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  1. phippsy333

    185sqm ceiling help

    Agree Ive wroked in rooms as big being domestic......not too hard to beieve .....we once had a barn Lounge/ diner 20 by 10m........that was a challenge
  2. phippsy333

    double kite winder

    Ahh wearing stilts? If your crying on a 40m its one of several things possibly havn't been plastering that long? or your using a popup? or your gettin g old like me.......40m should be a workout not crying time . But a winder is always a break from the norm, I have bonded them...
  3. phippsy333

    Dont post in here if....

    Not only that Danny what would you do if it wasn't here? ;O)
  4. phippsy333

    Women Plasterers Wanted!!

    Jess how long have you been plastering for? I have been plastering 12 years now. 5 days sometimes 6 days a week. I would say my company has done well in the industry. BUT pushing 45 now I find it hard to believe that a lady wouldn't get injuries if she was on the trowel ...if she is plastering...
  5. phippsy333

    The Pink Plasterer

    Let's be honest here tho, this trade will be very limited for a lady plasterer. To work as we do on a daily basis, lift board etc would be near impossible unles they are only doing small hits and with help from a labourer. I would be extremely surprised if a lady could plaster for more than 5...
  6. phippsy333

    double kite winder

    Use a flex trowel blade, only way if its a internal winder ( i.e. like the inside of a cork screw if you get my meaning ). I used to cut up plastic lids before the days of flexi trowels to do the job. Still think internal winders are one of the hardest things in plastering , give me a 40 m...
  7. phippsy333

    Food colouring in PVA???

    whys he pva before scrape? scrape create key then pva surely ? Also if you put too much food colouring in PVA it WILL bleed thru second coat, then you will have to blocker paint it to stop bleed thru.
  8. phippsy333

    Sppedskim blades

    No I am not Gary.aka grand wizard aka gibbo .......although I have worked with the man and know him.and I am a fellow yid supporter.....spunky I was here way back when and you were rather funny then too , big mal was a member, u minty etc and kebab king was skinny lol............ when danny...
  9. phippsy333

    Hello all

    Ive als just seen your age Kebab man 42......,,,,,,,,,jesus .........u must of had a right hard life lol xx
  10. phippsy333

    Having fun with Unifinish when U didnt buy unifinish

    ok u caught me still using hessian to tape me corners too......and I have 5 bags of carlite in the van too
  11. phippsy333

    Having fun with Unifinish when U didnt buy unifinish

    I was frigging joking about mixing muck by hand with a cog ........megamixer does a 50litre bucket way quicker lol ;O)
  12. phippsy333

    Sppedskim blades

    Nah I wood'nt have one of those.......
  13. phippsy333

    Sppedskim blades

    Fatarm dont machine plaster....70% of our work is domestic, rest small site really.......dont wanna buy a machine for big dosh and it just sits at the end of me garden rusting and not working for its keep......although I could do with one at the moment lol
  14. phippsy333

    Sppedskim blades

    lol and no before anyone starts pulling me leg Im not selling them.........
  15. phippsy333

    Sppedskim blades

    Artizan, reason it works is u can flatten it quicker, and lay on another hit ...yes u still have to wait for the muck to cure to wet trowel but u have time to lay anther hit on.....and not even run around like a nutter as in a rolling gauge...........I was poo pooing it too when my mate rang...
  16. phippsy333

    Sppedskim blades

    Right, not used them on sand and cement as yet, but recon they could be really good on that, again not tried them on one coat plaster either and also recon they would be able to flatten that down early doors too like a plastic trowel, which I have to say i do not use as your just tempted to go...
  17. phippsy333

    Sppedskim blades

    Now I know I aint been here a while , and you lot have probably slagged these bad boys off for ages.....BUT. These things are great ...they really are... dont care what ever you boys say. Only got my set yesterday and the size of our hit has been increased by a good old fair amount and had time...
  18. phippsy333

    Having fun with Unifinish when U didnt buy unifinish

    Some people say chaos isnt organised....well it is Mr kebabery.....or so Steven Hawkins reckons..........the truth is ..... theres an organised chaos in the back of my van...everything is where it should be.......some may say owww your van seems rather jolly stuffed full of the latest gizmos...
  19. phippsy333

    30 2 m ceiling to skim over Artex next week on my own

    Bang on what Johniosaif says ........if you dont push yourself , you wont get faster and be able to lay big ceilings on . In saying all this if your only used to 9m ceilings....u could have a F*****g g mare lol so if its that case get another spread in.........ive managed to hit a 65m+ before...
  20. phippsy333

    30 2 m ceiling to skim over Artex next week on my own

    Prep well...double glue it, get everything set up proper......stilts personally are the only way to do 5m + ceilings...... a 30 m one , you'll get a sweat on im fairly sure cause your worried about it but youll be cool....just dont panic...doesnt do any good......steady and smooth with good...
  21. phippsy333

    Having fun with Unifinish when U didnt buy unifinish

    Hello all , aint been around for a good while hope everyone is cool and dandy. Been feeling a bit pissed of recently with multi ........cause I recon that BG are slippin bags of unifinish into multi bags cause they cant get rid of the crap stuff . Anyone here getting the same for are those...
  22. phippsy333

