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  1. J

    Women boarders

    Noo thats wit i call a very nice job
  2. J

    large ceiling

    Done in stages staggering the joints should look o rite when the light hits it
  3. J

    putting beads on with lime lite.

    Cheers guys its realy heavy coat to make flush with existing plaster
  4. J

    putting beads on with lime lite.

    would I be better putting beads on with multi.when coating walls with it takes so long to set.
  5. J

    I was only trying to help

    put thick coat beads over the top of the beads that are not plum.try straighten the gyprock with bonding.or just double sheet with or screw it off start again.
  6. J

    Skim tearing

    pmsl never noticed that 6 year
  7. J

    Skim tearing

    no saw carlite finish 4 ages.dont think you can buy it in glesga.try multi see if its any better.
  8. J

    glasgow area.

    cheers stuart av sent u a pm with ma mobile number m8.
  9. J

    glasgow area.

    any plasterers in the glasgow area need a hand.even a few days a week.
  10. J

    Curse paint

    Lol did you end up overboarding.
  11. J

    how to render LOL

    Pmsl hes escaped oot the loony man and his frying
  12. J

    Site work

    Having some thing to moan aboot probly keeps the fat twaat in a job..
  13. J

    plastering in the dark.

    Lol its possil park m8 they have metal shutters on the windows lol.take yur genny there at yur you would need to nail it to the floor.
  14. J

    plastering in the dark.

    Lol aye next door neighbour gave us water.
  15. J

    plastering in the dark.

    Go to do a plastering job and theres no power or water in the house.nightmare start.any hows mixed up multi wa stick and plunger skimmed living room walls more or less in the dark.went back to do the hall scottish power had been and got the power on lol must say was surprised looked ok for being...
  16. J

    spray the p.v.a.

    Always use the roller give the walls a right good soak.
  17. J

    spray the p.v.a.

    Av saw guys using sprey fur polishing.but never fur unibond pva.
  18. J

    spray the p.v.a.

    Always use the roller give the walls a right good soak.
  19. J

    external render pral m

    Every budys prices ur different depends what yur fast ect.
  20. J

    Speedskim sf

    Going over the work with a trowel is a habit every spread should have.and never loose.
  21. J

    Speedskim sf

    That wall is set pmsl.
  22. J

    Backing coat query

    Coat whole wall.then darby until flush.wa bonding
  23. J


    Right to left that should say lol.
  24. J


    U always tell a lefty from the way its turned were top meets had to order a left handed darby.since wee go left to right.
  25. J


    Lol if ya dont like the guy yur working wa u could always put a dab of multi on his handle very annoying.
  26. J


    Always change for wooden handle on mt dura soft o rite but just disny feel right.
  27. J

    How often to you clean your trowel during a set?

    Youre idea for summit to clean the back of yur trowel might work for some one just learning.doing ceilings as does cos much build up.cany think of anything easyer than a brush though.
  28. J

    Thistle Bond It...

    There on the london rd m8.wa doon the botton end towards balliston.
  29. J


    How dare a spark put bonding on the
  30. J

    making good over chased in bathroom pipes?

    Better boxed in m8 if u ever get a burst pipe you will need access.asap.
  31. J

    world cup sweep???

    Spain or germany.has any team ever won the cup twice.
  32. J

    login in.

    danny see when a log in m8 it says no matches found try different terms.but ma user name profile settings in stuff ur there at top right of page.but when a make a post it logs me out.if ya no wit a mean m8 av got 2log in again o the time it never done that on lap top is it summit to do wa ma...
  33. J

    Multi on sand cement??

    thats bang on m8 u would want to go in blitz it one day then finish next day. get paid job done.
  34. J

    Multi on sand cement??

    Aye that makes sense when its drying out it shrinks when it shrinks it moves so when it moves it cracks
  35. J

    Multi on sand cement??

    M8 why leave it so long before finishing av always used board finish wa sc but av only ever heard of leaving it that long is when theres a damp problem if ya dont mind me asking
  36. J

    Old wooden corners.

    Not at all m8 run a stanley knife down each side a few times remove them put beads on patch each side make good with existing.
  37. J

    Old wooden corners.

    Sounds like the wooden bulenose corners if u dont like them remove them and replace them with beads patch each side make good.
  38. J

    a poor spread

    So u done the tops of a ladder he done bottom of stairs down to stringer it does show thats were they get showed up for what they are when working with other spreads you should have just used him for mixing cleaning out buckets and halking it up to you doing the high bits of a ladder
  39. J


    Better safe than sorry.for the sake of a few sheets of gyprock but aye its more work. No option but to charge more.
  40. J

    Plastering straight.

    Wee only see walls you could hang youre jacket we dont have beads yet either we just use two trowels to get a sharp
  41. J

    Sponge float on finish

    A would stick to using youre trowel m8.
  42. J

    Sponge float on finish

    It basically just brings the glut to the front.have u never saw anybudy use one m8
  43. J

    A nightmare day....cus of schoolboy error!

    You dont use pva with bonding.hardwall. finish same day or first thing in morning using h20
  44. J

    A guide to using stilts

    Never saw anybudy use stilts on site in glesga m8 looks cool as feck but watchen the guys on you tube
  45. J

    What makes you a good plasterer?

    How could I forget earns good dosh
  46. J

    What makes you a good plasterer?

    Some one who takes pride in there work.
  47. J

    Plastering straight.

    M8 see some jobs especially plastering over artex you would need to bury the skirtings to straighten it what was the old saying it covers a multitude of sins
  48. J

    Plastering straight.

    Only if its getting tiled on a strait forward re skim no I follow the shape of existing unless I am asked to straiten it
  49. J

    colouring plaster

    Aye m8 u can basically get any colour you want but paint would be a lot cheaper lol