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  1. Mike814

    Help please

    Buy a couple of tubs of gear, skim a room out at home including the ceiling and practice like buggery. If it messes up prime it and try again. Try not to get disheartened if its not perfect straight away. It does take practice and a course is just the beginning of an amazing, addictive...
  2. Mike814

    help which saw should I buy?

    chains saws go thru plasterboard pretty quick if you cant be arsed to stanley it!
  3. Mike814

    Left hander!

    I'm a lefty, my dad was a lefty along with his brother and two sisters. Also their dad was a lefty and my son who's nearly three is a lefty. the whole families fooked!!!!!
  4. Mike814

    Do you mix your own Venetian?

    Just out of interest whos product do you buy?
  5. Mike814

    Do you mix your own Venetian?

    There is a lot more to it than that. I've had a dabble myself and although i have manage to create a nice smooth "lime plaster" with my experimentation it is a far cry from something that is as good as mass produced venetian. There is a fair amount of acrylic binders in venetian plaster these...
  6. Mike814

    sqm per day

    Its all good earning a grand a week but if you've got to bust a bollock and end up doing two weeks work in terms of time and effort whats the point? When you're at the pearly white gates of heaven you'll be thinking fook me all i did in life was chuck plaster on the walls!!!!
  7. Mike814

    sqm per day

    Did someone say £1.50 per metre. Not worth getting out of bed for. Might as well go shelf stacking in tesco!!!!
  8. Mike814

    should I specialize in one skill

    I specialize in complete interior refurbishment. Including plastering, kitchens, bathrooms, tiling etc. the whole kit and kaboodle. Haven't advertised in 17 years and dont have a sign written van and never have had. It takes a while to get there but definitely listen to advice on here and become...
  9. Mike814

    Venetian wetroom

    I'm using gear from Andy Marshall at Gold Trowel. Excellant material and also excellant technical support from Andy when questions arise. I havent yet used tadelakt other than dabbling at home although i've booked a weeks tadelakt course at Gold Trowel for October. As for what the customer wants...
  10. Mike814

    Venetian wetroom

    The lime is basically the binder for the products whether in powder form or lime putty. The lime to the marble is what the cement is to sand in render mixes.
  11. Mike814

    Venetian wetroom

    Modern Tadelakt is hydraulic lime with marble powder supplied in dry powder form and venetian plaster is slaked lime (lime putty) with various grades of marble flour/powder/chippings depending on the required finish. I believe the ancient tadelakt had pozzolans such as volcanic ash to aid the...
  12. Mike814

    Venetian wetroom

    Tadelakt is rather different from Venetian marble plaster. A soap is applied to tadelakt whilst drying and compressing which then reacts with the lime and creates a solid lime soap within the plaster which in turn creates the water resistancy. Tadelakt is classed as hydroscopic as opposed to...
  13. Mike814

    Venetian wetroom

    It is a medium grained marble and lime putty based product with a certain amount of binders and additives. It is one of the recommended finishes for use in wet areas and final coatings include 2 x Thompsons waterseal, 2 x liquid beeswax and a final topcoat of paraffin wax. By the time its...
  14. Mike814

    Venetian wetroom

    The customer wanted a particular finish but slightly modified from the original sample board to produce slightly less movement and patterning but the job was a definite goer before creating several samples. To be honest i enjoy doing it so much i'm quite happy out in my workshop having a dabble:-)
  15. Mike814

    Venetian wetroom

    A Venetian plaster shower room completed today. The client wanted a white finish with underlying movement. After extensive dabbling with sample boards the finish below was finalized and applied. One happy client!!
  16. Mike814

    color pigments

    Talk to Andy Marshall at Gold Trowel. He'll sort you out no probs
  17. Mike814

    Is there alot of work for this?

    I think the lack of demand is due to the majority of people not knowing about it. I thought there would be very little demand here in Eastbourne but i've got a few of my decent clients interested. also i'm willing to travel wherever it takes me if it comes to it
  18. Mike814

    Is there alot of work for this?

    Cheers Rob. Do you actually do the venetian plastering full time or amongst other work and how did you get to practice. Did you work for someone else or just plugged away on your own.
  19. Mike814

    Is there alot of work for this?

    Where abouts are you from James?
  20. Mike814

    Is there alot of work for this?

    There we go. A couple of pics which hopefully can be expanded. Take no notice of the walls lol!!!!
  21. Mike814

    Feature Wall

    A Venetian marble plastered ceiling. Finish is a dragged Carrara-classic
  22. Mike814

    Is there alot of work for this?

    I've done a few days at Gold Trowel who are superb. Thats also where i've booked up for the 5 day Tadelakt course. I've compiled a list of interior designers, domestic and commercial over the last few weeks which once i'm one hundred percent certain i can get the finishes that i want to offer...
  23. Mike814

    Is there alot of work for this?

