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  1. kgreigh

    New tool

    160,was thinking of trying a 200 though.:)
  2. kgreigh

    Thistle dri coat

    Id skim the lot but seems standard practice for many damp firms to feather it in.
  3. kgreigh

    Happy New Year

    Happy new year fellas:)
  4. kgreigh

    plywood against blockwork

    as you've said or could try render board and a flexi thin coat base.?
  5. kgreigh

    Tape and joint new builds

    Haven't done much t&j not sure speed would be much different?(maybe because I do more skimming) skim is more durable,I know which one I'd choose for my own property.
  6. kgreigh

    Does this seem like a right mission

    I thaught that before but the YouTube Mac is from Ireland and the forum Mac is Sheffield area:)
  7. kgreigh

    Big Christmas contract.

    Or both?:risas2:sorry nisus just couldn't help myself:burlas:
  8. kgreigh

    Any clue on this colour/k-rend or monocouch

    Looks not far off weber ivory tbf.can you source that locally?
  9. kgreigh

    The MyBuilder experience

    Definitely not the said Tottenham fan,he's to nice and wouldn't have thrown floats at you.:)
  10. kgreigh

    The MyBuilder experience

    Another Tottenham supporter by any chance?
  11. kgreigh


    Is it this one mate?though I may order one of the other new ones too.
  12. kgreigh


    That's cool mate I want to order one, I've always used nela but recently bought a refina and like that also,I'll see if they are in stock,I'm an 18" man too;)
  13. kgreigh

    Tuesdays TPF Competition

    What is that pic behind you,is it you on your van?
  14. kgreigh


    Welcome buddy.
  15. kgreigh


    Is that the one you helped design or was it the mediflex?
  16. kgreigh


    Which one buddy the mk2 or the mediflex?use a carbon to get the first coat nice n flat then been using the refina sf to flatten then nela sf to finish with some awsome results.will get some pics of some plaster when dry next chance I get. (y)
  17. kgreigh

    Anyone need a hand.... Bristol

    I saw it the other day is it a random pic or you and little one swapped around?
  18. kgreigh

    A message to you all

    Merry Xmas to you and the p1ss staff,have a good one.
  19. kgreigh

    What went wrong?

    Flatten earlier and fill misses earlier,as its a re skim you may need to control the suction better to give you more time.fair play for posting pics hope you get it sorted.
  20. kgreigh

    The MyBuilder experience

    It's early days yet £19 isn't a lot really if you consider when you would normally quote a job you drive to the location which could cost £5-10 on fuel then spend your time measuring up and talking with the customer say £2o for an hour of your time,i think you've done right setting a £100 as a...
  21. kgreigh

    joshua v whyte

    D Did you see the Frampton fight a south American around a year ago? Brilliant watch,Frampton won on points in the end but got knocked down twice early on almost causing an upset.
  22. kgreigh

    Hey and Yo!

    Welcome,where you from?
  23. kgreigh

    Hi from hps

    :)Welcome along
  24. kgreigh

    Hello from Torquay

    Welcome :)
  25. kgreigh

    Words of wisdom

    :eek::eek::eek: d&t!!!
  26. kgreigh

    joshua v whyte

    Do you mean the joshua fight?if so it's on youtub:)
  27. kgreigh

    Nela hawk

    I have a 14" nela board and a 13" mt board,I use the nela for almost everything now I just use the mt for dabbing,it feels more solid than the mt not sure if I use it more just because it's a larger size than the mt.
  28. kgreigh

    joshua v whyte

    Would have been a good event,I was looking forward to this more than the fury v klitchko,did you stay over or travel?
  29. kgreigh

    joshua v whyte

    Anyone see it?not what I was expecting but a good watch.lots of hype and cheap talk before the fight made it what it was,Joshua seemed to let it get to him and took his eye off the fight:cachetada:
  30. kgreigh


    Hi john welcome along.:)
  31. kgreigh

    British gypsum or Irish skimcoat

    @BigK said the same recently,he much preferred bgs skim by the sound of it.
  32. kgreigh

    Is this right?

    If its a first floor ceiling you can run cables in the loft space but if it's ground floor he's going to have trouble without either making holes in the ceiling or taking floorboards up on the first floor,either way it's a bit arse about face he shoul have sorted electrics and lighting before he...
  33. kgreigh

    Hi from newcastle

    Welcome along:)
  34. kgreigh

    re skim small area

    Can do or put it on early then wait till its dry or nearly dry and then 3:1.shouldnt have to wait long on bare plaster.:)
  35. kgreigh

    re skim small area

    Pva @ 5:1 then 3:1, probably be ok to go straight on one coat at 3:1:)
  36. kgreigh

    Daily coverage

    That's terrible on price your 30/40m is worth £90/£120 a day so how can you be too slow for £70 :confused:
  37. kgreigh

    Biggest ceiling skimmed on your own no speedskim just trowel

    To be honest for me anyhow using speedskim,spats and the like made the job no faster for me,i stick mainly to a carbon and a s*p*r*lex now and even on large areas I still stick to these two trowels.i still use speedskims they come in handy between door linings and flattening skim when it's thick...
  38. kgreigh

    wet cutting

    He was trying to brown nose rubi like he managed with refina but that all backfired when they looked on this tile section,they saw herbie and Larry had the sponsorship wrapped up:LOL:
  39. kgreigh

    Am i missing something?

    If he had told you before That you had to wait for a check for a week or so then that's different but he didn't,he should have kept his mouth shut if he hasn't got a cash flow to pay on completion,he can't bank on customers walking out 5 minutes after you've finished and paying him in cash or...
  40. kgreigh


    They are shocking all of them,we are taught to think £150 a day is a good wage it really isn't in this day and age,I think £1000 per week is fair to good but I'll never be happy on a set wage I'll always want scope to earn more, lads I know at factories tell me about their pay rises gone up to...
  41. kgreigh


    Just landed a tiling job,75m2 900x150 tiles @ £25 a m2, £1900. Even if it takes me a week it's still better money than I get plastering,I hope to get it done in 3/4 days,you can see why people change to tiling,I prefer plastering even if the money isn't as good,just doing this one to help a mate...
  42. kgreigh


    Day work in my area it can vary from £120 to £220 usually a decent spread that's established £150/£180ish I try to stay clear of day work and put m2 prices in or per room on refurb,if your quick enough you earn more than the above day rates and there's no arguing,it also usually sounds cheap to...
  43. kgreigh


    Is it a plastic refina and is your kitchen wall brick?
  44. kgreigh

    building contractor keen as and gives us these to use

    I think it's your straight edge that is bent and the boards are fine:ROFLMAO:
  45. kgreigh

    Walked off job !!

    Lol I did that a couple of times,loosened them off but one rad was old so where the pipe goes into the isolation tap it had fuesd so I lowered it down and it twisted the lower pipe(below the isolation valve) and burst,so I don't do that any more:tonto:
  46. kgreigh

    time served v course

    Half a trade!a certain storm trooper wouldn't take to kindly to u saying he had half a trade as he had 4 trades!:ROFLMAO:
  47. kgreigh


    It can be good money @£25 a m2 large floors with large tiles your laughing,sometimes just having to lay 3 or 4 tiles for £25 if you can lay 20/30m2 a day which isn't a huge amount for a decent tiler you can see how the £ can stack up.:envidioso