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    some customers just live in a dream world !! lol

    Listen to this one then..... was due to start a rendering job a couple of weeks ago. Only 1 gable end. Absolutely hammering it down so I rang the customer explaining that wel need to put it off until we get a drier day. All is fine...... 2 hours later she rings me back saying she has arranged...
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    To PVA or not to PVA that is the question

    This seems like a load of drama to me. Dab the nuts out of it and whack it on. Bobs ur uncles lover!!
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    Pricing Work..

    Obvs depending on your speed. If your doing a wall a day then 30 is about right. I got taught as a guideline when i first started to price for about £40 per bag of multi if that makes sense. So if you do 4 bags a day then charge £160
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    how to spead more faster

    How do you make any money struggling on a bag and half. Youd have to do a decent ceiling in 3 hits!!!
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    plasterer wanted

    This sounds decent. Bring some down to swindon please!!
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    Finishing with blue blade speedskim

    Im the same. Cant finish with them. I just use them for big areas, flattening and 1st trowel. Have tried to finish but cant quite get the grind if that makes sense
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    women in plastering

    Worked with a lady spread before. She was pretty good and loved how physical it was. She was abit of a fitness freak though... i think that may help. But as said... the job is tough, abit dirty and stressful. 17 year old girls may struggle. Good luck to her though
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    one coat render over old!!

    Its a very small area in a sun trap mate... please no oh dears and bla blas. Job is done and dusted looking good!!
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    one coat render over old!!

    Yes mate. Came up nice. Gave it plenty of sbr. On the neighbours next week aswell :)
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    one coat render over old!!

    Yeh scratched it bud. Had the grinder on it for half a shift and scratched it in the afternoon. Topped out next day. Job done
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    one coat render over old!!

    Thanks chaps. All done. Grinded lots of key. Sbr and normal sand and cement. Came up lovely
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    one coat render over old!!

    They painted it themselves with sandtex. I know that because they asked me to paint the new render i have done with it so it matched. Sandtex may help with grip surely. But i will grind the balls out of it
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    one coat render over old!!

    Yeh i was along the same lines. I would forget it if it was anyone else to be honest but i get alot of work through friends of theirs etc. I may stop bead it on the sides then grind a scratch out and whack a top over it. Obvs abit of sbr on first. Will the old paint affect it atall or just give...
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    one coat render over old!!

    Following on from a previous post. I have a customer that wants a nice finish over some old rough rendering. They are real scrooges and hate the mess so hacking it off isnt really an option so have been told to try a one coat finishing system over the top. I have no experience using this so...
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    smoothing old rough render

    Right gents. This job is just dragging on now. Customers have now decided they want a new finish on it so.... as mentioned.. Could I just put a 1 coat system over the old and float finish?
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    Famous clients...

    I done the royal box at newbury racecourse. Had a dump on the throne too (bog) also worked on keith chegwins and andrew lloyd webbers estate
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    smoothing old rough render

    I have explained all of this. Appreciate the replies though
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    smoothing old rough render

    Just to add. I think they are abit short on pennies so the whole big job etc is a no. They just want some1 to smooth it off and paint it up real quick
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    smoothing old rough render

    All sounds abit much for what it is gents. Defo not tyrolene it voz it wont match our smooth back and front. And literally its about 1×3 metres and it just needs smoothing off a tad. Maybr some kinf of masonry belt sander if you know what i mean
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    smoothing old rough render

    Yeh painted and just looks like its been rubbed up wet so abit of smoothing up really
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    smoothing old rough render

    Any suggestions please. I have re rendered front and back of a house due to it all being blown. The side of the house is solid so the client does not want it re rendered but its abit rough in places so she wants it smoothed off somehow. Has anybody used a right angle grinder for this atall or...
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    Plasterers wanted in aldershot

    No worries. Not enough for me to drive there. All the best though
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    foxhunter stilts from amazon?

    Has anybody tried these stilts atall? Tried stilts years ago and didnt fancy them at the time but hop ups are doing my nut. Dont want to spend to much in case I bottle it again
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    In a bit of a bad situation !

