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    refina mm30

    howdy! Long time Ok, so I have a little basket going on the Refina website, you know bits and bobs. I get to thinking about a new mixer, look at the reviews etc. I settle on a mm30, decide to have a look at price and realise I can grab one for less including the dreaded elsewhere, what gives ...
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    Should I also use SBR bounding as well as PVA the walls

    I have to agree, dri-line the walls. Not sure of your experience but even using guides on the wall to keep the float nice and flat will take an inexperienced person an age; then you will have to skim it. Plus dri-lining will enable you to run cables to outlets etc with ease. Rock on !
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    What's your favourite colour?

    Any chromatic juxtaposed colour combination works for me
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    Is this acceptable, or poor work?

    That is truly appalling, an amateur could have done better, maybe he was ? I have, and I'am sure lots of us on here have had to put peoples crap like this right. I come across this quite often, thing is lots of clients don't know a good job from a bad job. I wouldn't even bother asking him to do...
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    Happy times

    just thought I would Howdy ! and I am back :-)
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    Spread on!!

    @CPM + Fatarm, I didn't like the road I was walking on, so I began start paving a new one. That is where I have been . Rock on !
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    I have to say I used to despise hessian scrim, mainly as you had to mix up batch to apply it and the cotton scrim. Also if you caught it with your trowel on a gauge then it would peel away in a lovely wet streamer; it didnt happen often thank God. Mind you the cotton was good for turning...
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    Lime render hairline cracks and bloen

    Hi Vallo, I use this stuff all the time now (well a lot ). When you say apex do you mean as in a dormer window type apex? i.e. timber clad (wbp ply) and then expanded metal or Hi-rib, then the S+L applied? or is it brick/block? If it was brick/block was the EM applied due to poor brickwork...
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    Hello :-)

    I cant take anymore you gits...:RpS_lol: I am off to bed, but will back..........have a good one and thanks for the entertainment it keeps me going. WUN, good to see some pics of works in progress with that wallcrete if poss? perhaps a sticky? Rock on !
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    Hello :-)

    yes flynny, I know, I wondered if it could be explained in the context it was posted....doh! Rock on !
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    Hello :-)

    Nothings up guys, I just say it like it is, no need to f**k about spouting random quotes without explaining them; that is if you can ?:RpS_biggrin: I figure better to get it off your chest rather than keep it bottled up. As for the sensitive s**t, well why not? I am sure your all hard b*****ds...
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    good plasterer

    well to be controversial, not that I consider myself to be, I will work all the edges left to right then fill the center, always have always will. If its a massive ceiling then the same but will gauge everything to a rolling set of 2 or 3. If your talking ripples/ lighting to hide stuff then...
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    Hello :-)

    Is that just some random quote you've picked up off the net? or is it an educated dig? If so I would love you to explain it? I do so like a good laugh at the illiterate T***s on here who think that a plasterer with an education deserves to be ridiculed. Rock the f**k on!
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    What would you do????

    Forgot to add, May be it would be prudent to consider a larger skirting board to hide the problem? feature and all that:RpS_biggrin: Rock on !
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    What would you do????

    Hi, I would depending on the scale of the problem either dry line it or patch as has been said. I would also advise if not experienced in the matter use the internet or YP to find yourselves a suitable solution. Rock on!
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    Hello :-)

    Seriously guys ! Look I know you like the banter as do we all, I know the lady can handle it, but are most of you all on heat? Time of the month? not getting any? or something we should know about? Perhaps its an attention thing? who knows? anyway, I'am leaving you all with a thought this eve...
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    patch up

    Yes correct, cracking job Mr Warrior ! Rock on !
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    Speedskim question...

    We had all the UPVC doors nicked off the houses on one site over the weekend.:rolleyes) Rock on !
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    Hoovers !!

    Yup, Henry for me too, and its been with me for a good many years. Considered a Harry, but Henry looked cuter. Rock on!
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    Wood paneling glue..........

    whats this party section your speaking of? Rock on !
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    patch up

    Don't think he has, however some very good advice there I am sure we all agree.:RpS_thumbup: Speaking of preconceived notations, it is true ones ideas are indeed built up from our conception, as we progress in to adulthood our minds are indeed moulded in to that prefab of society that is thrust...
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    Preparing for plastering through the winter

    yep. I can name 3 major house builders who will not let you do it. However I can name one who will go out of their way to help the spreads; that is a relationship built up over the years with regular spreads on site I suppose. I don't do anything but private work now unless asked to help out...
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    Plastic render trowel

    HI bones, could you explain by what you mean "a different finish"? I know what plastic does on plaster finishes but as for render if you mean S&C then I am a little perplexed? S&C render as in a standard finish .i.e. rubbed up and a very very very light sponge, the same is said for white...
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    good plasterer

    yeah I've been doing that for a while now, but sometimes it still happens , good tip though mate :RpS_thumbup: Rock on !
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    Am i lazy?

