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  1. J

    Cleaning Microcement

    Evening all, I keep getting asked about the cleaning of Microcement especially in bathroom areas, what would you suggest that won’t harm the sealers
  2. J

    Floor preparation

    I’ve a wet room to do with 18mm ply and a grp tray down what prep would you recommend before primers mesh & base coat? Belt and braces and all that! The builder is sceptical so looking for options
  3. J

    Micro-cement over wet room shower tray

    It’s 18mm ply and a grp tray, but the builder wants to put a membrane over it as another barrier (1mm fleece lined rubber) and I’m wondering if I can go over the top?
  4. J

    Micro-cement over wet room shower tray

    Evening all, Relatively new to the micro cement’s I’ve done a few bathrooms but whilst looking at one I’m starting in a couple of weeks, they’ve a impey wet room tray with a water guard wetroom Floor membrane (1mm thick butyl rubber) over it…… So my question is can I go over the top of it...