkeys years now, made a few modifications to it after receiving a Ox midget as a gift. It's carbon steel with just the right amount of flex in it. Never liked the position of the original handle as it kept catching in the tight spaces 6.5 x 3" now.
  38. Steve Brown

    Rare footage of

    Too stiff in the legs and not enough head movement ;-)
  39. Steve Brown

    @ 3.38

    Misleading title! Got all excited as thought you were referring to .338" calibre round or 8.59mm in metric. A truly fantastic munition if used with Accuracy International's long range rifle.
  40. Steve Brown


    Log burner
  41. Steve Brown

    Magnesium hawk

    Plastic draper one from Amazon 13" You won't look back.
  42. Steve Brown

    Advice in removing internal plaster beads

    Thanks for letting us know. We'll all sleep better tonight.
  43. Steve Brown

    What's your go-to music for plastering?

    Thunderstruck AC DC, I'll you'll get it all on in a oner!!
  44. Steve Brown

    Artex ceiling fallen after 30 years

    Any leaks, heavy storage, weight suspended, recent adaptions? Post some photos. Come on throw us a bone.
  45. Steve Brown

    Dodgy Multi finish ?

    Just as I thought no one could confuse me more than JohnJ, the above was threw in the mix (excuse threw pun).
  46. Steve Brown


    Wife would have preferred me getting the two veg off at the same time.
  47. Steve Brown


    Bill the Blabber is all piss and wind, he's the one that starts the fight then fucus off when it looks like he might get hit.