    Not lazy mate, I would call it resourceful :RpS_biggrin: Rock on!
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    just saying hi

    Welcome Jamesy Rock on !
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    good plasterer

    Nice one Sean. Tell you what though, don't you just hate it when the sparks cut out the holes for the downlighters, that little exposed edge on the cutout that decides too present you with a nice hard bit of plaster as your troweling up resulting a a lovely gouge in your work. I tell them to...
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    Board finish

    the **** it is? To be honest I have not seen a change lately; however I have in the past but it was not anything worth mentioning. And Hi CP, Rock on !
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    what surface can u dot and dab on ??

    howdy, you will be able to dab onto any "sound" surface my friend, if it has a gloss finish key it up and go for it; no problem and no worries. Rock on !
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    Insta stick any good

    nicely spotted bubbles, 10 points
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    Cardiff labourer

    Good call , I,ve just the sig etc , valid points. fair enough. Rock on !
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    Cardiff labourer

    HI FlynnyM, It was this one nice to meet ya by the way Rock on !
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    Cardiff labourer

    Yeah, seems a little harsh as their are similar posts running. Rock on !
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    Danny n Jayne

    ahh, alter ego as in Norman Bates in "Psycho" and Marie in "le tueur". Yes I may agree with you this evening FA. Rock on !
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    Danny n Jayne

    what does this mean please? Rock on !
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    Danny n Jayne

    Will check their blog out, thanks. I didn't think the uk was that big!!! just joking" Rock on !
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    Insta stick any good

    you can spell "illiterate", fook some cant spell "wanted"(wonted) or "scrim"(skrim), not to mention "sale"(sail). Hang on your just trying to get your post count up by toying with me ain't ya?:RpS_lol: Rock on !
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    is it ok to top coat with dri-coat

    well i wouldn't "top coat" with it, it would make an interesting finish.:razz: But yes as a backing coat no worries providing its date stamp is ok and its in good order. Obviously you will know this when you mix it up. Rock on !
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    Insta stick any good

    Clemo, I can't, its as if my world is falling apart, looking at your post count you're going next.......the despair I am going to be left with the illiterate; have you seen the state of the postings lately? Rock on!
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    Hard working plaster 27 from Tipton trying to get out of office life!

    Sounds like my lady. "Wats all this clay fing bout.Do you use it in mud huts." by KB Ask Nisus, he did a whole village in it somewhere in Africa, I think CPM was jealous that Nis didnt ask him to supply the materials. Rock on !
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    me too, arghhhhhhhh maybe your buying shite scrim? Rock on !
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    are the best plasterers FAT !!

    No way fact, all shapes and sizes are equally as good, however being fit and lithe I tend to float around the scaffolding far easier the porky barrel shaped fat b$$$$$ds. Rock on!
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    Anyone ever had trouble getting paid from site work?

    Never, choose your contractor carefully, google is your friend. Rock on!
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    Insta stick any good

    Nice one FA, but when you reach the dark side don't become a stranger it becomes very lonely out here:razz: If you can get word out, let me know what its like, but don't endanger yourself if its against the code Rock on!
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    Insta stick any good

    Hi Sawyer, can be either, but I do use a mixture of both DWA and Insta. Basically just what ever does the job the fastest correctly. I also like to think that in a conservatory using DWA would give you that little extra cavity between block and board, it does increase the U's but very slightly...
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    how much sdould i charge?

    :rolleyes) I despair sometimes Hi DMc, Rock on !
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    Insta stick any good

    Sometimes (not always) the sparks will set there back boxes onto the wall ready to accept regular dry wall + addy. So the thin bead wouldn't be appropriate and then there's the cost too. Pipework too unless its micro-bore. Also you have far better play with dwa to get everything bob on, plus I...
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    Insta stick any good

    Used it loads on shop fits, in-fact 2 shop fits of mine. It is fast and accurate, however the walls need to be pretty straight. Advantage is speed and the fact it can near set anything from timber to glass. I wouldn't use it on a conservatory though, but others may way choose to. Shop fit for...