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  1. Jbeesy718

    Insulating Victorian walls

    Think the previous owners have used this upstairs in the master bed when I stripped the paper it looked like orange peel. Thought it was an oil based paint like zinsser so I ran over it with a drywall sander Thinking the paint might not take properly‍♂️
  2. Jbeesy718

    Insulating Victorian walls

    Straight back to the brick or leave a cavity?
  3. Jbeesy718

    Insulating Victorian walls

    Did you do this on your own house? Or know if it’s resolved the issue? Just a little concerned moisture could form between the pir and brick wall, run down and cause damp at floor level.
  4. Jbeesy718

    Insulating Victorian walls

    Thanks going to look into iwi. House isn’t massive but could lose 70mm either side of it helped with efficiency of the house and reduce the possibility of condensation. Just be worried about moisture between the pir and brick wall as there won’t be any ventilation.
  5. Jbeesy718

    Insulating Victorian walls

    Seen these paints another brand claiming to do the same. Have you experience with the paint or just a recommendation? Seems to good to be true to me?‍♂️
  6. Jbeesy718

    Insulating Victorian walls

    Hi after a bit of advise I want to try and insulate the downstairs external walls of my Victorian house it has solid wall construction brick exterior which we get a bit of condensation on in the winter months not a lot just the odd bit behind a side board and storage box. I’m thinking maybe...
  7. Jbeesy718

    Not seen this before

    Called pegboard usually has a thin laminate on one side.
  8. Jbeesy718

    Stabila level recalibration

    Just ordered me a set of these can’t wa for them to arrive
  9. Jbeesy718

    Rendering over pebbledash garage

    Aye they were replaced them
  10. Jbeesy718

    Rendering over pebbledash garage

    Iv only done one my own. jet washed It down, sbr, Full meshed the scratch and doubled up on the joints then top coated s&c
  11. Jbeesy718

    Tile to Wall transtion

    Can't you just put a flat (L shaped) tile trim on then board with 6mm board and skim you'll get a nice clean line between different finishes.
  12. Jbeesy718


    Just blue grit it and skim next day done loads for a office fit out company no come backs yet and these toilets get abused everyday by desk monkeys. No offence @Danny. Just make sure all the tiles are sound n not loose.
  13. Jbeesy718

    Mixing Sheet

    A couple of sheets of Corex is good.
  14. Jbeesy718

    Does this seem like a right mission

    Yep brick hammer for me good as new
  15. Jbeesy718

    TPF Mug key ring and extra time

    Just got home to a delivery of the above. Thanks Danny love a freebie
  16. Jbeesy718

    Plastic trowels

    I think they have their place defo not for laying on with just a final trowel Iv found thy get rid of blebs quite well and leave the finish too shiny Iv got the foam back one tho so might be abit different without the foam.
  17. Jbeesy718

    today's work pictures

    No need for a hop up tho.
  18. Jbeesy718

    today's work pictures

    The wall was pre made off site and was dense polystyrene with like a thin coat render finish so the letters where formed before it came to site.
  19. Jbeesy718

    today's work pictures

    Couple of walls I did a few months back. The lettering not was a pain in the arse!
  20. Jbeesy718

    Dreamteam Season 2

    Surprise cup n hat. Nice one [emoji106]
  21. Jbeesy718

    Shite finish bags

    I'd even pay an extra 5p for the plastic bag.
  22. Jbeesy718

    Dreamteam Season 2

    Prize came today just like to say a big thank you. Didn't expect this much stuff. Top banana [emoji106]
  23. Jbeesy718

    Had my pants down?

    Leave the plastic trowel in the van and buy a super flex, refina is my preference. Others are a available
  24. Jbeesy718

    Dreamteam Season 2

    Feeling abit vulnerable now you have my address lol. Cheers guys been a good season Gona earn my money back next year!!!
  25. Jbeesy718

    Work waste

    I just bag it up in rubble sacks put round back of garage then sneak afew in skips on my next job/jobs. Never leave any waste on domestic work
  26. Jbeesy718

    easy fill 20

    Sanding it down is a fuurker its sets solid best go with 40 n save time on sanding!!
  27. Jbeesy718

    Looking for work

  28. Jbeesy718

    Tried bonding an multi

    Just a couple of hand fulls is enough. I usually lay on flatten let it pull in then 2nd coat
  29. Jbeesy718

    Tile cutter advice

    You don't need the 40 if you've got the 60 really same breaker just a bigger cutter suppose 40 is less bulky if your only cutting small tiles. Iv got a ts 60+ and that does fine with some tough porcelain tiles Iv cut recently. Tx 700 would do as well just depends on what jobs your doin. I havnt...
  30. Jbeesy718

    Brick patch

    String line just hammer nails into mortar line thru no need for a level. Can always use a small drill bit to drill holes in mortar instead of trying to hammer nails straight in
  31. Jbeesy718

    today's work pictures

    I didn't skim it! I cut round the edge re boarded n then skimmed it the was probly 20 coats of gloss paint on the ceiling probly only thing holding it up!!
  32. Jbeesy718

    today's work pictures

    Got a call from a fitter I do some work for can you come n skim a ceiling for me there's a bit of patching in to do!!!
  33. Jbeesy718

    Stolen photos from website

    They must be "winging" it using other people's photos!!
  34. Jbeesy718

    Plaziflex users

    Had mine about a year great for final trowel leaves a nice finish need to keep some wet n dry handy tho coz the get scratched really easily
  35. Jbeesy718

    Drill bits

    Sound mate will have to give them a go [emoji106]
  36. Jbeesy718

    Drill bits

    I'll have to have a look ont training day mate iv had macron bits @ £30 that do bout 20-30 holes n then are no good!!
  37. Jbeesy718

    Drill bits

    What you using for porcelain tiles? The Bosch multi drill bits are a great alternative to the expensive diamond bits get up to 10 holes on Porcelin tile n many more on ceramic. And only afew £ from screwfix.
  38. Jbeesy718

    Tiling knowledge

    Do you stick from right to left or left to right?
  39. Jbeesy718

    Rubi cutters

    Ask them to send you the floor levelling system as a trial see if it's any good
  40. Jbeesy718

    floor tile leveling systems

    Was looking at these today in topps not convinced either can see them creation voids. Like you say I'd butter back to make sure.
  41. Jbeesy718

    underfloor heating with tiles

    I like to try n use insulation boards (if the customer will pay) even on timber as it speeds up heating times even at just 6mm makes a big difference, reflects heat upwards. Used 10mm in my kitchen stuck em down and used screws with washers instead of ply used the matting but prefer the loose wire.
  42. Jbeesy718

    Rubi cutters

    Fancied something abit different bout halfway thru I thought to myself why the fook didn't I just do brick bond instead. Getting corners to line up was a pain!
  43. Jbeesy718

    Rubi cutters

  44. Jbeesy718

    Rubi cutters

    my kitchen tiles I don't use wet cutter much as I find them messy usually just use small grinder wi a tile cutting disc I find em to be better at doing the more awkward cuts
  45. Jbeesy718

    Rubi cutters

    Got rubi ts 60 plus brilliant cutter best tilling cutter iv used.
  46. Jbeesy718

    Happy chappies
  47. Jbeesy718

    best way to clean a bucket

    Dishwasher works a treat.
  48. Jbeesy718

    Shoulder pain

    Sprained my AC joint last week n it's agony
  49. Jbeesy718


    As long as it dries fully before tilling and is primed with a suitable primer 1st should be fine to tile over