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    Where will they come from? "Visas relaxed for plasterer shortage" - where will they all come from? Eastern European Influx 2.0?
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    Anyone else think we r all f*cked..?

    "Spaz" is the word they r going on about... Think of all the sh1t/grief/abuse/casual violence you put up with growing up and imagine these kids having to deal with it!!! The world is just too soft!! Or am I just a grumpy old man?
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    Render finish ?

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    todays work pics

    Spark with a poor work ethic and me with nothing mixed up apart from some readymix
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    todays work pics

    Finished this 2 storey house today... Could have battered every other trade in the place cos the site agent was always away hiding
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    Faces to names

    Olroiite you caaahnts? My names Gareth
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    Pimlico plumbers blah blah...

    Wont go into the details of the case cos you can just checkout the link...but to anyone who has had a passing interest in it; was your first thought "my my he`s a fat fook to be claiming he`s been grafting for the past 6 years" ???
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    I feel your pain mate, did Tues/Weds/Thurs nights as wells as daytime Sat and Sun this wk. All cos I`m away to Croatia for a wk early June. Money lust ruins a man lol
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    I`ve got some plaster...

    Did a job there and the customer says "I`ve got some plaster in the cupboard you could use?" I looked and said "actually its a wee bit out of date pal" 30 year old Browning, 50kg bag...
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    New Trowels

    I`d always go with good old British Steel #judaspriest #metalgods
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    Absolute Pot Luck

    I try and leave a few free days here and there between bookings cos I hate telling folk I cant fit them in for 3/4/5/6 wks Then you can always just leave it free and have a well-deserved day off...but usually greed kicks in and you`re out chasing a few quid lol
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    whos the youngest ??

    Cheers mate lol Nice common btw - is it a 20? My biggest up here was a 16lb Koi from a big local council water
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    Marshalltown Flexi Angle

    I have one of these, does an okay enough job if you keep the wing nut rust free with WD40
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    whos the youngest ??

    39 last month but still rockin` :rock:
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    Win An OX Trowel

    Yes mate!! Tbh its been promoted to first coating duties with the 14" MT on the bench Nice wee trowel, good to work with and holds its own once its broken in
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    Anyone seen this stuff?

    I've used some previously to try it out - did the job I suppose on boards, but was a tramp today and used some for a quick coving job and like @Rossi46 says, its a fast setter... Nice bags tho!!
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    Which radio station?

    Planet Rock for me or any of the Absolutes when reception is bad
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    Ox corner trowels

    Aye wee Ragni is the best - rounded corners so less lines
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    Looking after your hands???

    I had eczema when I was younger and the best cream was a hydrocortisone one
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    What is wrong with socket.

    Why are people posting pictures of my work?? I own the copyright...
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    How long should it take to apply multi

    20mins to 1st coat, second coat, or in total?
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    Uneven Joists

    Lol I`d love it if half the "joiners" only left me with 5mm to fill in mate
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    Friday Rock RIP Chris

    Black Hole Sun and You Know My Name, great tunes!!
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    New trowell

    Probably me mate, got an "Ox Stainless pipe trowel" and it was rusty after first use
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    The Half Time Bucket Test

    I actually wondered that one day, as I was toiling like feck in a steaming top landing - hoping that it didn't go off too quick!!
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    The Half Time Bucket Test

    Hahaha I woke the Mrs up lol`ing at that!! He`s a good lad really
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    The Half Time Bucket Test

    Wouldn't be a proper demo video without @Vincey lol That lad gets about!!
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    Skimming over silk wall's

    Would be good to see some pics once its done (y)
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    Smarter Surfaces Launches Smart Magnetic Plaster. Competition time!

    I think just metal mate, needs magnets to work My old man did a few hospitals back in the day and there was a plaster that had lead or that in it to do the X-Ray rooms so a variation on that maybe?
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    Each to their own I suppose, there`s being a good plasterer and then there`s being a good businessman Add into that trying to be a good Husband/partner and also a Father providing for any kids Loads of variables to take into consideration, are you going in low and wanting to always be in work...
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    Smarter Surfaces Launches Smart Magnetic Plaster. Competition time!

    @zolco its like a small bucket of plutonium - about 150mm all round but weights like 10kg lol
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    Refina BiFlex Double Blade Finishing Trowel

    Great wee trowel - kinda like a lighter, more flexible Nelaflex 2. Not as stiff cos it doesn't have the tang like the Nela but very nice. Wont do corners like @Maester says but you can use your angle trowel or midget trowel for that. The test will be how long will it last, but so long as I...
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    Filling excessively deep holes

    Pssssst!!! Over here!!! No, this way!!! Right, don't tell anyone..and I mean anyone but...WATCH SOMEONE`S COMING *whistles nonchalantly Right listen, now I NEVER said this... Just roll up an empty bag of multi and bang it in there, scrim over and skim Whats my name? Ah well...
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    Get the Refina BiFlex mate, wonderful wee trowel
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    I got the Nela midget trowel and it works with the Delehedy a treat Bought that new stainless Speedskim last year cos I wanted to be like @Vincey , tbh I`ve still been using the 18" NelaFlex 2 or Refina s*p*r*lex 2 for most things...
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    Plasterers Fitness

    Can you give me that in writing Doctor? I like the sound of it!!
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    Wrist pain

    @john simpson if its a ganglion the pain can subside after a week or so so long as there`s no nerve issues...I have had one on my wrist for 6months or so and altho sore at the start, it soon eases off
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    Site lights.

    You in Hamilton mate?
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    Plasterers £60 p/h

    Kenny sang " and the best thing you can hope for is to die in your sleep" Well for some of us lot, the best thing we can hope for is to die in some cun7s bedroom refurbishment - age 70-odd after staying late to get an extra set on lol
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    Plasterers Fitness

    Exactly mate, I just sat primed - ready for ISIS to attack, no word of a lie... Girlfriend would be like "are you okay?" And I`ve scoped out all the exits, sat gripping my biro with a death grip ready to annihilate any perceived hostile approachees
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    Plasterers Fitness

    I`ve had three borderline panic attacks in cinemas and gigs, all times were after a nice Italian meal finished with a big latte Drink it too fast and then sit worrying about all the ways I could die lol
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    Plasterers £60 p/h

    Yeah mate, I got bombed out by a couple of builders a few yrs back when my old man retired, cos they didn't want me there on my own - they wanted 2 plasterers - then when they phoned me the other week asking if I could fit them in, I laughed and told them I was busy but also didn't think they...
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    Plasterers Fitness

    I felt like that when I gave up drugs...might extend it to caffeine and stuff to get that feeling all over again!!
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    Bullnose pencil round

    Whooooohhoohooohoooooo that's a proper "trick" mate, used to think it was daft until I seen a few old timers do it and now I use it myself to dig me out if I need it :bailando:
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    Refina BiFlex Double Blade Finishing Trowel

    I bought the 18" there... keeps me off the coke and heroin lol Worth a tryout at least #mug
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    Refina BiFlex Double Blade Finishing Trowel

    I seen one here... its like a fecking disease this trowel buying malarkey!