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    Materials used to skim

    These are the bits I'm getting a spread in to sort properly. External walls around a window which it seems like previous owners have attempted to do something with unsuccessfully. The plasters blown and sand cement is just crumbling off to reveal brick. Im thinking penetrating damp from the old...
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    Materials used to skim

    Thanks mate, These are the bits I'm trying to figure out what the best material would be to skim over with. The white wall is the bathroom, has an intact coat of satin paint on. The others have just had paper stripped off.
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    Materials used to skim

    Haha. Nah, never knew about Fireman Spread until reading on here though.
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    Materials used to skim

    Nothing related to the trades pal, just doing up a gaff and the budget rules out me getting pros in for every task. It's a cop out I know but I reckon skimming over an otherwise sound wall should be do-able if I know what the right materials to use are. Have had to deal with damp in the past...
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    Materials used to skim

    Afternoon lads, been reading around the forum..banter is class on here haha. looking for some advice from you guys who actually know what your doing. I've been stripping off multiple layers of painted textures wallpaper in a 1902 terraced house. The plaster underneath has taken a beating with...
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    Skim over existing plaster, what to do on existing angle beads?

    What option did you go with in the end mate? I'm in the same situation now.
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    Refurbishment Question

    No idea what that is but if I've ever been unsure concerning asbestos I've just dropped a sample off at the local councils lab and had it tested.. results in a few days n costs about £25 for a sample