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    Moisture board

    Should you use moisture board?
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    Moisture board

    Is it ok to use normal wall board on a dot and dabbed kitchen wall.
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    Dot and dab over render

    I am having external 9 inch solid brick walls rendered over with a sand and cement render with waterproofer. Then they are then to be dot and dabbed over. Is this method of construction correct.
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    Patching solid 9"wall in upstairs room

    I have removed all of the old 1920s plaster (hollow) from underneath a window. What should i use to replaster. There are no obvious signs of damp. 1920s house.
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    1920s traditional house.

    I am replastering my 1920s house, where i am back to brickwork. It has been suggested to me, to have the walls sand and cement rendered with a water proofer, and then the walls dotted and dabbed with wall board. Any thoughts on this method. Suggestions on how to do the job. I am reluctant to...