    Hello all

    Been away a good while...hope everyone is keeping well , got lots of work on , and generally living the dream .
  23. phippsy333

    Ripples in skim

    Did you put your hand up on the ceiling when plastering.......this can sometime cause ridges........
  24. phippsy333

    1+1 or 2+0 gang - which works best

    Think you might be wrong there Kebab, " Find others dont want to work like me "........... finish by 12........start pub washed for 1 ......think youll find we all want to work like you lol ;o)
  25. phippsy333

    using easfill

    but as nisus says.....if your any shouldnt leave your work if your not happy with it and it needs filling. Now some will say im sure, nothing can be perfect.........if your any good you should get pretty close........there were 2 polish boys in my town laying oin walls with eazyfill...
  26. phippsy333

    The best van

    ive been over the moon with my nissan primastar..........air con...parking sensors.....drives like a car...excellent economy per soundsystem the b*ll***s good space.....and has been reliable apart from front steering arm busting...but drove it over humps at proper speed fully...
  27. phippsy333

    making contacts

    nah jj u know me........blow me top end of.....i was just gutted this team run me over.anf got a proper bs excuse off the builder / developer, i gave him a bit more credit than that. When someone gives you a right moody one you just think feck does this fella think im a mug. My mixboy went past...
  28. phippsy333

    making contacts

    Flynnyman..your like a jack russell on a pair of flared jeans....let it go man
  29. phippsy333

    making contacts

    Then we should draw a line under it .........unless someone knows the team of plasterers from ely ... cause i want to stamp on their trowels and burn their vans......
  30. phippsy333

    making contacts

    I take it thats gonna be the nearest i get to an apology then ?
  31. phippsy333

    any Aussies working in uk?

    Drunk petrol in Thailand.......called yadong....seved at yadong bars....full of effidriene herbs and red fuel ( scooter petrol ) 1st one wants to come back up big time...second goes down just about...and the 3rd one...well your rocking and slips down a treat........i always used to puke on the...
  32. phippsy333

    making contacts

    f*** off
  33. phippsy333

    making contacts

    Look as i just said above thread wasnt about u....ok.............. but if it happens to me twice ie this week ive lost more contacts and gonna wanna talk to people about it here cause i wanna know where im going wrong or if its just part and parcel of this trade...
  34. phippsy333

    making contacts

    I believe this was posted in a tips of the trade part of the forum to give people tips on your own learning experiences in this trade. Gary / Grand Wizard you have by far more wizdom from onsite experience than myself and im sure you have seen first hand how people in this trade can treat...
  35. phippsy333

    Good price

    i got an 18 inch ..willing to sell make me an off mate
  36. phippsy333

    making contacts

    When people are working for you or with you.... ask them nicely ....not to give their phone numbers and contact details to the site forman, and ask them again nicely not to tell them their usual price rates. As you will find you will loss this contact and work forever. Even if you have been a...
  37. phippsy333

    fire cement stuff

    the stuffs horrible to work with but as boys have said.....slap it on...although i rule when using their backing fire render...and it will drag in places due to large volcanic bits in it...leave for a good few days then apply finish coat by vitcas....which i might add is just as bloody...
  38. phippsy333

    Hi.......back at the new forum hello everyone

    Have started up a new business apart from my second bedroom building yachts....think it will be a great success........sales are going thru the roof!
  39. phippsy333

    basement tanking

    Does anyone know of a reputable company specialising in basement tanking both cement based and membrane who are working in the cambridge area. They need to provide a min 10 year guarantee for materials and works and possible insurance on guarantee. Thanks
  40. phippsy333

    Any london plasterers...what's the average m2 rate?

    render up from 30 to 40 quid for sqm...float and set around £10 per sq meter... and skim around 5 to 8 quid all for domestic market depending on background although if u look thruy many many many previous threads it would have told u this ....merlin is talking out of his chuffer at 3.50 a...
  41. phippsy333

    First attempts at skimming !

    get the 150 grit out....or call in a plasterer...... :o0
  42. phippsy333

    fair play we all do it differently

    f**k knows.........he takes 10 mis to layon a rate i recon.....still if i saw that going on it would massively cheer up lets be honest here...the blokes a f**k**g c**t...or am i being slightly harsh?
  43. phippsy333


    think kebab boy said it......timing ........ive only ever used wba or bondit for no suction (ie lintels...) backgrounds...pva for the rest nigh on...never tears for me.......
  44. phippsy333

    top tip

    if its bloodclat..painted red i recon..
  45. phippsy333

    making your own tools

    car battery?
  46. phippsy333

    multi finish question

    board finish is cheaper too...far superior finish as well in my book
  47. phippsy333

    100 mtrs a Day

    new one called woof woof.....but make you feel well ruff next morning tho
  48. phippsy333

    anyone else

    dry wall adhesive can easily if it cracks along a join .....finish will crack.........not taping joins is hideous