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    How to delete PF account?

    Any ideas? Forum is not functioning as helpful, more silly than anything else! Too many skimmers
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    Advice on plasterboard ceiling layout

    Michael, not a tricky job, cut boards to fit halfway on rafters, take into account the size of your off cut for use on the next row, basic economics, you might have to start in the middle of the first line of boards over rafters to make this work, are you an engineer by any chance?
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    Rotor stator temperature

    The D8-2 is for a 380-400rpm machine, friction causes the heat obviously, aggregate sharpness creates friction, if the R+S is a twister it's pre set pump pressure is tight, try one with adjustable jacket and set to 8-10 bar is my best guess.
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    Machines for sale

    All sold now, only one sold on ebay, the rest privately, I tried to help my fellow plasterers forum members.
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    Is this job part of plastering?

    What the feck did you want the plasterer to plaster?
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    Machines for sale

    On ebay!
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    Render options on SIP house

    You need to get the old stuff off before you make decision.
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    Machines for sale

    Got a Pft ZP3 screed pump and a Mai G4 mixer pump for sale, also a 20kva generator, have upgraded so above available.
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    Machine Flow Tube

    How much and how many hours on it? I'm serious!
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    Machine Flow Tube

    I always found P1 to be good people, I don't mind who I buy products from, just want good service and proper pricing, Ryan has always been fair to me, glad everyone is happy on this one.
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    First attempt at Mono

    Looks good, done yourself proud.
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    Damp proof membrane advice

    Have a talk to the person who specified it, what damp comes in 2m+ high?
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    Dewalt flex volt batteries

    Go 9 amp, best bit of kit I have bought for years, have one and been used and abused for 4 years batteries still good.
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    Generator how many kVa

    12kva minimum, we have used 16kva very successfully, it allows you to use the machine to its max, hope this helps.
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    Liquid Screed for the DIYer

    Did a garden room at my place ( Insulated shed). On the floor I used 25mm celotex render mesh and weber 4160 at about 12mm, I had it left over from a job, tiled it and it's sound as a pound.
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    i know a plasterer

    Self help needed.
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    i know a plasterer

    Bloke who's garden backs on to mine is out cutting grass every other day and she comes out pointing her finger at him and demanding it done her way all the time, when we first moved in I used to feel sorry for him, 14 years later I think the w**k*r deserves it, soppy tosser.
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    Joddy mixer

    Yes buddy, wet the pan a bit turn it on then when powder starts to drop in turn water on, wait for a while then open material outlet until mixed plaster level is kept about right, great bit of kit.
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    Joddy mixer

    Have you got the black powder cone down in the powder hopper, sounds like a powder flow problem.
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    Mtec 200

    I get you know how to work hard, but a machine used correctly is a saver on your body.
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    Refina mega mixer

    The leads break where they enter the drill body.
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    Work liFe balAnce

    Take what you can and give nothing back! Plasterers code "Jack Sparrow". You will be old one day and have to survive on not quite as much, plan ahead but be reasonable.
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    PRB, the Monocouche of Choice | BBA Certified

    We use PRB mono and can say it's as good as weber but better value for money. 20kg bags more civilised too!
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    Well done England

    Very pleased for them, they are the best in Europe.
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    2 people on a machine

    3 to make a ritmo work, 2 on a 3 phase machine,that's what we find pays.
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    £650 a cut

    Three of us, I'm the one with the big bollox who prices and funds the fiasco, I don't work as hard as I used to which suites me Sir, we try and make 260 each for rendering in middle England but usually fall short, nice lifestyle though.
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    PRB Superbut

    Late spray, cuts back nice next day even if gone a bit too much, funk waiting around looking at it.
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    What’s best machine

    Mai machines are quality IMO, bit pricey though.
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    Strata mp025

    Might be your start up procedure, as in too much water when you first prime mixing tube, if you put too much water in it impedes powder flow to chamber, try reducing it. I have never used a strata pump but try it and see if it helps with continuity. The above comments don't mean any harm, they...
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    Renderer required for Warwickshire job

    M-Ex Solutions, give me a call in the spring.
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    Hi folks - Paramount Board Question

    Stick another layer of 9.5mm board on top and skim
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    Second gap while spraying

    Sorted now then, elite exteriors here we go! What else could go wrong?
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    Second gap while spraying

    It will cause problems Tramp, the mixing process in the chamber is a delicate part of a mixerpumps operation, the powder introduction would be compromised creating issues. I have been using machines for a long time and have made every f**k up possible.
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    Second gap while spraying

    Just cover the rotor head with water on initial start up, water inlet pipe on the top inlet. When you first put water to pump, open main outlet tap and and fill a bucket to bleed air out of line.
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    Feb 2 in 1 bottle

    Why not Church?
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    Aint got a problem spraying it Vincey, bit messy but on large areas it's fine, it just don't set quick enough. One coat stuff isn't tough enough imo.
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    Anyone know / recommend a decent 360-degree worklight?

    Festool is good but this is better, already had batteries so bought one, best yet.
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    Gentlemen, for some reason beyond my comprehension mixing hardwall through a continuous mixer or mixerpump ( lotus XS or ritmo) means it don't set quick enough on the wall in order to skim it same day and move on the next, it always sets in the mixing chamber which causes issues, have tried...
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    The new M-tec M200 240v domestic Edition

    Does it have a compressor and water pump built in Ryan?
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    Joddy mix

    We tried with hardwall and didn't have a good time, material sets in mixing chamber and causes problems.
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    Johnsons base coat

    Using parex maite at present on a large scale project , we don't spray it, too messy and loads of windows, we have a PFT lotus xs mixer, every man goes to mixer fills tub to his needs when he wants then lugs it up scaffold himself when required, seems to work for us. Exterior skimming really.
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    Ritmo rip off

    Don't give up before you start, you'll figure it out, they all basically work the same.
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    Ritmo l slimline

    To start pump with k-rend I prime mixing chamber as usual then add a little powder and mix it with a screwdriver in the bottom before fitting mixing paddle, it seems to help initial start up.
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    Ritmo l slimline

    Use the soft R&S for k-rend.
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    Fiat ducato

    Got a MWB Ducato auto 9 speed, not as well built as my previous VW Crafter but drives nice loaded or unloaded, much cheaper though.
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    PRB Rendering Materials

    We used weber for a long long time, any product we've used from PRB are comparative quality wise, the machines like it and P1 delivery works for us. Parex seemed too complicated to source colours and quantity from encon, good products though. Weber now do half pallets from minsters but PRB is...
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    3D Concrete Printer - MTec Duo Mix 2000 - WANTED

    You could try a PFT D3-5 R&S, might be a little slower, failing that a ritmo.
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    G5 vs G4

    Parts are still available, keep filters cleans and replace wear parts when needed, but get a good generator to power it, don't skimp and get a 12kva is my advice. ryan does a good 20kva at P1 shop.
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    Parex Render

    Rule of thumb is 50% lighter when dry and cured.