    I had a look at the applicart site that you mentioned for the microcement. Its certainly interesting. Is it easy to apply? With regards to the venetian plastering i've practiced some of the finishes to death at home and have now done a few local jobs which have turned out well. I'm just trying...
  24. Mike814

    Is there alot of work for this?

    If anyone reading these posts needs a hand with a venetian/tadelakt job anywhere in the country i would me more than willing. cheers
  25. Mike814

    Is there alot of work for this?

    I'm really trying to get into this market too. I done a course at Gold trowel a couple of years ago and have done a few jobs which have turned out good. Also im booked on Gold Trowels 5 day tadelakt course in October. It is a great place to learn and Andy knows his stuff for sure. Its an...
  26. Mike814

    Clever boys !!

    Grumpy git lol!!!:RpS_laugh:
  27. Mike814

    Rob Jacks Venetian Work

  28. Mike814

    Rob Jacks Venetian Work

    Hi there RobJack. Can i ask where you get your micro cement from. I'm dying to have a crack at it. Cheers
  29. Mike814

    tools of the trade

    Bloody ideal box for the trowels there. i made a wooden one for mine and they all stand up in it. only problem is the weight. need two people to carry it!!!!
  30. Mike814

    Another small feature wall

    Best to use a stainless steel whisk if you need to mix it. Not so likely to get rust contamination etc in the mix. I dont know what plaster robjack uses but some of the classico finishes ive messed around with get easily buggered by a bit of grit.
  31. Mike814

    Best material in the Uk?

    I use the Coverit material and it is a fine product without a doubt.
  32. Mike814

    Rob Jacks Venetian Work

    If you think venetian looks cheap and plastic it must mean that you can't do it coz youre shite lol!!!!
  33. Mike814

    tried venetian for first time

    2 coats of thompsons waterseal, 2 coats of beeswax and a coat of parrafin wax. water runs off like its made of plastic!!!!
  34. Mike814

    multi finish not the same to spread lately

    Definitely a training thing, I use board finish and multi all the time. Never had any problems in 14 years. Some knob jockeys just dont know how to hold a trowel!!!!
  35. Mike814

    Took a right slagging off from flydd man a moderaor ???

    Definitely not Carrara boy. I know who carrara boy is!!!!!
  36. Mike814

    Plastering over steel

    If the steels gonna melt in a fire, the house along with the people in it are going to be proppa fooked anyway so who gives a damn???
  37. Mike814

    Moisture resistant plasterboard

    Just as a precaution because its recommended. never had any problems doing it that way but never tried skimming them without priming first
  38. Mike814

    Moisture resistant plasterboard

    I always use feb bond blue grit if i need to skim moisture board. It does actually say on the tub that it can be used for such purposes
  39. Mike814

    Moisture resistant plasterboard

    good to see some local chaps on here. I'm Eastbourne myself.
  40. Mike814

    lime plaster primer alternatives

    Maybe he wants to lime wash it for the effect rather than the technical side of it
  41. Mike814

    First attempt at venetian plaster

    Blinding stuff. Bit addictive the old venetian plaster!!!!!
  42. Mike814

    Venitian product that can be applied over wallpaper

    Lining paper is normally applied with wallpaper adhesive which will come back to life as the moisture from plasters etc soak in. I believe this could be a potential problem. I'm only guessing but i reckon the paper on plasterboard is probably not secured with wallpaper paste.
  43. Mike814

    wheres the money these days ?

    Dont bother doing electrics. By the time youve given the government all there wanky fees fort this that and the other you might as well go and stack shelves in tesco!!!
  44. Mike814

    effin cats

    Are you preparing for a food shortage?????
  45. Mike814

    Are things getting busier for you?

    lol, just for the record i have learned plastering properly and been doing it for ten years now. Not just a have a goer!!!!
  46. Mike814

    Are things getting busier for you?

    I'm a sparks by trade successfully turned plasterer. I offer all services in the building trade and when a sizeable job comes in i draught in other quality tradesman that i work with to ensure that all work is meticulously churned out. Had 14 years work now without advertising.
  47. Mike814

    Another small feature wall

    Another small feature wall in the Carrara finish supplied by Andy from Goldtrowel IMG_3310_zpsf3ef86c4.jpg Photo by Mike8141 | Photobucket IMG_3309_zps5ac3811f.jpg Photo by Mike8141 | Photobucket
  48. Mike814

    Facebook page

    Cheers guys. Someone cares!!:RpS_crying:
  49. Mike814

    Spotless trowels best tip ever!.

    Hitting them with a hammer works to clean them. Unfortunately its f*cks them too!!!!!
  50. Mike814


    I cried in the local carvery/pub. A huge fat munter got served before me and finished all the beef!!!!!!!!