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  1. milomag

    Speedskim® The NEW SF is Here!

    How would you compare the new speedskim SF to the refina spatula? cause for me so far I would find it hard to go beyond the spatula.
  2. milomag

    Fast Conveying Pump?

    Have you any videos on the new R/S or the M-tech P50 ?
  3. milomag

    best and quickest tool to flatten first coat of skim

    Speedskim all the way for flattening first and second coat. The Finnish is so much better if it's done this way. That's just my opinion.
  4. milomag

    The Multi Function of Magnetic

    85 pounds which is over 100 euro. Sounds alot for one bag which covers 5 metres. How much does one charge per metre to apply this product ?
  5. milomag

    The Multi Function of Magnetic

    Can this product be got in the Republic of Ireland and if so how much does it cost? Brilliant video by the way, it explains the product very well. Well done bud
  6. milomag

    .EZE spat handles

    Nela trowel or refina eze spat for finishing off final wet rubs? Which is better lads?
  7. milomag

    Speedskim blades

  8. milomag

    Speedskim blades

    Cheers Danny You can borrow it anytime if you want
  9. milomag

    Speedskim blades

    Lads can some of ye please tell me the correct way or use of the refina plaziflex. I bought one last week and it was my first time using it today. Jesus I felt like f#*king the thing into the bin. Do you put on your skim with or is it do you just flatten or is it that it's only used for...
  10. milomag

    Speedskim blades

    The pink blade is the biggest waste of money that I have in the back of my van. What I do use is what I call the speela which is the speedskim blue blade and nela trowel, I flatten with the blue blade then the final wet trowel and polish I use my nela, perfect finish every time happy days
  11. milomag

    Speedskim blades

    Cheers for that mate much appreciated. I'll be getting myself one of those pretty soon
  12. milomag

    Speedskim blades

    Hey guys I bought speedskim a few weeks back, I bought the blue blade (st) and also the pink blade (sf) with the steel tip and what I am finding is that the blue blade is brilliant for flatting but the pink one is not great at all for finishing. My question to ye guys is are my better off buying...