    I would just take the job on. Where abouts are you? Have a word with the customer and builder etc. Explain whats going on. Tell them you need payment for what you have done on the price you agreed or whatever you want. Be reasonable so you get your dosh then get another spread in to help on...
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    Rendering over charred Bricks!!

    Oh right ok. Thanks
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    Rendering over charred Bricks!!

    why jetwash @superspread
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    Rendering over charred Bricks!!

    Yeh very expensive. Its the type of customer that doesnt want expensive either. You know the sort. I will brief her though and go with the sbr etc. I appreciate the advice guys
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    Rendering over charred Bricks!!

    Yeh this is pretty much my approach too. Iv had the had the boy strip it all off right back to brick. Coated in cement/water with a tiny dash of pva in. Going there tomz so will use sbr and hope for the best
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    Rendering over charred Bricks!!

    Hello fellow spreads. Looking for abit of info if possible. I have a job coming up to re-render a house which was burnt pretty badly. Rather than knock it down the insurance workers rendered over the charred bricks a couple of years ago and now its all totally blown to the extent where I can...
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    Permashape trowel

    I wouldnt waste ur 50 notes on trowel if ur still nit at the level where you use the edges. Lol All the best with ur tamping tho :)
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    Alright Lads!

    Mich.... she wasnt foreign... much lol
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    Alright Lads!

    Iv been doing it 14 years and i still lay down with a few lines (2nd coat) quoting my dear old mum..."dont play with it too mich"
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    looking for weekend work around wiltshire, berkshire!!

    Hello lads and ladettes. Im looking for some extra work in and around swindon. 29 now and been in the game since 16 so I like to think Im pretty handy... Im also really greedy so any work available please let me know
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    Improver wanted

    Where are you based simon? I know a couple of lads in newbury who may be intetested
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    13mm Plaster/Skimming Salisbury Wiltshire Immediate Start

    Plastering 20+ years and looking for work.... summit must be wrong. Maybe slow down and get some quality!!
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    checkatrade 2014

    Danny do you have any examples of yours too please and the wand how much do you charge mate? I think im still going to try checkatrade because im sure I will make the 600 back over the course of a year and its another way of advertising but defo need a website too
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    checkatrade 2014

    How much will it roughly cost for you to make me a website danny please? Thanks for the replies
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    Swindon plasterer

    Hi alan. Iv just moved to swindon from newbury. Ever need a hand with anything please give me a shout. Always nice to make contacts. All the best mate
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    checkatrade 2014

    Yeh already done that bud thanks.
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    checkatrade 2014

    Yeh I have a meeting with them this month. Im already doing ok from word of mouth but I want to be extremely rich !! Also looked into mybuilder and rated people. Heard alot of bad reviews about rated people but mybuilder seems ok... any experience?
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    Need a plasterer urgently for work around south of England

    I live in swindon bud. Would cover oxford and possibly up to reading if the jobs were right. (Travelling costs) booked up until 23rd aug-ish. Email me if you need a hand after that. All the best with the injury
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    Anyone on here use Checkatrade?

    Agree... in 14 years have never met a builder that can plaster... met lots of plasterers that can build though
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    checkatrade 2014

    Absolutely tiny so iv had to compensate with the life story!! An ta :)
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    Can I rip this ceiling down? asbestos?

    Exactly my thinking. Rip it down with a good mask on... possibly a teletubby suit. Bag it up and reboard as new. Jobs a goodun
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    checkatrade 2014

    Thanks for the replies guys.... a little intro eh... ok Not sure what you wabt to hear bit here goes.. Dad wanted me to pay rent so found me a job labouring for a plasterer at 17... after many a hard day being torn apart physically and mentally... 12 years on and here I am lol Iv been...
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    checkatrade 2014

    Hi guys, Im new here. Great forum. Just wanted to ask what peoples opinions were of checkatrade now? I did find a post from 2011 with mixed reviews but am interested what the the thoughts are now. Iv been speaking to people that absolutely swear by it but 600 smackers seems alot!! Many...