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    Mtec 330 or g4

    It’s seems there is a case for both machines wich 1 will give the least problems when spraying last thing I want is to be half ways down a gable and somting to go wrong with it
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    Mtec 330 or g4

    is it true you have to replace a part every 2 pallets of material on the g4 and every 26 pallets on 330
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    Mtec 330 or g4

    I’m will be spraying GP MOTAR for scratch coat and k render for the base coast for rough cast dash I’m in Ireland so I know materials are a bit different. so the mtec 330 u think is the way to I will hopefully be buying it off ye
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    Mtec 330 or g4

    Hi I’m thinking of buying machine and need help is the mtec 330 or g4 the way to go
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    speed skim ox or refina

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    which to get ox speedskim or refina speedskim

    hi i need to know wich is the best for flattening ox speed skim or refina speed skim or a spat