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    What is best

    With plastering the use of adhesives on say Artex with asbestos in material say use blue grit the day before or pva 2 coats one again day before then on day of finishing plastering or another adhesive
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    Can I re-skim 2 days after bad skim job?

    Get some good spotlights 100watts so you can see what you’re doing in future
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    Spatula good or bad

    I am thinking about buying a spatula for plastering I know i am going to be in trouble here what size would members recommend general wall work
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    one or two coat

    What a smart boy
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    Does plastic work

    Thanks for the advice
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    Does plastic work

    Thanks for that
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    one or two coat

    one &two coat plastering which is the best what is recommended by the members
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    Does plastic work

    What plastic trowel do the members recommend for finishing of plaster always used stainless
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    Advice on

    Thanks everyone next time stick to bonding old school still the best
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    Best finishing trowel?

    What would you recommend for finishing trowel I have a Marshalltown 14 inch and a rafina 16 no2
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    Advice on

    Advice on blue grit is it a good primer for walls and when to use it
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    Carbon trowels?

    Carbon steel trowels they put gun blue on the blades or wd40 or bardel oil to help prevent rust
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    Best finishing trowel?

    Just bought Refina no2 did a great job on a wall my son’s house
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    Green mould spots on newly plastered walls

    Try bleach on its own they say it works rub it in with a cloth but use rubber cloves